Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review 2017!

Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review 2017!

It’s that time of year again for me to write one of all time favorite posts; the Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review. As 2017 comes to a close, I look back with a grateful heart for all the blessings, opportunities and memorable moments that I have. With this post, I reflect on those moments and share with you my Hello Kitty Foodie Bests of 2017 :).

Hello Kitty Foodie Best Fine Dining 2017!

Work hard. Treat Yourself. It’s always nice once in awhile to enjoy a nice meal at some of the fanciest restaurants in town.

Mastro’s Beverly Hills (blog post: January 2017)

Mastro’s Beverly Hills is a classic restaurant that’s perfect for a night out at one of the fanciest cities. From their savory steaks to their sweet desserts; one will sure to enjoy dining here. I’m still having sweet dreams over their creme brûlée with whipped cream, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and strawberries.


Arthur J (blog post: February 2017)

I discovered a new favorite in the Beach Cities this year when I dined at Arthur J. A beautiful steakhouse that has a chic look with a bit of 60s flair; I throughly enjoyed every course I tried here including the most tender 16oz Prime Rib Eye topped with foie gras.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Desserts 2017!

Sweetness is my weakness and there sure was some sugar highs this year at some of my favorite restaurants

Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen (blog post: January 2017)

Located at Del Amo Fashion Center are some of the best and delicious eateries including Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen. I instantly knew I was a fan of their tasty treats. Their s’mores donuts are simply delightful in every sense of the word.


-8C Ice Cream (blog post: January 2017)

A popular dessert trend in Asia; it sure is nice to see rolled ice cream here in the US! A neat visual and a sweet treat; I instantly became a fan


Cafe 86 (blog post: March 2017)

Be still my heart; Cafe 86’s ube leche flan cupcake makes my heart so happy!


Milk Bar DC (blog post: May 2017)

The Milk Bar should almost be listed twice in my Hello Kitty Foodie Bests because it belongs here in the Best Desserts section but it also belongs in the Best Travel Foodie Destinations! Crack pie, soft serve, cookies; every thing here is to die for!


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Travel Foodie Destinations 2017!

From Colorado to Washington DC to Vegas; I sure had one amazing foodie trip from East Coast to West Coast.

Fire + Spice: A Colorado Grill  (blog post: January 2017)

Snow is falling and it’s 20 degrees outside but no problem thanks to the warm and delicious eats from Fire + Spice. Their signature dish, the Chorizo Chicken; warmed my heart and tummy with it’s perfectly crisp chicken drizzled with smoky, creamy chipotle sauce.


Bad Saint  (blog post: May 2017)

From snow to rain; I discover the best eats in any town despite the weather. Rain didn’t stop me from trying out one of the best Filipino restaurants in the US; Bad Saint. Located in one my favorite cities; Washington DC; this Filipino restaurant was unique and delicious. No wonder it was Bon Appetit magazine’s #2 New Restaurant in America. Their adobong dilaw is a must try.


Momofuku Vegas  (blog post: June 2017)

It was in Washington DC; where I first tried David Chang’s famous restaurant; Momofuku CCDC. I instantly became a fan and was thrilled to have a chance to try their Vegas branch. Momofuku’s buns are simply the best!


Full House BBQ Vegas  (blog post: October 2017)

I simply love discovering different Filipino restaurants around the US and Full House BBQ is one of the best I’ve tried this year! This place is hot ;)…flaming halo halo hot.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Local Eats 2017!

As much as I love traveling; home is truly the heart is and some of my favorite eateries are those around the South Bay!

Chubby Rice  (blog post: February 2017)

There is no bad dish in Chubby Rice and this is a must stop for me whenever I am in the area! From their Chubby Egg Roll to their Chubby Wings; you surely will be in for a treat!


Local Kitchen Tavern  (blog post: April 2017)

Old Torrance is popping with new restaurants left and right. These new local spots are a great addition to the South Bay! I’m just a local girl lovin’ the Local Kitchen Tavern. Can someone say meatloaf tower?!


Fu Sing  (blog post: July 2017)

Tin Sing was my all time favorite when I was a child and I was so sad when it closed. Thus, I was truly thrilled to find Fu Sing; a new restaurant put up by the same family and offering some of the same dishes!


Red Rock Torrance (blog post: November 2017)

From Japan to Torrance! Red Rock has brought it’s flagship restaurant to the South Bay. One must visit and try their American Slice Beef Don (American Cut Steak Don); a dish that originated in Japan.


Mo-mo Paradise Torrance (blog post: November 2017)

Did you know paradise can now be found in Torrance? Mo-mo Paradise’s Japanese Hot Pot is pure heaven!


Shake Shack El Segundo (blog post: December 2017)

The first restaurant to open up at El Segundo’s new Apollo Landing was none other than the famous East Coast eatery; Shake Shack. Their shroom burger is my new favorite.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Breakfast Eats 2017!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It’s always nice to start of the day with a tasty meal.

Silog  (blog post: February 2017)

Silog; the traditional Filipino breakfast consisting of sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (eggs) is my all time favorite! I am happy to find a restaurant specializing in just that.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Places for Sanrio Treats 2017!

No year is complete without some sugar, spice and Hello Kitty nice!

Sanrio❤Sugarfina  (blog post: September 2017)

Sanrio❤Sugarfina and so does this Hello Kitty Foodie! Their specialized Sanrio offerings this year was super cute and super sweet.


Gudetama x Curry House  (blog post: October 2017)

Sanrio partnering with Curry House to brought a egg-stra special menu featuring our favorite lazy egg, Gudetama!


The above my readers is my Hello Kitty Foodie Best of 2017! Thank you to you all for following along in foodie-licious adventures! I am blessed and grateful for all of the above and cannot wait to see what new adventures are to come in my Hello Kitty Foodie 2018 journey.  I am so egg-cited for what’s to come.


Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review 2016!

Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review 2016!

One of my favorite blogs posts that I write every year happens to be one of the ones I write at the end. That post is my Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review. I always look forward to this post because it’s the perfect reflection of the year that has passed and I can look back fondly at many happy moments. This year I’m changing it up a bit by starting something new with Hello Kitty Foodie Bests :).

I’ve been very fortunate this year to have had some wonderful Hello Kitty Foodie adventures from the West Coast to the East Coast. Below is my 2016 Hello Kitty Foodie Best of 2016.

Hello Kitty Foodie Best Breakfast/Brunch Places 2016

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This year I tried some amazing places that truly defined the good in “Good morning”


Blue Star Donuts (blog post March 2016)

Originating in Portland, Oregon, these gourmet brioche donuts made their way to Los Angeles via a new shop in Venice on Abbot Kinney. The Pineapple Pistachio Pina Colada,  an exclusive flavor to the LA location was on the top of my favorites here!


Salt Creek Grille (blog post: August 2016)

Though popular for happy hour, one shouldn’t miss out on Salt Creek Grille during brunch! From beignets to my favorite Monte Cristo sandwich, folks are sure to be full of breakfast smiles.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Asian Appetizers in 2016

From egg rolls to dumplings, how can one not love Asian appetizers! I found some some amazing Asian eateries serving up some unforgettable starters.

Blue Basil Asian Cuisine (blog post: January 2016)

Blue Basil’s crunchy Vietnamese egg rolls are to crunchy-licious and packed with flavor!


Sisters Thai, The Ordinary Cafe (blog post: May 2016)

I discovered one of the best Thai spots in Fairfax, Virginia via  Sisters Thai. Their Angel wings are enough to make me want to fly back to Virginia..


Din Tai Fung @ Del Amo (blog post: December 2016)

The XiaoLongBao is the most popular dumpling dish on the menu and it’s for good reason! It’s a dumpling and a soup rolled in one!


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Unique Eats 2016!

American Tandoor (blog post: July 2016).

I found the best Indian fusion restaurant during my travels. Located in Tysons Corner, Virginia is American Tandoor. Their menu has traditional Indian cuisine as well as dishes that have the influences of contemporary American and Asian cuisine.


Old Ebbitt Grill (blog post: July 2016)

Old Ebbitt Grill is the oldest restaurant in Washington D.C. It was established in 1856. It is  a place full of history and classic American eats. Dining here was truly a historic moment for this blogger.


Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong (blog post: August 2016)

The popular Seoul based Korean BBQ franchise opened up in Torrance this year. This place is not your ordinary Korean BBQ place. They have the most amazing corn and cheese side to go along with their premium pork and beef K-bbq.


O Young’s Rock Pot Gardena (blog post: December 2016)

Hot pot, rock pot! Perfect for the chilly weather are the rock pots from the newly opened O Young’s Rock Pot in Gardena. Now I have another reason to visit Pacific Square aside from the Sanrio Surprise store there! 😉


Hello Kitty Foodie Best After Eats Treats!

How about some dessert or a little cocktail after some delicious eats? There were some newly opened eateries this year that gave that much needed sweetness after the savory.

Pressed Juicery @ The Point (blog post: September 2016)

Pressed Juicery opened up at El Segundo’s The Point this year! I love Pressed Juicery’s version of ice cream. The Freeze is a soft serve cool treat that is made purely out  vegetables, fruits, nuts and almond milk.


21 Square Bar and Kitchen (blog post: October 2016)

Thanks to a Yelp Elite event, I got to try first hand this new Torrance restaurant located at the Torrance Marriot. This  Torrance based restaurant pays tribute to the South Bay town via some of signature dishes and drinks. They have unique cocktails as well as nitrogen ice cream to please your palate after dinner.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Fast Eats in 2016!

Life can be crazy and we can always be in a run. Thankfully there are some places that offer quick yet yummy meals!

Pink’s Hot Dogs Del Amo (blog post: December 2016)

The famous hot dog chain finally opened up at Del Amo Fashion Center. There is a crazy gourmet hot dog for everyone. I was a fan of the Golden Rings Dog. It was a pure messy delight!


Lemonade Del Amo (blog post: December 2016)

I got to try out some healthy, happy eats at  the newly opened Lemonade at Del Amo Fashion Center. Fresh eats, savory and sweet; this place had it all!


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Places to Indulge 2016

Treat yourself! You deserve it! This year I got to fine dine at some extraordinary establishments.

Flemings (blog post: February 2016)

Fleming’s Steakhouse is a wonderful place to celebrate and indulge! From their prime rib to their Fleming’s potatoes to their lava cake and creme brûlée, one is sure to be happy and fulfilled! I sure was ;).


American Eats Tavern (blog post: March 2016)

Jose Andres’ restaurant at the Ritz Carlton at Tyson’s Corner in Virginia pays a wonderful tribute to American cuisine using the best ingredients from the U.S. I love their Eisenhower Stew.


Founding Farmer (blog post: July 2016)

This East Coast restaurants specializes in American inspired real food and drink.  Their spicy fried chicken and Jefferson donut  is one amazing  American dish  and one I will not forget.


Suburbia (blog post: August 2016)

Suburbia is Chef Tin Vuong’s newest South Bay Venture. Alongside with Chef Tin Vuong’s partner Jed Sanford, they bring modern neighborhood eats with an emphasis in new American dishes to this place in Redondo Beach. Just like his other eateries this place is simply superb!


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Places for Sanrio Treats 2016!

It truly was sugar, spice and Hello Kitty nice this year! From special events to speciality shops, there were plenty of Hello Kitty (and friends) treats to enjoy throughout the year.

 Chococat and Pompompurin’s 20th anniversary @ Plan Check Kitchen and Bar (blog post: June 2016

Sanrio and Plan check planned a kawaii and delicious array of special Pompompurin and Chococat themed eats and drinks! The Pompompurin grilled sausage sandwich was almost too cute to eat!


AFC Hello Kitty Sushi (blog post: June 2016)

AFC Sushi offered a special Hello Kitty sushi for their 30th anniversary! It was and still is the cutest sushi ever!


Hello Kitty Cafe Pop Up  (blog post: July 2016)

The Hello Kitty Cafe Pop Up at the Irvine Spectrum is pure happiness. This was true Hello Kitty (Foodie) Heaven with their Hello Kitty inspired eats and drinks. It’s every Hello Kitty Foodie’s dream come true.


The above my readers is my Hello Kitty Foodie Best of 2016! From West Coast to East Coast, it’s been quite a foodie-licious year! I’ve been so blessed to have been able to travel and check out so many amazing eateries this year.


I’m definitely looking forward to the adventures 2017 has to bring! Thank you dear readers for coming along in my Hello Kitty Foodie 2016 journey.