Hello Wowa’s!

Hello Wowa’s!

I love lumpia! Lumpia or Filipino egg rolls is one of my favorite dishes ever. It simply reminds me of home and family gatherings. Just recently I discovered Wowa’s; a wonderful small business that offers a variety of different egg rolls.

Wowa’s offers Filipino Pork and Chicken Shanghai rolls. These are the classic egg rolls that is always present at Filipino parties. I love Wowa’s version because they really are just like the ones I fondly remember from my childhood. The small egg rolls are individually wrapped to achieve the maximum crunchiness when fried. I love how crispy these Shanghai rolls are. They are so addicting and you’ll definitely find yourself wanting to have more each time you bite into one. They are available in pack of 25, 50, or even 100 rolls and so there is definitely plenty of deliciousness to go around and be shared. Yum!

I love the Wowa’s Shanghai Rolls but my favorite offering is their Sontanghon rolls. I love these rolls that are stuffed with glass noodles. These Sontanghon rolls are packed with noodles and packed with flavors. Noodles and lumpia are both traditional Filipino food served at parties. Eating these Sontanghon rolls makes you feel like it’s party time at dinner time. I’ll celebrate anytime with these delightful treats. These are available in packs of 10.

Aside from Shanghai Rolls and Sontanghon rolls; Wowa’s also has Vegetable egg rolls and Lumpanisa! Their Lumpanisa is their latest offering and is a combo of lumpia and longanisa!

If you love lumpia like I do; Wowa’s is definitely one you need to check out. If you’re interested in getting some of these masarap eggrolls; you can find the Wowa’s on instagram via https://www.instagram.com/_wowas_/.

Do tell them Hello Kitty Foodie sent you ;).

Hello 2020: Year of the (Hello Kitty) Masks!

Hello 2020: Year of the (Hello Kitty) Masks!

Hello Kitty says “You can never have too many friends” and similarly “you can never have too many masks ” 😷.

2020 was certainly a surprise “Year of the Masks”. I never would’ve thought that I’d be owning so many different masks. Through it all though I found myself supporting and meeting some wonderful folks and businesses who helped keep the world a little more safe. As we wrap up this year; I share with you some of these awesome small businesses that helped make the world cuter and lives a little bit safer.

Hello Kitty Eatz

Hello Kitty Eatz on Instagram is run by two sisters in Southern California who love Hello Kitty and food. It didn’t take long for me to be friends with these two girls who loved two things I love too! Their love of Hello Kitty also was shown in the masks they sold and so of course I became an instant fan. They had Sanrio masks for every occasion and Hello Kitty was prominently featured. Their Tokidoki x Hello Kitty masks are my favorite!

Ohana Gift Shop

Based out of Ewa Beach, Hawaii; Ohana Gift Shop brought a little bit of tropical and safety to our lives via their masks! I loved their different Hawaiian based patterns. Aside from a touch of aloha; they also offered some cute Hello Kitty masks. I love the classic Hello Kitty design. Last but certainly not least; they just started offering up mask chains! Their mask chains are beautiful and it’s no surprise as Ohana Gift Shops also owns Maimoda Jewelry.

Mommee Gee’s Face Mask

Mommee Gee is a Filipino family in the South Bay who has an abundant amount of masks offerings. She has sports, designer, Disney and Sanrio! Part of the proceeds from their masks sales go to typhoon victims in the Philippines. My favorite mask from Mommee Gee is the one featuring Hello Kitty and her favorite apple.


Cinmonxxdesigns in New York is a life long Hello Kitty fan and collector. Their masks offerings include Marvel, Pokémon and of course Sanrio! I love how their Sanrio masks feature classic characters like Joey; Hello Kitty’s best friend!

Thee Blingologist

Hello Kitty, sparkle, shine and be safe! That’s what Thee Blingologist from Southern California does. She brings a bit of brightness and safety to your every day with the masks she blings out. I love how she put some bling in a pretty in pink Hello Kitty mask for me!

All of the above were some small businesses I supported this year. They were all very nice businesses who care about the community. No matter what mask you wear; just remember it’s showing you care.

So let’s all be safe and wear a mask & if you’re in need of one do check out the businesses above. 😉