Hello Yelp Elite Badge 2022!

Hello Yelp Elite Badge 2022!

Happy New Year Hello Kitty Foodies! We’re off to a fresh new start this year and I’m excited to share more of my Hello Kitty Foodie adventures with you this year. Now more than ever restaurants need our support as we are entering another year of the pandemic.

I love being able to share about local restaurants and small businesses here and as well as on my Yelp page. I am very happy to say that I am entering my 14th year as a Yelp Elite! This Hello Kitty Foodie is 14 (Yelp Elite) strong and proud of it! Yelp has not only been a way for me to share amazing places but it has also been avenue where I have formed many friendships. I am grateful for the experiences and friends that I have gained thru this forum.

As we enter 2022; I am definitely all for sharing more, writing more and discovering more. SYOY (See you on yelp!)

Hello Yelp Elite Badge 2021!

Hello Yelp Elite Badge 2021!

I am super excited for my 13th year of the Yelp Elite Squad! My Yelp journey this past 2020 was a very different one from past years.

Pre-Covid; I was able to partake in an awesome Yelp event in February 2020 at Robbins Brothers in Torrance, California. At the Yelp Elite Event : Bubbly and Bling; I said YES! Yes to bubbly, bling and lots of Yelp fun.

When Covid occurred; Yelp switched to virtual events and I attended my first ever Virtual Elite Event: LA West Empanada Making with Bianca Bakery. I got to learn how to make spinach, caprese and beef empanadas.

Though I didn’t get to dine out as much this 2020; I still found myself writing several reviews to support different small businesses around town.

This 2021; I am looking forward to getting more takeout and participating in Yelp virtual events. It may still be different from past Yelp years but I am still looking forward to discovering new places and sharing my experiences.

SYOY (See you on Yelp) @http://hellokittyfoodie.yelp.com

Hello Yelp Elite Event at Stonefire Grill!

Hello Yelp Elite Event at Stonefire Grill!

Yelp Elite Events in the South Bay are my favorite! Being a South Bay girl; I was so excited to see a Yelp event in my hometown; Torrance! Not only was it in Torrance; it was also at a place that I have been wanting to go back to for awhile; Stonefire Grill!

I first visited Stonefire Grill during their soft opening last year and absolutely loved it. This Yelp event allowed me to revisit and discover some new items.

Our Yelp Elite Event first started off with the Stonefire Grill’s Whole Roasted Cauliflower.


It is a gigantic warm cauliflower that is also gigantic in flavor. Topped with lemon tahini and chopped parsley; it truly is a treat.

After the cauliflower; we were all treated to a wonderful buffet filled with some of Stonefire’s classic dishes!


The buffet consisted of Stonefire’s bbq chopped salad, breadsticks, pesto pasta, mesquite bbq chicken and tri tip, lemon garlic chicken and tri tip, garlic mashed potatoes, meatballs and pizza.

It was my first time ever to try Stonefire’s BBQ chopped salad and I absolutely loved it They served it vegetarian style and it had mixed greens, black beans, roasted corn, carrots, red cabbage, cilantro, Jack cheese, tortilla strips, tomato, scallions along with buttermilk ranch.

It was also my first time to try their meatballs and pizza! The meatballs came in signature mesquite bbq meatballs and spicy bbq. Both flavors were great! For the pizzas; they served mesquite bbq and Stonefire’s “favorite.” The “favorite” had homemade pesto, avocado, red onion, mozzarella, feta cheese and fresh basil. It quickly became my favorite too especially since it had lots of avocado!

The feast continued on with dessert as we got try an assortment of Stonefire’s classic desserts!


We got try Stonefire’s Heavenly Cheesecake topped with blueberry, Stonefire’s famous fudge brownies, Stonefire’s Incredible Carrot Cake and Sandy’s cookies. The carrot cake will always be a favorite of mine but I was also impressed with Sandy’s cookie. It was my first time trying this and I loved the oatmeal-based cookie with heath bar, dark chocolate chips and walnuts. It’s actually named after Sandy; a Stonefire Grill family member!

It truly was a feast that evening and am so happy to have gotten the chance to try some new things; thanks to this Yelp event!

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on YEE: A Feast at Stonefire Grill Torrance!

Hello Yelp Elite Event: Yelp’s First Look at Randy’s Donuts

Hello Yelp Elite Event: Yelp’s First Look at Randy’s Donuts

It’s so sweet to be Yelp elite and it truly was a sweet time at the recent Yelp LA Elite event at the newest Randy’s Donuts that just opened up in El Segundo at Apollo Landing.

Randy’s Donuts has been serving delicious donuts since 1962. Everything is made by hand and they even have a special, unique flour that is used just by the store! They’re all about quality and being affordable. They’re world famous for a reason.

Last night, us Yelp LA elites got to be partake in a very special celebration of their new store and we got to taste a variety of the donuts that they’re world-famous for.


Randy’s Donuts donut menu is split between classic, deluxe, fancy and premium. Classic donuts include  glazed raised, chocolate iced cake and crumb cake.  Deluxe donuts include glazed twist, blueberry cake and maple cruller.  For those who like fancy, there is roasted coconut raised, cinnamon roll and bear claw. Lastly for the ones looking for really unique treat there are the premium donuts. The premium menu has delicious treats like red velvet with ganache and crumbs, fruity pebbles crumb and s’mores raised.

If you’re not drooling already from their extensive donut menu; then you surely will be drooling once you have the El Segundo exclusive Breakfast Donut sandwiches! During the event, we were all treated to this unique and special sandwich (and yes, we were all drooling ;).


Breakfast Donut sandwiches are made with glazed donut rolls with maple pepper bacon, all natural sausage, cafe free eggs, hash browns and American cheese. You can even spice it up with siracha or tapatio sauce! It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty. It was truly intense but truly delicious as well.

Randy’s Donuts El Segundo location is just the start of delicious donuts taking over the foodie world. They will soon have a Downey location, a Hollywood location and even a Manila, Philippines location and Jeju Island, Korea location.  I am so thankful to Yelp LA for this special look of the new Randy’s Donuts in El Segundo.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp Review on Yelp’s First Look at Randy’s Donuts.

Hello Beach Vibes at Brio LA West Yelp Elite Event!

Hello Beach Vibes at Brio LA West Yelp Elite Event!

Four courses. Eight plates. Epic. That is the Yelp elite way.

In my last blog post, I happily announced that I once again am blessed to be part of the Yelp Elite Squad. Just recently I was blessed too to be part of one of the first LA West Yelp Elite events of 2018; Beach Vibes at Brio.

This event was epic  for a variety of reasons!

  • 1). It was my first elite event ever as a Yelp Black Elite (woohoo here’s to 10 years and counting!)
  • 2). It was in the South Bay (woohoo hometown!)
  • 3). It was a four course dinner with eight plates (woohoo full of deliciousness!)


Upon arrival at the venue, we were all given complimentary pink cosmos. It truly was the start of a special night!


For the savory treats, we first were all treated to some small plates.


Chopped salad had tomatoes, grilled corn, cucumber, smoked gouda, marcona almonds, avocado, lemon vinaigrette and chile lime ranch. This was healthy, crunchy and tasty. The chile lime ranch stood out and brought so much flavor.


Roasted beets and whipped feta was the other small plate for our starters. This had red and gold beets, macron almonds and lemon vinaigrette. The red and gold beets were the perfect color for us Yelp elites (hmm doesn’t it remind you of the Yelp badges? 😉


Third small plate of the night was a favorite for many. The Shrimp n Grits had black pepper shrimp along with creamy smoked gouda polenta. It had a curry like flavor that was out of this world!

From small plates to entrees, we sure were in for a treat that night!


First up was the Bucatini Pomodoro. This lovely vegetarian dish had san mariano tomatoes, basil and burrata. The huge burrata topping was wonderful!


The Skirt Steak was the other main entree of the night. Two 8 oz steaks prepared medium and topped with chimichurri were served to us Yelpers. Tender and tasty, it was a true treat!


Alongside the two savory dishes, we were also treated to some frites accompanied with sriracha ketchup, creamy horseradish and sweet chile aioli!

But wait there’s more…..

How could we end the night without a bang? We got not one but two desserts!


For closers that evening, we had a Warm Berry Cake that was toped with vanilla gelato and berry compote and Brio’s Gooey Chocolate Cake that was topped with hazelnut gelato, nutella crispies and whipped caramel! It truly is sweet to be elite!

Four courses. Eight plates. Happy Yelper!

2018 Epic Yelp Year, here we come!


Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2017!

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2017!


This 2017 is off to a golden start! I’m so happy and honored to once again be part of the Yelp Elite squad.

Yelp has played a special part in my love for writing and doing food reviews. I can’t believe it’s been 9 Elite years. It has definitely been an awesome nine years and I’m looking forward to many more as my Yelp journey continues.

This 2017 is actually a very special year for my Yelp journey because this year I will reach 1000 reviews. This year also marks what I call my “road to black.” If I am lucky and privileged to be elite again next year, it will be ten years of elite and I will be getting the black badge!

As I move forward to another year of reviews, Yelp events and happiness, I’d like to invite all my blog readers to join me in my journey to 1000 reviews and to the black badge 😉 @ http://hellokittyfoodie.yelp.com.

Thanks every one for your support and love! This year will be golden and amazing for sure.

Hello Kitty Foodie Year In Review 2014!

Hello Kitty Foodie Year In Review 2014!

Another year has gone by and here we are at the end of 2014. The time has come for me to write my year in review blog post. I always look forward to writing this because it gives me a chance to look back at wonderful occasions spent with family and friends. One of the most rewarding aspects about being a blogger is getting to experience several different events. These opportunities to try out various eateries around town is made even more special when they’re shared with the people closest to me. It is also through these events, that I have made several friends who have become my brunch buddies, lunch friends, dinner companions and forever foodie friends. In this blog post, I share the memorable occasions of 2014. Some that I write about are media events while others are good times spent with friends and family but all of them are special.

January kicked off with the newly opened Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven Pizzaria. It was awesome to be one of the first to try this place and since then I’ve been back several times with my friends!


Lastly, also in January I had a nice get together with my friend Angela who I hadn’t seen since grad school. During this lunch, I got to try the ever so popular, elusive ramen burger!



One of the most memorable occasions during this first quarter was the Yelp LA West Elite Event Pajama Party. It’s not every Monday, one is lucky enough to party in Hello Kitty pajamas. 😉

The middle of the year marked another fabulous Yelp event via the Yelp Patriotic Party on the Battleship Iowa. It was a red, white and blue Sunday Funday with yelp swag all over, a live band, photo booths, magic shows and lots of food and drink for my Yelp friends and I to eat, drink and be merry!


Soon after that I embarked on a fun cruise and vacation to Canada! There was plenty of fun foodie adventures during this time of the year! From dining adventures on the Holland America ms Zuiderdam to visiting CNN’s 2012 must visit restaurant New Town in Vancouver Chinatown to trying the popular Tim Horton’s, this kitty had terrific (foodie) trip full of smiles!



Come summer time, I was one busy, happy blogger bee err kitty. 😉

June started off with an invitation to try out the newly opened Hermosa Beach Fish Shop. Offering fresh seafood goodies, this place is a must try for seafood fans. I enjoyed everything we tried from their fish shop chowder to their crab cake sandwich.


Also June, I was thrilled to be one of the first to try The Standing Room Hermosa! I am fan of the awesome little shop inside a liquor store in Redondo Beach and was so happy for them that they have their own restaurant now right in hip and happening Hermosa Beach!


In July, I got to join the .grand opening celebration of the 2nd Lee’s Sandwiches in the South Bay! It was a day full of bahn mi bliss! 😉


Also in July, I got to cover for South Bay Foodies one of my favorite charity events, The 8th Annual White Light, White Night Event. White Night, White Light is always such a very special evening. Proceeds from the event benefit Walk with Sally’s mission to help out many families impacted by cancer. It was one memorable night filled with lots of love and light and plenty of smiles.


I then got to celebrate the end of the summer in one of my favorite ways, via the OC Fair. It was a fun day filled with food, games, friends, shows and some Hello Kitty!

Fall time is always memorable for me and this year was no exception as I celebrated my birthday at my favorite Addi’s Tandoor. Thanks to one of my dearest friends, I discovered this fabulous Indian restaurant and I got to celebrate my birthday here.


November was truly unforgettable because I got to go Hello Kitty Con! It was truly a dream come true as I got to attend the Hello Kitty Con VIP night and opening party. It was Hello Kitty heaven for me and just pure bliss. It was and will always be one of my top events!



As I was typing this blog post, my heart could not help but be filled with gratitude. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how blessed we are and just to be thankful for what we have. I was blessed this year to partake in all these various events, parties and get togethers and I am so very thankful for that. I am also thankful to all of you who have been reading my blog and have followed my 2014 foodie and blogger journey. Hello kitty hugs to all of you! I can’t wait to see what sugar, spice and hello kitty nice adventures await for me next year. I’m sure there will be more smiles to come. 🙂



The WordPress.com stats helper kitties prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog and I got the below stats as part of the report (wow, I am touched!):

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Thank you all so much for the blog love!! 🙂

Hello Kitty Foodie Year In Review 2013!

Hello Kitty Foodie Year In Review 2013!

Today I attended my last PYE (Private Yelp Event) for 2013.


It was another special fun filled event of good food with good friends. Another happy memory to be added to the list of sugar, spice and hello kitty nice moments of 2013.

2013 was an amazing year filled with many memorable moments. Looking back I feel so blessed and thankful that I got to be a part of several wonderful foodie events this year. In this blog post, I share with you a few of some of the memorable ones.

My first event for 2013 was for a Yelp event held at the Cheesecake Factory. The Tropical Sunsets Yelp Elite Event made us feel like we were in paradise as we feasted on unlimited sangria and tropical iced tea, various Cheesecake Factory treats and ‘Lette macarons.


At the end of first quarter of the year, I got to try Euro-French cuisine at Joie De Vivre Yelp Elite event held at Dominique’s Kitchen. Some highlights of the French feast of the night were the savory mushroom risotto and the creamy Creme brûlée. This event was very meaningful to me because my blog post about that event garnered me some recognition as I landed on Dominique’s Kitchen’s press page. (Thank you so much Dominique’s Kitchen!)


When summer started, I got to attend various South Bay Foodie events. My favorite was the red carpet 7th Annual White Night White Light Event by Walk with Sally. It was wonderful to see so many folks and businesses come out for this chairty event supporting mentoring programs for children who have parents or siblings with cancer.


Mid-summer I was one proud UCLA Bruin as I attended the 6th Annual Nachos and Networking UCLA Alumni Event. Blue and gold spirit was felt all over. The victory bell was present!


I ended the summer with the Flavors of Belize PYE where my friends and I tried Belizean food for the first time. Ten courses and three desserts made for one interesting night of discovering new cusine.


With the start of fall, came another blessed birthday celebration for me. I got to try chicken and waffles for the first time at the popular LA hot spot Roscoe’s. I definitely felt the birthday love because my photo from that birthday outing became my most liked instagram photo for 2013!


A couple days before Thanksgiving, I joined my friends for Filipino Asian Fusion PYE @ La Fang. I’m always so thankful for events like these where I get to spend time with some of my closest Yelp friends.


Towards the end of the year was the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Jackson’s Food and Drink Tasting Event. It truly was an honor to be chosen to be one of the first to try out some of Jackson’s new offerings.


As this year comes to a close, I look back with a heart full of gratefulness for all the blessings, the opportunities given to me and the friendships that have been formed. I thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to read my posts. Thank you so much for being a part of my happy little adventures and I look forward to sharing with you all more sugar, spice and hello kitty nice moments this 2014!