Hello Sprinkles ATM Del Amo!

Hello Sprinkles ATM Del Amo!

“I love Sprinkles…Yes I do! Yes I do!!”

I am so excited for latest addition to the Del Amo Fashion Center. Sprinkles Cupcakes! The popular Beverly Hills cupcakes that started the cupcake haute craze is now in the South Bay via a cupcake ATM.

The very first Sprinkles ATM was introduced in 2012 and located next to a Sprinkles Bakery. It was in 2016 at the University of Southern California campus that the first standalone ATM was introduced. Since then there have been several ATM locations around So-Cal. The latest is now at Del Amo Fashion Center.

Each cupcake is baked fresh daily and placed in an individual box which is placed inside the ATM. The ATM can hold up to 600 cupcakes.

Cupcakes are $5.50 each and the current flavors available at Del Amo Fashion Center include Black and White, Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, Sprinkles, Strawberry and Vanilla. You can also get a 4 pack variety for $22. Cupcakes are baked fresh and replenished daily.

Once one purchases a cupcake; the happy Sprinkles song plays! It’sn catchy and you soon will find yourself singing along! Soon enough your cupcake of choice will be dispensed! Happy songs and sweet cupcakes! Win win!

The newest Sprinkles ATM machine is located at Del Amo Fashion Center’s food court right by Blaze Pizza. I love Sprinkles! Yes; I do! Yes; I do!!

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Hello Kitty x Pusheen!

Hello Kitty x Pusheen!

The much awaited collaboration between Hello Kitty and Pusheen has been announced! It will be launching on Friday; September 3, 2021.

It’s the first time the Hello Kitty and Pusheen will be coming together and there will be plenty of cuteness to go around. Among the supercute items are housewares clothing, accessories, stationary and plushes!

Kawaii offerings will be available at http://Sanrio.com and Pusheen Shop online and in stores! Though September 3 is just around the corner; we’re already starting to see some initial items from the collab!

How cute is this bag from Stich and Story and plushes from Gund?

Hot Topic already has a cute shirt and suspender dress showing the two characters as well as tie die shirt featuring Hello Kitty dressed as Pusheen! Box Lunch has lovely mint shirt featuring Hello Kitty and Pusheen holding donuts! (It’s so perfect for Hello Kitty Foodie adventures!)

This is just the start because there will be more offerings come September 3 and onwards!

We will be seeing more of the collection at popular retailers like Loungefly, Gund, Stitch and Story Claire’s and Barnes and Noble!

The #HelloKittyxPusheen collab is definitely the ultimate kawaii party!

Hello Straps Co!

Hello Straps Co!

I’m always on the go …whether it be for business travel, media events or foodie adventures! Time is of the essence and so you’ll always see my sporting my Apple Watch or Fitbit. A good, quality made watch strap is important to me and that’s why I’m such a fan of Straps Co.

Straps Co. has an awesome selection of watch bands! One can find leather, rubber, nylon, Milanese, stainless steel bands and more. The color selection is on point too. From classic black to pretty in pink; they’ve got it all.

It’s free shipping and they even have a 30 day hassle free returns! You definitely can’t beat that.

I have a variety of bands from them and I can definitely say they are great in quality. My current favorite is the pink gold Milanese loop band. It’s so pretty and perfect.

The straps from Straps Co. are sure to make you smile too!

Hello Hypland x Hello Kitty!

Hello Hypland x Hello Kitty!

Let’s get hyped Hello Kitty Foodies! I am so excited with the latest collaboration coming out from popular streetwear brand Hypland and Sanrio! The anime inspired brand by Jordan Bentley will be dropping a Hello Kitty inspired line online on August 13, 2021.

The Hypland x Hello Kitty line will feature 50 items of super kawaii clothing. We’re talking jackets, shirts and more. I’m so hyped already!!

To celebrate the launch new collab with Sanrio via a very special Hello Kitty LA Carnival pop up happening this weekend in Santa Monica, California!

The carnival kicked off with a Friends and Family night last night and will be open to the public this this weekend starting at Saturday, August 7 at 11am.

There’s lots of fun to be had at the carnival. Plenty of photo ops and some cotton candy too. Guests will also get to see the new clothing from the Hypland x Hello Kitty line. Hello Kitty herself will also be making a special appearance from 11am to 2pm this Saturday.

The Hypland x Hello Kitty carnival is free entrance. Are you ready to be hyped?! Hello Kitty hyped!

If you’re unable to make it to the pop-up make sure to stay tuned for the online drop of the Hypland x Hello Kitty collab this Friday, August 13 at 9am PST.

Hello and Help Save Nanas!

Hello and Help Save Nanas!

NANAS was started as a dream by owners Jonathan Anzaldi and his husband George. It was in January this year that they opened NANAS out of a commercial kitchen in Redondo Beach. The name is a tribute to their grandmothers and the concept of the restaurant brings their two cultures together; Mexican and Italian. The eatery is a celebration of their love and Jonathan and George’s goal is to share their love and their traditional family recipes.

I got to visit NANAS as part of a Yelp Elite perk back in June and definitely felt the love in the cooking. I got their Turkey Meatballs along with their Lemon Parsley Pasta. Their meatballs were amazing. The sauce was rich and flavorful and the meatballs were so tender. I have no doubt that these are the best meatballs in the South Bay! The Lemon Parsley Pasta also was nice light treat.

I was making plans to visit NANAS soon again when George recently wrote me a note about some of the recent struggles of the restaurant. The return to normal has directly impacted many small and local, takeout and delivery concepts, including NANAS and they are struggling to make ends meet currently.

It makes me sad to think this small restaurant is on the verge of closing and want to help save this small and lovely eatery. They currently have a Go Fund Me page and would like to share with all of my readers: Go Fund Me Page to Help Save Nanas

Please consider donating to their Go Fund and help save NANAs. This is an amazing small business run by an amazing couple. Please help this save this small business. Every dollar whether big or small will help :).

Hello Cauliflower Rice at Rubio’s!

Hello Cauliflower Rice at Rubio’s!

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Rubio’s Coastal Grill. This week they are adding something to their menu that I am really excited about. I am thrilled that this July 14; Rubio’s Coastal Grill will start to offer Cauliflower Rice as a new menu option.

I love Cauliflower Rice because it a nice alternative to rice. It has numerous health benefits, has fewer calories and less carbs that a regular cup of rice. I’ve recently been back to the gym and having healthier food options is a nice pairing to my workout routines.

Despite lower calories; Rubio’s version of Cauliflower Rice will not skimp on flavors. It is made from riced cauliflower cooked with fresh cilantro, lime juice, lemongrass and sea salt. Yum! It will definitely compliment Rubio’s signature Mexican flavors. Low calories, good health benefits and delicious? I am a fan!

The Cauliflower Rice will be available as a substitute to regular rice in any of Rubio’s bowls and burritos for just $2. One can also get it as a side with any entree or kids meal. It will be available in California, Arizona and Nevada starting this July 14.

Happy Healthy Eats; Hello Kitty Foodies!

Hello Maru Kitchen!

Hello Maru Kitchen!

I love discovering new places and just recently found an amazing Korean restaurant in Lomital, California called Maru Kitchen. Maru Kitchen specializes in a Korean food and it is true bulgogi bliss here as they’ve got an amazing variety of bulgogi dishes. They have traditional bulgogi grilled dishes, bulgogi panini and even bulgogi hot pot! Aside from bulgogi however; they’ve got a various noodles, soups and chicken wings. Yummy indeed.

Since bulgogi is one of my favorite dishes; I just had to try one of their traditional grilled dishes. I chose to get the Chicken Bulgogi. I absolutely loved the Chicken Bulgogi. It had the perfect sweet and savory bulgogi flavor. The chicken itself was moist and tender. This entree also came with a variety of delicious banchan that paired well with the tender chicken. There was kimchi, radishes with apples, bean sprouts, potato salad, seasoned spinach. My favorites from the side dishes were the potato salad and the seasoned spinach.

Aside from the traditional grilled Bulgogi; I decided to also try different type of Bulgogi offering here via their Bulgogi hot pot. The Bulgogi Hot pot came out fresh, hot and boiling from their kitchen. It had a generous amount of tender beef bulgogi, glass noodles, vegetables and sweet and savory broth. I can honestly say that this is one of the best Korean soups I’ve ever had. It’s was so comforting to eat.

Last but not least; I got to try their fresh lemonade. They’ve got traditional Lemonade, Strawberry and Peach here. We tried their Strawberry and Peach. These consisted of fresh lemonade with house-made real strawberry syrup and peach respectively. The weather has been quite warm in Los Angeles lately and thus these lemonades were a perfect refreshing treat for the sunny So-cal day!

Overall I was absolutely thrilled to get to try this new Korean spot. Their food and drinks are just right. Good in flavor and quite satisfying; I was all smiles after eating here. 맛있다!

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Hello Two Hands Torrance!

Hello Two Hands Torrance!

A new restaurant has opened up at the Torrance Crossroads plaza in Torrance, California. Joining the string of eateries there is Two Hands. Two Hands is a restaurant offering Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs!

Corn Dogs are a staple of American good eats but did you they are also a popular street food in Korea? Korean corn dogs are usually made from sausage or mozzarella cheese. Here at Two Hands; you have your choice of either sausage, mozzarella or even half and half. There is also half mozzarella and half cheddar or spicy sausage.

They currently have six corn dogs to choose from on the menu. The offerings are:

Two Hands Dog has their signature ranch sauce. I really love ranch and so if you’re a fan of ranch like me; this one is the corn dog for you.

Spicy Dog which has a combo of their spicy sauce and hot Cheetos powder. Fiery lovers will be a fan of the kick that this has.

Potato Dog which has potato cubes wrapped around a corn dog and then topped with their signature dirty sauce. This one is my personal favorite! I love the crispy potato. The dirty sauce that is smothered all over is also the best! It is such a creamy and delightful sauce. I even found myself asking for extra sauce.

Crispy Rice Dog has crispy rice puffs all around. This is another one that I really like! I love the extra crunch! One can get it plain or with ketchup, mustard or sugar. I personally like to get it plain as I like the simple rice puffs and batter flavor of the corn dog.

Injeolmi Dog has bean powder and their sweet sauce. This one is a bit more unique and one for those who want something a bit different.

Classic Dog has a sweet and savory taste. This is the classic Korean style corn dog. It’s great for those who want to try something simple for the first time.

If you can’t decide between all of the above; Two Hands has a great Mega Box that allows you to try the variety!

Each of Two Hands corn dogs are made fresh upon order and so everyone is guaranteed to get something hot and delicious!

Two Hands is one of my new favorite places in Torrance. I love the fresh and tasty corn dogs! The crispy outer and the tender dogs inside make for a perfect treat!

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Hello Glamnetic x Hello Kitty!

Hello Glamnetic x Hello Kitty!


TOUCHDOWN ✈️ Check out the @Glamnetic x @HelloKitty and Friends FULL COLLECTION REVEAL ✨

This EXCLUSIVE Collection includes:

💖 Limited Edition PR Box

❤️ 7 magnetic lash kit that includes a mini black magnetic felt tip eyeliner

💙 7 magnetic colored felt tip liners in deep black, cocoa brown, bright red, bright orange, deep purple, hot pink, and dark blue

💛 5 compact mirrors of each character

💜 Lash Anchors

💚 Lash Applicator

🤎 Hand Held Mirror

🧡 Hello Kitty Makeup Bag

• ✈️ Glamnetic x Hello Kitty and Friends Collection launches Thursday 5.20.21 at 10 AM PST

Hello Kitty Foodie Tip: my favorite is the magnetic lash kit! It comes in a supercute suitcase featuring Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody, Kuromi or Chococat! With these lashes; you will always feel like you’re on vacation ☺️.

Hello Teppan Tarou!

Hello Teppan Tarou!

Through the years; Pacific Square in Gardena, California has become a plaza that I have come to love. Not only did they once house my childhood favorite Sanrio store; Sanrio Gardena; they also have been home to several good restaurants and boba places through the years. Now another tasty place has opened up in that plaza. Teppan Tarou is now at the Tokyo Central and Main store at Pacific Square.

Teppan Tarou specializes in a variety of classic Japanese dishes. One can find yakisoba, kushiage okonomiyaki and curry dishes. Their food is cooked by experienced Japanese chefs on a  teppan or flat iron grill. 

I recently visited Teppan Tarou and was excited to try out their Japanese food. It was difficult for me to decide what to have but as a big fan of curry; I chose to get their Pork Katsu Curry Rice dish.

This Japanese dish was excellent. The Pork Katsu was perfectly crunchy and well accompanied with fresh, crisp asparagus. The main star was the curry. The curry sauce was nice and thick. Tastewise it had a nice spicy kick. I definitely felt the heat from the curry instantly but found that the spice was nicely offset with the sweetness of ginger that was also part of the dish. The curry is comparable to some of the best curry that I have had in Japan.

Teppan Tarou definitely knows their curry and I am so excited to try more of their authentic Japanese cuisine in the future.

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