Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2017!

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2017!


This 2017 is off to a golden start! I’m so happy and honored to once again be part of the Yelp Elite squad.

Yelp has played a special part in my love for writing and doing food reviews. I can’t believe it’s been 9 Elite years. It has definitely been an awesome nine years and I’m looking forward to many more as my Yelp journey continues.

This 2017 is actually a very special year for my Yelp journey because this year I will reach 1000 reviews. This year also marks what I call my “road to black.” If I am lucky and privileged to be elite again next year, it will be ten years of elite and I will be getting the black badge!

As I move forward to another year of reviews, Yelp events and happiness, I’d like to invite all my blog readers to join me in my journey to 1000 reviews and to the black badge 😉 @ http://hellokittyfoodie.yelp.com.

Thanks every one for your support and love! This year will be golden and amazing for sure.

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2015!

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2015!


Oh happy day! Triple gold! I was so happy today when I opened up my Yelp page and saw a sparkly, shiny new Yelp elite gold badge for 2015!

I can’t believe it’s my seventh yelp elite badge! It seems like only yesterday that my Yelp journey started. It’s been quite a Yelp journey so far. There’s been interesting moments (I once got a marriage proposal via Yelp. No wedding for me though lol. I don’t think the guy liked Hello Kitty. 😉 Haha! The only shiny thing I’m sporting these days courtesy of Yelp is my elite badge). 😉 There’s been heartwarming moments (I once got the sweetest card from the folks at Susie Cakes). There’s also been some frustrations (I was a little sad after I wrote a four star review for a bakery and someone from there sent me nasty note complaining about a picture I took of their croissant. After I wrote the nicest review, all the could comment on was about a picture they didn’t like). Most of all, there’s definitely been lots of unforgettable, fun moments! (I love all the friends I’ve made through Yelp! I’ve also loved all the events I’ve been to! Thanks to my Yelp friends, this once shy little Yelper is slowly coming out of her shy little shell). All of these various Yelp experiences have made me into the Yelp Elite that I am today and I continue to write Yelp reviews with the hope that they can be helpful to others and just maybe make some smile.

I am so thankful for the another year to be Yelp elite. I can’t wait to see what this Yelp year will bring!

SYOY (see you on yelp) and smile!

Hello Yelp’s Patriotic Party on the Battleship Iowa!

Hello Yelp’s Patriotic Party on the Battleship Iowa!

All aboard the Battleship Iowa for a Red, white and blue Yelp Sunday fun day! Today my Yelp friends and I enjoyed Yelp’s Patriotic Party aboard the USS Iowa.

The Battleship Iowa is a non-profit organization and so this was a party for a cause as Yelpers got to help out the non-profit! Donations from today benefited Battleship Iowa’s youth overnight program, local school education program, ship restoration, build out of restrooms and volunteer education.


There was plenty of fun to be had on the ship. There was Yelp swag all over, a live band, photo boothes, magic shows and of course lots of food and drink for folks to eat, drink and be merry! 😉


One of the first treats I got to try was a greek salad from Fantastic Cafe. It was a light and refreshing salad with tomatos, bell peppers, tomato and feta cheese.


The salad was a good and healthy treat! The healthy treats continued on at the Juice It Up booth where we got to try out kale smoothies! I’ve always liked kale and have watched through the years as it became the new “it” salad. I found it so interesting to have it in a drink form.


Refreshing drinks were again found when we moved on to the Keurig booth! There were keurig brew machines everywhere for Yelpers to try out various k-cups. I chose to get a pomegrante ice tea! It was perfect for this very warm day!


The drinks were a good match for the savory treats that we were offered. We got a nice chicken wrap from Boiler Express. Tortilla wraps filled with chunky, tender chicken and crispy lettuce was given to us.


There were plenty of sweet treats for us as well! One of my favorites from this event was the red velvet brownies from Sweet E! The moist red velvet brownies with cheesecake mixed in were the best! 🙂


Yogurtland was also present to give us Yelpers some free frozen yogurt! We got to make our own creations with original tart and strawberry flavored yogurt! Toppings included gummy bears, mochi, peanuts and strawberries.


As if those treats weren’t enough we saw even more as we kept walking towards the end of the ship. The goodies and treats for all of us Yelpers was abundant during this event! There were magaritas and cosmopolitans from VeeV, wine from Stella Rosa, snacks from PopChips and LunaBar, italian Ice from Rita’s and cookies from Isabella’s cookies!


It truly was a Sunday Funday for my friends and I aboard the Battleship Iowa! It was nice to see so many Yelpers dressed in red, white and blue all around the ship and even nicer to know that this whole event was helping out the Battleship Iowa. Good friends, good eats and a good cause! I love Yelp!


Fore more smiles, please see my recent Yelp Review on Yelp’s Patriotic Party on the Battleship Iowa!

Hello LA West Elite Event Pajama Party at Jinky’s Cafe!

Hello LA West Elite Event Pajama Party at Jinky’s Cafe!

It’s a Monday night and I’m all dressed up in Hello Kitty pajamas! Who parties on a Monday and in pajamas, no less? This Hello Kitty Foodie does! Yay for the LA West Yelp Elite Event Pajama Party at Jinky’s Cafe in Santa Monica! 🙂


Jinky’s Cafe is a cute little place offering breakfast all day. What better way to enjoy breakfast but then in pajamas. 😉 On Monday night, Jinky’s Cafe’s Santa Monica location had a special pajama party for LA West Yelp Elite squad. I was one of the lucky to attend.


Many of the Yelpers chose to get a taste of Jinky’s popular mimosas but I chose to get a cup of their freshly ground coffee. Coffee and breakfast is always a great combination and their cup of joe was the perfect partner for the treats we got to try at this event.


We were served a plate with french garden omelette, coconut flaky french toast and red velvet pancakes. It was a nice trio of some their popular dishes. The french garden omelette consisted of fluffy egg whites with zucchini and tomatoes and boursin cheese. The soft creamy cheese and the fresh veggies made for a very nice omelette. The coconut flaky french toast had coconut flakes, strawberries, blueberries and powdered sugar all on top of egg bread. The coconut definitely made this french toast unique. Out of all the three the red velvet pancakes were my favorite. It had sprinkles of powder sugar and swirls of mascarpone frosting. The red velvet pancakes were deliciously decadent, soft and sweet.


Aside from the triple treat dish that we were served, we also got to try various samples of Jinky’s gourmet chili at this event. Jinky’s has over twenty different gourmet chili dishes of various flavors and spices. The first chili that we got to try was the Boston Turkey. It’s a tomato- free chili with lean ground turkey and chili pepper puree. I liked the little chunks of chili pepper that brought an extra kick to the sweet chili.


The other chili we got to sample was the Himalayan Beef. This chili had ground beef, garlic, ginger, Serrano and Kashimiri chilies and Indian spices. This was lot spicier than the Boston Turkey. Even with just a small taste, the intensity and hotness came out.


We definitely got a nice breakfast spread this night with all the things we tried. Unfortunately we didn’t to try some of their other offerings like some other Yelpers that night but from what we did try it was definitely breakfast bliss for my friends and I!


For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on the LA West Elite Event Pajama Party at Jinky’s Cafe.

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2014!

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2014!


2014 is off to a happy start! It truly made my day today and put a big smile on my face when I saw a bright, shiny yelp gold elite badge for 2014 on my Yelp page! It means a lot to be once again part of the Yelp elite crew.

My Yelp journey started in August 2007. I was getting ready for a work trip and just happened to stumble upon the very helpful and informative Yelp page. It was nice to see people’s recommendations of various places and soon enough I too started writing reviews.

Through the years, I’ve gotten to be a part of some memorable Yelp events. From going to a Trucks N Toys Drive to a Bollywood event to a Hollywood Museum tour, each event has been amazing and special. I still remember my very first Yelp elite event, the Karaoke Elite Event at Backstage Bar and Grill. The fact that one of my Yelp friends got this shy Yelper to go up on stage (at my very first event) to sing a duet of Moves Like a Jagger is proof alone of how much I love Yelp and my Yelp friends. (Oh alright, I love karaoke too haha 🙂 but it still took courage to go up and sing the Christina Aguilera part 😉 )

Some of my Yelp friends have become some of my closest friends as well. From finding out what the latest food trend is (pie or macaron), to who’s going to win the Stanley Cup (I’ll always throw that octopus but never eat it 😉 to where’s the next PYE (private Yelp event), the conversations with Yelp friends are always UFC (useful, funny, cool in Yelp lingo 😉 )

It’s been an amazing journey for this Yelper and I’m looking forward to what this 2014 will bring Yelp wise. I’m so honored and touched to be once again Yelp elite! SYOY (see you on yelp 🙂 )

Hello Filipino/Asian Fusion PYE @ La Fang!

Hello Filipino/Asian Fusion PYE @ La Fang!

Masarap! In Tagalog that means delicious.

Eating masarap or delicious food is just one of the reasons why I like La Fang Asian Fusion Kitchen. The other reason though is it seems every time I dine here, I always have a great experience here with friends!

I first tried La Fang when they first opened about a year ago. I came with my friend and Filipino yelp sis Jamie A.

A month later, also at La Fang I had the chance to meet famous Filipino American chef Ron Bilaro and be a part of his Eat and Ron segment of the tv show Adobo Nation.

From that show, La Fang received this 2013 Kagat tasted honor.20131124-170827.jpg.

With such happy memories in mind, I was super happy and excited when Jamie decided to do her very first PYE (private yelp event) at La Fang.

The folks at La Fang treated us to delicious eats from the start!
We started off with plates of lumpia or chicken rolls. Lumpia is a popular Filipino dish. La Fang’s take on the dish is mini egg rolls fried and filled with chicken.



Our kind server John then served us more crispy treats via calamari.


For refreshments, some of us tried Fresh Buko (coconut) juice. La Fang puts a little twist in their coconut juice by adding pieces of lychee fruit in the mix.


Next up for us was sisig. Sisig comes from another Filipino dialect, Kampampgan and means sour snack. Typically the dish contains white onion, green chili, lemon juice or vinegar. Here at La Fang, they brought out a fish version and a pork version. I don’t eat seafood but the presentation of the fish sisig was impressive with the large bangus or milkfish. 20131124-165255.jpg

Similarly the pork sisig had a fine mix of pork marinated in the sour liquid and seasoning of various spices.


Since it was a somewhat, chilly day, the next dish of chicken tinola seemed appropriate. It is chicken broth based soup filled with chicken and chayote.


John served pork hamonado next. The pork hamonado had sweet pork marinated in beer and pineapple sauce.


La Fang then gave us is a fusion version of Filipino mechado via their beef pastel. Mechado is a beef stew with tomato sauce and potatoes. Here at La Fang instead of traditional boiled potatoes, they had mashed potatoes on top of the beef.


Last entree to be served was their #1 special of crispy binagoongan or fried pork cooked in shrimp paste and topped with mangos. Unfortunately I don’t eat shrimp and so shrimp paste based dish is not really my thing but my Yelp friends loved this! I did get to try a little bit of the fried meat and it was good (minus the shrimp paste 😉


The sweet ending to our PYE was the banana yema pie. Yema is a type of Filipino candy made out of egg yolks, condensed milk and peanuts. At La Fang they mixed the banana and yema, placed it on a crispy pie crust and topped it with whip cream and swirls of caramel to make one delicious desseert


Thanks to Jamie A for setting up this yummy and fun PYE! It’s always great hanging out with my Filipino yelp sista 🙂 and it was nice to meet her husband Pablo.


It was also awesome to see all my Yelp friends Jennifer N, Clarence M, Tony L, Craig Y, Antho L and Wan L


Yay to good times with my yelp friends!

For more happy smiles, please read my very first Yelp review of La Fang when I first came here with Jamie.

Hello Joie De Vivre Yelp Elite event!

Hello Joie De Vivre Yelp Elite event!

Tonight I got to go to Joie De Vivre Yelp Elite event at lovely Dominique’s Kitchen in Redondo Beach! It is a small restaurant that feels like a little house. The folks there are friendly and treat everyone like family.


Yelpers were treated to quite a menu of delicious Euro-French cuisine! From the various charcuterie to the meat lover’s beef short ribs to the red velvet red wine to the divine desserts, yelpers were treated to quite a French feast!

I first tried the braised beef short rib and mushroom risotto!

The beef short rib was so tender and tasty! There were soft carrots added in to give extra flavor.

The mushroom risotto was delicious as well! It had portobello, shitake and oyster mushrooms mixed in with garlic and parmesan cheese. The creamy risotto paired well with the moist beef.

These two were my favorite savory dishes of the night!

The cheese fondue was the next thing I tried. The cheese fondue was so thick! It was a nice topping to the various breads that they had.

There was also a lovely vegetarian pasta offered. The noodles were soft and the sauce light. It was a good dish with basil shallots, tomatoes and sautéed garlic.

For dessert, yelpers had the choice of chocolate mousse or creme brulee! The chocolate mousse was dark chocolate deliciousness! It was smooth, rich and delicious.

The creme brulee was my favorite! It had a slight crisp top and soft, creamy base. It was the perfect little treat!


It was a wonderful Yelp elite event at Dominique’s Kitchen! I loved all the various Euro-French cuisine offered!

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review the Joie De Vivre Yelp elite event.

Hello Tropical Sunsets @ The Cheesecake Factory Yelp elite event!

Hello Tropical Sunsets @ The Cheesecake Factory Yelp elite event!

I’ve been yelping for almost six years now and each Yelp event that I go to always proves to be memorable!


Last night was the Tropical Sunsets Yelp elite event at The Cheesecake Factory and it was a great.


The event was held at the Harbor Room at The Cheesecake Factory and the dining room had an amazing view of the beach and the sunset. There was a live DJ, Yelp swag all around and a cool tropical theme. My fabulous Yelp friends were decked out in their finest tropical attire.

We were offered yummy drinks like white sangria, red sangria and tropical iced tea!


A yelp event would not be complete without fabulous food! I tried the rice pilaf, crab cheese wontons, chicken madeira, avocado egg rolls and chicken satay sticks.


I also tried the yummy Chinese chicken salad. I loved how it was presented in Chinese to-go boxes with chopsticks.


Dessert was abundant at this event! There was a chocolate fountain where yelpers could dip oreos, rice crispies, marshmallows, strawberries, and pound cake.


Cheesecake of course was abundant!

They had fresh strawberry cheesecake!


There was white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake!


Key lime mango cheesecake was also offered!


The pineapple upside down was another choice!


I tried the key lime mango cheesecake! Two of my favorites in one: key lime and mango!


Aside from the cheesecake, my favorite dessert offering were the Lette’ macarons!


Yay to another memorable Yelp event and hanging out once again with my awesome Yelp friends!

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on the Tropical Sunsets @ The Cheesecake Factory Yelp elite event.

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2013!

Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2013!


Hello Yelp elite gold badge! Ahh 5 years in the making…what an incredible journey of reviews, fun events & good friends! I love Yelp & love my Yelp friends :).

It is through Yelp that I’ve discovered so many wonderful places and made many friends. I am so happy to say that I am a Gold Yelp elite this year. I could not have made it this far without all your support, friendship and love. Thank you all for being a part of my happy foodie journey. This blog is a complimentary site to my yelp page.

How much do I love Yelp? Please read my a Yelp review dedicated to Yelp!

Please visit my yelp page here SYOY 🙂