Hello Full House BBQ Vegas!

Hello Full House BBQ Vegas!

I’ve always been a fan of Full House. I mean I grew up with DJ, Stephanie and Michelle….oh wait not that Full House ;). Hehe, with a similar name to my favorite TV show when I was a kid, you may say I’m a bit bias to loving Full House BBQ in Vegas but I actually quite a fan of this Filipino restaurant with no association to the sitcom.


I had the pleasure of dining here recently and truly loved each and every dish that I tried. The menu is large and they offer classic Filipino dishes as well as fusion ones.

For my trip here, the first dish that we tried was their Fire Roasted Crispy Pork belly.


At Full House, they offer 1 pound of this Lechon Belly! It’s a classic favorite and they offer plenty.

Next dish was another crispy plate via the Sisig Milkfish.


Full House offers several sisig sizzling plates. They have sisig pork belly, beef sirloin, chicken, and milkfish. Each dish comes with red, green peppers, onions, lime, soy, mayonnaise and fresh egg.

We also were served another sizzling dish via their beef sirloin.


This pinoy bistek was my personal favorite of the whole trip. It consisted of board cracked peppercorn, onions and calamnsi soy glaze. I loved the sauce and it went well with the white rice. It was so savory.

For our soup, we tried their “sinigang” tamarind sour soup.


This soup comes with choice or pork ribs or pompano fish and a blend of vegetables. The broth of this hotpot was so hearty. It had the perfect hint of sourness and made for a great soup.

Last but not least, we got to try their famous Flaming Halo Halo.


This halo halo dish was lit! Literally lit! As Uncle Jesse of Full House (the TV sitcom) would say, “Have Mercy!” This halo halo was hot! It was served with a live flame. It was not only unique but delicious as well. It had classic toppings of ube ice cream, jackfruit, leche flan.    It was a gigantic dish of deliciousness.

My trip to Full House was one of my favorite dining outings while I was in Vegas. Maraming Salamat Full House!


Now Full House is once again a favorite except this time instead of a tv show, it is restaurant. 🙂

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Hello Cafe de Cebu!

Hello Cafe de Cebu!

Once in awhile I get the pleasant surprise/honor of being followed by certain restaurants on twitter. Some time last year a newly opened restaurant called Cafe de Cebu started following me. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, I placed this restaurant on my places to try in Sin City.


On my most recent trip to Vegas and looking for new places to eat, I found myself at Cafe de Cebu. After reading several positive reviews and seeing many delicious looking photos, I knew it was time to mark this off of my list of bookmarks and try it for myself.

It is a little, cozy restaurant with made to order dishes. The whole place and menu is very simple. The menu consists of appetizers, entrees and desserts. They also have a special treat for those with a yelp app and who check in via yelp.

With a Yelp check-in, diners can get one free Ngo-Yong. Ngo-Yong is a crispy egg roll filled with spiced ground pork and veggies. This little egg roll turned out to be my favorite of all the items I got to try this day. Freshly fried and made, the egg roll was served super hot. Outside the wrapper was perfectly crispy and crunchy and reminded me of classic Chinese egg rolls I used to eat as a kid. Inside the egg roll was stuffed with ground pork, bamboo shoots, garlic, onions and Chinese spices consisting of star anise, cloves, fennel seeds, cinnamon and Sichuan pepper. All these ingredients combined to make a slight spicy and flavorful filling.

The entrees I got to try for my first visit at Cafe de Cebu consisted of different varieties of entrees from vegetables to pork.

For our veggie dish, we ordered chop suey. I was a fan of the nice variety of vegetables in this. This vegetable dish had cauliflower, baby corn, snow peas, red bell pepper and broccoli. The vegetables were stir fried and then mixed with a thick, starch based sauce. 20140120-145723.jpg

Another dish that was filled with some yummy vegetables was our noodle dish. For noodles we ordered the pancit bam-i that was made up of canton and vermicelli noodles, veggies, chicken and pork. For the veggies, there were plenty of carrots, cabbage and my favorite, shiitake mushrooms. I really liked the soft shiitake mushrooms mixed in with the equally soft noodles. There was a very distinct, unique delicious taste!

After the vegetables and noodles, were the more hearty of entrees consisting of protein.

From the specials of the day, we ordered Kaldereta. Kaldereta is a beef stew with a tomato broth base. Their version had bell peppers, green peas and carrots. This dish had a very savory and spicy sauce that went well with white rice


For our pork dish, we got sugpa liempo which is made up of freshly grilled seasoned pork belly slices. This restaurant specializes in many Cebuano pork dishes and it was very evident in this dish. The pork belly was lean, tender and marinated and grilled just right. It was even tastier when dipped in vinegar.

The last entree we ordered was the boneless bangus or milkfish. As most of my blog readers know, I do not eat seafood and so I cannot comment taste wise but I did like the nice presentation of this fish. It was served with tomato, green and white onions and mango sprinkled all on top of the fish. It looked very fresh and appetizing (and did not smell fishy 😉

On our table were various sauces that could be used to compliment the dishes ordered. It was interesting to see a pinakurot sauce. We learned from our waiter that this is their own recipe of pinakurat (notice they used a letter “o” versus an “a.” Pinakurat or pinakurot is spiced vinegar sauce. I also found the ngoniong spicy sauce for the egg rolls nice for dipping the Ngo-Yong.


A lot of the above dishes were my first time to hear about and to taste. Therefore this dining experience was a tasty learning adventure for me! At the end I found myself with a new favorite egg roll, loving a new style of noodles and informed about different sauces. I don’t exactly know how Cafe de Cebu found me on twitter many months ago but I am very happy and thankful they did because it was the start of my curiosity of this place that led to eventually me trying it out. It was truly a pleasant dining experience of new food.

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Hello Vegas Seafood buffet in Torrance!

Hello Vegas Seafood buffet in Torrance!

It’s a little taste of Vegas in the South Bay!
Just recently Vegas buffet opened up in Torrance at the Del Amo Fashion center. I checked it out recently for lunch and got to taste some of their offerings.


I started off my meal with soup. They have various soups to choose from. They have miso, clam chowder and hot and sour. I chose to get the hot and sour. It had a nice hint of spice. It had a good, thick broth.

After the soup, I hit up up the Asian food section. They have various Asian favorites such as orange chicken and beef with broccoli. The dishes I tried were savory and tasty.
I liked the chicken sticks from the Asian section. The chicken was perfectly crispy and tender.

Another crispy favorite of mine was the tempura. I tried the yam and the zucchini and found it to be crunchy and delish!
All the above entrees could be accompanied with their fried rice offering. I found the fried rice to be quite interesting because it had little chunks of raisins scattered throughout.
After the Asian section, the Brazilian section was my next stop! The crowd favorite seemed to be the bacon wrapped chicken and so I tried that. It was ok but a bit on the salty side! I liked the Brazilian sausage from this area so much better. The sausage was flavorful with a slight peppery kick.20130703-140459.jpg
My third stop at the buffet was the teppanyaki section. I tried a customary dish made with noodles, zucchini, mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, onions, garlic, steak and chicken. The noodles were soft. It was a fresh, fulfilling dish with all the ingredients mixed in.20130703-140531.jpg
My last but definitely not the least area to check out was the dessert area! They have chocolate fountain. You have your choice to dip marshmallows, cakes and fruits. I couldn’t resist dipping a strawberry!

Aside from the chocolate fountain, Vegas buffet has a frozen yogurt bar. I made a my own little fro-yo treat with pistachio and pomegranate frozen yogurt topped with nuts and fruit. I loved how thick and creamy the yogurt was.

The dessert does not end with the chocolate fountain and frozen yogurt bar because they have a variety of mini treats.

They have mango cheesecake. I found it so sweet and soft.

There is also sesame balls. They are so cute and crispy!

Their creme brûlée offering was excellent! It was also very soft and so creamy!
The bread pudding was another soft and tasty dessert.

The buffet also had nice little tiramisu cakes!

My favorite dessert was the mango pudding. It had a sweet, tangy mango taste consistent throughout the little dish. It was topped with lovely, colorful sprinkles.

All the different sections at Vegas buffet had tasty and delicious offerings. It’s nice to have a little bit of Vegas noms in the South Bay.

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Hello Kusina ni Lorraine

Hello Kusina ni Lorraine

Kusina ni Lorraine is my newest Filipino discovery in Vegas. I am always on the lookout for good Filipino cuisine and it looks like through Kusina ni Lorraine, I found a winner.

I knew it was a winner because aside offering food they were also selling “Pinay ako” Hello Kitty stickers.

I knew a place with cute hello kitty stickers had to have good food ;). I soon found this to be correct via their buffet which had quite a selection of Filipino food yumminess!

The first item I spotted here is one of my favorites! They had Filipino BBQ sticks! It was large slices of sweet pork.

They also had another one of my favorites via beef steak. The savory slices of beef and large onion rings were perfect with white rice!

Speaking of rice, they offer other dishes that are great rice toppings! They have kare kare! The tasty peanut butter broth filled with green beans and egg plant is a must with rice.

Equal to the kare kare in broth creaminess is their chicken curry.

Another good item to be eaten with rice is their picadillo. The Filipino ground beef dish with potatoes mixed in with rice is so yummy.

If rice is not your thing, they have two noodle offerings. They had pancit bihon and pancit palabok.


The bihon was vegetarian while the palabok had a tinipa/smoked fish taste.

Other offerings at the buffet were tasty crispy items like chicken skin and pork sisig. Both were fried to golden perfection


Aside from this savory Filipino food, they also offer sweet treats via fruits like grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew. They also had this very good ginataang totong. I am usually not a fan of this dessert but at Kusina ni Lorraine I became a fan :). The sweet rice coconut soup with mung beans was great! It wasn’t too sweet and just right.

Kusina ni Lorriane is the new hot spot for Filipino food in Vegas for this Pinay :).