Hello Hanky’s Hot Chicken!

Hello Hanky’s Hot Chicken!

Comin’ in hot from Torrance, California! There’s a new hot chicken spot in the South Bay and it’s no other than Hanky’s Hot Chicken. Hanky’s Hot Chicken is located at Rolling Hills Plaza in Torrance and in close proximity to the ACM Theaters. It’s perfect place to dine during movie nights or when about and about shopping at the plaza.

Being a hot chicken fan; I had been eagerly awaiting the opening of Hanky’s Hot Chicken and this week they finally had their grand opening. It is family owned and operated and also co-owned by another South Bay favorite; Caps and Corks. I love the breakfast burritos and tacos at Caps and Corks and it is no surprise that I am now loving the food from Hanky’s Hot Chicken. Move over Nashville; Torrance has some amazing chicken dishes! Hanky’s Hot Chicken menu consists of a variety of delicious hot chicken delights; from breakfast burritos to chicken sandwiches to even chicken and waffles.

For my first visit here; I tried the Fried Classic Chicken Sandwich, Loaded Tots along with some Mexican Coke.

One cannot go wrong with the Fried Classic sandwich. This has fried chicken breast smothered with mayo and layered with lettuce all on a buttery brioche bun. I loved the overall crisp of the sandwich and it was perfect when smothered or dipped into Hanky’s Hot Chicken dipping sauces! There are three dipping sauces: buttermilk ranch, honey mustard and comeback sauce. Each of the sauces gave a different delicious flavor and touch to the sandwich. The honey mustard was slightly on the sweet side. The ranch was a simple yet yummy classic sauce. The comeback sauce (my personal favorite) has a slight spicy kick!

The Loaded Tots with tenders, mac and cheese, cole slaw, green onion and drizzled with cheese sauce and comeback sauce made for a perfect pair with the Fried Classic sandwich. These tots are ooey, gooey, messy and oh so delicious! Get some napkins because you’ll need it. It’s such drool worthy large portion of food! It’s perfect for sharing. These were definitely on the top of my favorites here. I love how there is just a variety of food all packed into one dish. The chicken tenders in it give diners a good taste of the yummy chicken. The mac and cheese in this dish is cheesy and rich. The coleslaw has the perfect mayo mix. I love how everything comes together and just gives that oomph of flavor!

Aside from great food; they’ve got a variety of refreshing drinks from lemonades to bottles and cans. I had a Mexican coke with my meal and it perfectly paired with the sandwich. At the end; I also got to enjoy a sweet treat via the Strawberry milkshake! It was the perfect way to end a meal here.

They say “Life is like a box of tenders”……well life at Hanky’s Hot Chicken sure is great!

The food here is so “cluckin hot!”

For more smiles; please check out my Yelp review on Hanky’s Hot Chicken!

Hello shake showdown!

Hello shake showdown!

Ahh the difficult questions that life throws at your sweet journey ;)….

While out with my cousins during this last holiday season, my cousins and I were faced with a very tough decision while taking a break from a holiday shopping spree…which milkshake flavor should we get at the diner we were at ;)? Gasp! Black cherry or piña colada? Pistachio or cookies and cream? Ahhhh! (Insert: giggles here :D!) While we finally picked out shake flavors then, (I picked black cherry while my cousins picked banana and Oreo), we found ourselves with making another sweet decision while in Vegas ;). This time though it was not just a pick of which flavors to get but which food place to choose as well? 😉

Right at the heart of Red Rock Resort and Casino, is a Ben and Jerry’s and a Fatburger. We were faced between choosing from the various Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors and the Fatburger shake types.

In the end, we got one Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey shake and one Fatburger red velvet shake.


How did the two compare? See below 😉

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: $5.25
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: $4.34

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: large shake topped with whipped cream
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: small and simple (no whip cream)

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: little bits of chocolate mixed in vanilla ice cream
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: smooth, smoothie like red velvet base

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: bold banana flavor in the beginning till the dark Oreo chocolate bits will start filling the taste buds
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: sweet red velvet flavor that tastes like a red velvet cupcake in liquid form

Overall the simple red velvet shake from Fatburger won me over. I’ve always been a red velvet fan and this could be why. The shake was full of sweet and creamy red velvet flavor. I was impressed however with the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream base and nice presentation. Ben and Jerry’s shake felt like a sundae versus a shake. Ahh the tough decisions one must make while on vacation ;). Overall both shakes were sweet treats for my cousin and I :). Life is sweet, after all :).