Hello Felice Italian Catering!

Hello Felice Italian Catering!

I truly miss traveling! How nice would it be to visit Naples, Italy; the birthplace of pizza. Alas though I can’t visit Naples now; there was a way I got to eat Naples style gourmet pizza. I didn’t even have to travel outside the country much less outside my city!

Thanks to Felice Italian Catering; Naples came to me. ;). Felice Italian Catering has been bringing authentic Naples style pizza to the cities of the South Bay (Redondo Beach, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, California) since 2016. The pizza is made in a traveling wood fired oven and so you’re guaranteed not only authentic pizza but a delicious, fresh pizza too!

They’ve got a variety of different pizzas such as classic favorites pepperoni and cheese. You can also get the pizza that was born in Naples; the Margherita. (A fun fact; the Margherita was named in honor the queen of Italy when she visited Naples in 1889.) The Margherita pizza of Felice Italian Catering is one out of eight specialty pizzas. The other eight include The Chef’s Special (sausage, banana peppers, basil, red onions, pesto drizzle, garlic), the Chino Special (pepperoni, sausage, basil, red onions, jalapeños), BBQ Chicken, Greek, Spicy Hawaiian and the Blanca (ricotta, cherry tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, garlic).

Aside from pizzas; Felice Catering also offers bbq, Buffalo and garlic parmesan wings. All wings come with a side of ranch.

I chose to get a combo with the Chef’s Special pizza, bbq and garlic parmesan wings and ranch dressing.

I really liked the Chef’s Special. I loved how they had equal spread of sausage, basil, red onions, banana peppers, pesto drizzle and garlic. This pizza definitely made me want to visit Italy even more. I loved each and every topping on this pizza. There’s something really special about savory sausage with cheese and slightly sweet banana pepper. Even the sauce was on point. I loved the mix of pesto along with the classic tomato sauce.

The wings were equally as delicious. I liked both the bbq and garlic Parmesan wings but the garlic Parmesan was my favorite. I loved the crispness of the wings. The garlic flavor was not too overwhelming and it was enhanced by the sprinkles of Parmesan cheese.

Though I won’t be traveling to Naples anytime soon; I am quite happy that I got a taste of Naples without even boarding an airplane. 😉

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Hello John’s Incredible Pizza Carson!

Hello John’s Incredible Pizza Carson!

This upcoming July 29, 2019; something incredible will be happening in Carson, California! John’s Incredible Pizza will have it’s grand opening at the Carson Town Center! With over 13 locations throughout California, Nevada and Oregon; this will be the first ever South Bay location!

This weekend, thanks to Yelp Los Angeles I was one of the lucky few who got a sneak peak of the newest John’s Incredible Pizza.


The place is indeed incredible! They’ve got an all you can buffet that includes an incredible assortment of pizza, pasta, chicken, salad, soup and desserts..

One incredible savory offering was there Spicy Peanut Butter pizza. It’s a pepperoni pizza with peanut butter spread and several peanuts sticking out. It’s definitely unique and incredible ;).

From the sweets selection; I found the churro donuts to be one of the most incredible desserts ever! It was so soft and sweet; a perfect treat pre-playing games!

You are sure to be incredibly amazed and full at the end of your meal here!


The incredible fun continues on at John’s Incredible Pizza’s game area. Their game area is called Fun World and includes 100 games, rides and attractions. Some of the most popular is their Boogie Bump (bumper cars), Glow Golf, Kiddie Land and roller coaster!

The grand opening will have a free $100 fun card for the first 100 guests. Doors open at 10am and the KIIS FM morning team and the IncrediBear will be there!

For more incredible info on the new John’s Incredible Pizza in Carson; please see my Yelp review on Family Fun at John’s Incredible Pizza.

Hello Yelp Elite Event at Stonefire Grill!

Hello Yelp Elite Event at Stonefire Grill!

Yelp Elite Events in the South Bay are my favorite! Being a South Bay girl; I was so excited to see a Yelp event in my hometown; Torrance! Not only was it in Torrance; it was also at a place that I have been wanting to go back to for awhile; Stonefire Grill!

I first visited Stonefire Grill during their soft opening last year and absolutely loved it. This Yelp event allowed me to revisit and discover some new items.

Our Yelp Elite Event first started off with the Stonefire Grill’s Whole Roasted Cauliflower.


It is a gigantic warm cauliflower that is also gigantic in flavor. Topped with lemon tahini and chopped parsley; it truly is a treat.

After the cauliflower; we were all treated to a wonderful buffet filled with some of Stonefire’s classic dishes!


The buffet consisted of Stonefire’s bbq chopped salad, breadsticks, pesto pasta, mesquite bbq chicken and tri tip, lemon garlic chicken and tri tip, garlic mashed potatoes, meatballs and pizza.

It was my first time ever to try Stonefire’s BBQ chopped salad and I absolutely loved it They served it vegetarian style and it had mixed greens, black beans, roasted corn, carrots, red cabbage, cilantro, Jack cheese, tortilla strips, tomato, scallions along with buttermilk ranch.

It was also my first time to try their meatballs and pizza! The meatballs came in signature mesquite bbq meatballs and spicy bbq. Both flavors were great! For the pizzas; they served mesquite bbq and Stonefire’s “favorite.” The “favorite” had homemade pesto, avocado, red onion, mozzarella, feta cheese and fresh basil. It quickly became my favorite too especially since it had lots of avocado!

The feast continued on with dessert as we got try an assortment of Stonefire’s classic desserts!


We got try Stonefire’s Heavenly Cheesecake topped with blueberry, Stonefire’s famous fudge brownies, Stonefire’s Incredible Carrot Cake and Sandy’s cookies. The carrot cake will always be a favorite of mine but I was also impressed with Sandy’s cookie. It was my first time trying this and I loved the oatmeal-based cookie with heath bar, dark chocolate chips and walnuts. It’s actually named after Sandy; a Stonefire Grill family member!

It truly was a feast that evening and am so happy to have gotten the chance to try some new things; thanks to this Yelp event!

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Hello Kitty Foodie Giveaway to LA Pizza Fest!

Hello Kitty Foodie Giveaway to LA Pizza Fest!

Hello Kitty Foodie Giveaway! This year my Hello Kitty Foodie blog turns 7! To celebrate I am partnering with A Tutta Pizza Fest: LA’s Pizza Fest for a very special giveaway on Instagram! LA’s Pizza Fest is happening this May 19, 2019 at the Hollywood Palladium and I am giving away a pair of VIP Tickets worth $160.

The Italian phrase “A Tutta Pizza” translates to “All-Out Pizza” and that’s LA’s Pizza Fest is all about! It is Los Angeles’ biggest pizza party and here one can indulge in unlimited pizza from some of LA’s finest pizza spots such as L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Eataly LA, The Urban Oven, Delicious Pizza and Olive Wood Pizza. There will be all different styles of pizza from New York to Chicago and Roman to Neapolitan. Aside from all you can eat pizza there will be craft beers, culinary workshops, cooking demos, panels and Q&A with world-renowned chefs and food aficionados! There will also be music spinning all day, curated by Delicious Vinyl!

➡️ 🎫 To win: Check out: http://www.instagram.com/hellokittyfoodie
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➡️ Giveaway ends Wednesday May 15th @ 9pm – so ready, set, tag away on Instagram!
*NOTE: Winner will need to pick up tickets at Will Call at the day of the event on May 19! ❤️🍕
Congratulations to @angelparadise04 for winning the two VIP tickets to A Tutta Pizza Fest!


Hello Sage Bistro: Culver City!

Hello Sage Bistro: Culver City!

Often times I get asked where my favorite spots are around the city. Just recently, I got to try a place that will surely hit the list as a new favorite.

Sage Bistro is a plant-based bistro specializing in vegan and vegetarian cuisine. They have a farm to table concept. Working with local farmers, Sage offers seasonal, organic and local food. There’s three locations for Sage; Echo Park, Pasadena and Culver City.

I recently got to check out the Culver City location; the biggest of all the three Sage branches. This location has a wood fire pizza oven and a full organic bar that offers 25 beers and wines on tap.

Sage’s menu is full of healthy and delicious eats. They have small plates, salads, tacos, tostadas, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, pizza, pretzels, bowls and more.  I got to try two of their items and was instantly impressed with the quality and how they were able to bring out the best of locally sustained and produced food.

The first item I got to try that night was Sage’s Bollywood Bowl.


The Bollywood Bowl has yellow lentil daal, eggplant, tomato, potato, onion, corn, edamame, steamed kale that was topped with spicy pickled cabbage, tamarind sauce and mint chutney. It was served with flat bread. Being a big fan of Indian food, I instantly loved this bowl. It had the right spicy kick to it and the flavors mixed together perfectly. Healthy and fulfilling; it was a great start to dinner!

The next item I got to try was the Eggplant Artichoke Parmesan Pizza.


I love all dishes with eggplant along with artichoke and thus I was thrilled to see this on the menu! The pizza crust is made out of organic heirloom white flour crust. The crispy crust was topped with marinara, pesto sauce, mozzarella breaded organic eggplant and artichoke hearts and was then drizzled with cashew alfredo. The cashew alfredo was a wonderful touch bringing a unique creaminess to the pizza. It’s a pizza unlike any I’ve ever tried and definitely a winner.

Sage Bistro definitely hits the list of places I am a fan of. Each dish I tried during my visit was phenomenal and I love their concept. It is truly amazing to have food with ingredients from local farmers who are committed to organic pesticide free farming and regenerative agriculture. This farm to table at it’s best and is my new favorite.

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Sage Bistro: Culver City!

Hello North Italia @ The Point!

Hello North Italia @ The Point!

Ever since I saw The Point being built El Segundo, California, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of the eateries that would be housed there. Some of the most popular restaurants would now have a home in the South Bay! Finally the time has come for The Point to open up! This is The Point’s grand opening week and one by one the new restaurants are opening up. One of the first restaurant to open it’s doors this week is North Italia.

The very first North Italia opened up in 2002 and they specialize in handmade pizzas and pastas. The theme of the restaurants is “A love letter to Italy” where every thing is handmade with love.

Today I got to experience North Italia for a lunch out and try first hand their made from scratch lovely dishes.


Stepping in to this North Italia, one cannot help but feel an instant love for the restaurant. It is beautiful inside. There are huge hanging lights up above and a really nice open kitchen in the back. The dark wood interior gives a beautiful classy feel. Diners can also choose to dine outside, a choice that my friend and I made. Pretty flower vases adorn the wooden tables outside.

To match the lovely look of the restaurant is their lovely menu consisting of small plates, pizzas, sandwiches, salads and main entrees.

To start, I got to try the Grilled Cauliflower small plate. It’s a wonderfully plated dish with fried egg, baby asparagus, toasted bread crumbs, pancetta cream and lemon.


The taste of the lemon is instant at first bite of this dish. The runny egg offsets the lemon and gives a unique take on this dish. It’s one of the most interesting takes I’ve ever seen.

Another appetizer I got to try here is the Arancini.  It is crispy mushroom risotto stuffed with scamorza cheese and served with red sauce. This appetizer is heaven with every bite. The cheese and risotto oozes out of the crispy coated balls.


For our main lunch entrée, my friend and I tried their Margherita Pizza.


It’s a classic Margherita with mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil and red sauce. With its hot baked dough, crispy edges and fresh mozzarella the pizza was one lovely pizza.

I love the concept of North Italia and their fresh take on Italian cuisine. Handmade with love, North Italia has found a happy place in Hello Kitty Foodie’s heart.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review of North Italia.

P.S North Italia is the sister restaurant to another eatery at The Point, True Food Kitchen (blog post for True Food Kitchen coming soon ;).

Hello Pieology!

Hello Pieology!

What’s your major? I major in Pieology….

Pieology: “The study of kustom pizza”


The school like theme here is neat and perhaps what sets this place apart from the other pizza places. It gives this place some cute character. Every thing here has some sort of school like concept. The kitchen is called “Research and Development.” The hours of their store is listed as “study hours.” Every thing here is about the major of “Pieology.” 🙂

So how exactly does a student study the art of of the “custom pizza?” I will give you a quick cliff notes version of what’s behind this Pieology major.

It starts here with choosing the crust. Your pizza thesis must start with the subject whole wheat or regular.

After that comes the multiple choice of sauce: marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, herb butter or olive oil.

Next to take note of is the your choice of cheese: mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan or gorgonzola.

Then comes your pic of veggies: black olives, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, kalamata olives, artichokes, tomato, garlic, pineapple, jalapeños, fresh basil or cilantro.

The finishing quiz is the choice meats between pepperoni, sausage, meatball, chicken, ham, bacon and buffalo chicken.

Once you’ve made your choices and created your project pizza, it is time to turn in your assignment and let the pizza bake.

The final grade is determined by your tastebuds :).


I left class…err Pieology with a smile on my face today. You can therefore say I think I aced this class.

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Hello Pizza Five85!

Hello Pizza Five85!

Happy National Pizza Day!

Today is National Pizza Day and what better way to celebrate it than with a visit to Pizza Five85.


The first Pizza Five85 opened up in August last year with locations in West Covina and Hollywood and now only a couple months later, they open up their newest branch in the South Bay. Today was the grand opening of in Torrance. Located at the heart of popular restaurant haven, Torrance Crossroads, Pizza Five85 is a new hot spot offering a new way for customers to enjoy pizza.


The concept of Pizza Five85 is “Assemble your own.” It’s a simple four step process with an emphasis on fresh ingredients.


The first step is picking your own fresh crust, with a choice between original and garlic, then choosing your sauce; marinara and pesto, followed up your choice of cheese; mozarella, parmesan, feta or ricotta.


Once your base is made, the fun of choosing toppings begin! They have a variety of meats. They’ve got classic favorites like pepperoni and sausage but also unique toppings like Korean bbq meat and salmon. I also was such a fan of their various veggies! Variety is big here! I saw so many different types of tomatoes and mushrooms!


After the meat and veggies, it’s time to weigh and bake. It’s 39 cents per ounce. Right after weighing and paying, the pizza gets baked in front of you. It gets baked for five minutes in the oven temprature of 585 degrees (hence the name Pizza Five 85) :). They give a cute little red buzzer button that will light up once your pizza is done baking.


While waiting, one can enjoy some of their drinks. I love how they have different kinds of iced tea here.


Soon enough, the pizza is ready and a beautiful, hot, piping pizza is presented! One of the best things about this place is their unique ingredients. I got to try two types of pizza. The first pizza I got to try was my custom made one with garlic crust and a variety of veggies and chicken. It’s my first time to have a custom made pizza with garlic crust. The taste of garlic is distinct at first bite. I also loved all the veggies I got to put on my pizza! I was able to put corn, sautéed mushrooms, fresh mozarella, tomatoes, eggplant and Shiitake mushrooms. For my meat, I chose a mix of different chicken from Thai chicken with peanuts to Spicy Cajun chicken. It was a pizza that was classically my own and I loved how all my favorites came together to make not only a unique pizza but a delicious one as well. Piping hot crust, delectable and delightful fresh toppings all made one perfect pizza.


Aside from my garlic crust pizza filled with veggies and chicken, I also got to try a more classic pizza with marinara sauce, sausage, mushrooms, pineapple and green pepper. Once again, this Pizza Five85 creation was a winner. The crust was crispy and each ingredient topping was so savory and tasty!


I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate National Pizza Day today over going to the newest pizza hot spot to open up in the South Bay. I loved assembling my own pizza and was such a fan of their variety of fresh ingredients. Great concept, great ingredients and great tasting pizza. I was full of smiles the whole time I was here. 🙂 Happy National Pizza Day, indeed! 😉

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Pizza Five85!

*Items in this post were provided for a complimentary basis to facilitate this review. This blog post was accurate when published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the blog writer.

Hello Pi Day @ Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza!

Hello Pi Day @ Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza!

Hello and Happy Pi Day!
Today is March 14 aka 3.14 aka Pi Day!
In Math, Pi is the number 3.14 or the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it’s diameter. Every year Math lovers around the world celebrate this day that is dedicated to the famous mathematical constant.

Now growing up in a household where both my parents were in jobs very mathematically influenced, it would come to no surprise that their child (Me 😉 )would end up as an engineer and someone who would actually consider celebrating Pi day. Engineer by day, food blogger by night, Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza seemed to be calling me by name when they announced they would be celebrating Pi Day with offering $3.14 pizzas for every guest that came in on 3/14. Hmm who says Math is nerdy now? 😉

Interestingly enough I first found myself at Blaze Pizza last year when I came with several work friends/fellow engineers (see blog post here). Today was my second time here and yes, once again, came here with some fellow Math lovers. 😉

I could not help but giggle as we entered Blaze Pizza and were greeted with Happy Pi Day! It looked like we were not alone for the love of Pi because the place was packed. After all who can resist the circle of pizza goodness. I added some ricotta cheese around the circumference. I asked for a little bit of mushrooms, spinach, zucchini along the diameter. I requested the perfect ratio of grilled onions and roasted garlic. With all that calculated it made the perfect pizza Pi!


Blaze Pizza once again brought a happy smile to this little (food) nerd and her friends. Build your own pizza with the addition of the various ingredients, the subtraction of the ones that are not for you, division of the sauces all summed up to give pizza happiness. 😉


Happy Pi Day everyone! May today be the sum of many happy moments for you as well!

Hello Post Valentine’s Day Celebration @ California Pizza Kitchen!

Hello Post Valentine’s Day Celebration @ California Pizza Kitchen!

There’s one particular person who’ll always have that special place in my heart no matter where life takes me. That person is my mom. My mom is not only my best friend but also one of my favorite lunch buddies. Today I spent some time shopping with her as well as having a post Valentine’s Day lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.


Our lunch started off with some complimentary fresh baked sourdough bread with a dipping sauce of olive oil and herbs.


Up next was our appetizer dish of chicken lettuce wraps. (It’s my second time this week having lettuce wraps as those who read my Valentine’s Day post yesterday know. 😉 ) Similar to the lettuce wraps, I had yesterday the CPK lettuce wraps had fresh shiitake mushrooms. It also had water nut chestnuts, scallions and rice noodles. The sauce for the lettuce wraps is a ginger soy sauce. The taste of ginger in the sauce is very distinct and also slightly spicy.


My mom and I chose two entrees for our lunch. Our first entree was the Thai Crunch salad. This salad has crisp veggies, cilantro and chicken for it’s main ingredients. The crunch comes from the peanuts, wonton strips and rice noodles that are spread throughout the salad. The dressing is a slightly spicy Thai peanut dressing. This salad was my favorite out of all the times we tried today. I liked how the cilantro, the spicy dressing and the peanuts all came together to bring a burst of flavor to this salad. I was also fond of the overall crisp and crunch in the salad.


Our second entree was CPK’s Original BBQ Chicken Pizza. With the sweet BBQ sauce, the tender pieces of chicken, the smoked Gouda, red onions and cilantro, this pizza never disappoints. Freshly baked and served hot from their ovens, the pizza was great.


For a sweet ending to our meal, we had a slice of key lime pie. In the past year or so, I’ve noticed key lime pie becoming one of the more popular dessert dishes in the food world. I was curious to try out CPK’s version. The main pie itself was creamy and smooth. The base was a crisp graham cracker crust. The key lime pie overall had a deliciously sweet and tart taste.


It was a nice lunch today and I really enjoyed bonding with my mom. Valentine’s Day and the month of February is all about love and moms are the first ones in all of our lives who give us love, teach us about love and show us all what unconditional love is. Mom = love and I loved spending a time with her today.