Hello UCLA foodie love!

Hello UCLA foodie love!

Hello Kitty Foodie loves UCLA!

So although last week’s game against ASU was tough and heartbreaking, I couldn’t let that deter from the happiness in preparing for today’s crosstown rivalry game. Although this game will be for pride only, it still will be a fun time with friends.

Hmm while preparing for today’s USC/UCLA football game and while looking for yummy treats for this year’s tailgating picnics, I found plenty of delectable delights that happily sport the blue and gold UCLA love!

These classic milk chocolate bars come in blue and gold! Hmm the gold bars beat Willy Wonka’s chocolate gold bar with a golden ticket any day 😉 Maybe they’re the lucky ticket to win this years game.


Mini blue and gold chocolates make for a nice little treat while watching. I heart the Joe Bruin wrappers on them too! Hello Kitty loves Joe Bruin (sorry Dear Daniel haha 😉 )


Chocolate pretzel sticks are the perfect mix of sweet and salty and easy to munch on.

Blue and gold Jelly beans are cute, colorful and simply delightful to share with friends.

Mixed nuts are the best treats for my nutty Bruin friends


Sweet toffee treats fits the occasion and the season!


Last but not least, sweet lollipops are fitting because every game is sweet ;)!

Hello Kitty Foodie hearts all the UCLA foodie delights! 🙂



Hmm will the victory bell be beautifully blue this year or ravishing red? 😉
(hopefully in a future blog post, hello kitty foodie will also get the chance to feature some terrific Trojan food! Hello Kitty Foodie loves both schools!)