Hello Nordstrom Del Amo E-bar!

Hello Nordstrom Del Amo E-bar!

What happens when a self-professed Nordy girl who has a coffee crush spots a coffee bar right next to Nordstrom? Pure bliss and ecstatic giddiness happens!

That is exactly what happened when I spotted the newly opened Nordstrom E-bar adjacent to the first floor of the newly opened Nordstrom at Del Amo Fashion Center.


As soon as I spotted the e-bar, this Hello Kitty Foodie walked in to check this place out.

It’s a small mini cafe where guests can enjoy handcrafted coffee beverages prepared by skilled baristas.  Flat whites, chai lattes, almond rocha lattes…this girl with a coffee crush was simply thrilled at the menu.

What really sold me though was when I spotted the featured item of the day. The featured item of the day was the pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin spice mocha! It is no secret that I love pumpkin goodies and I knew instantly this is what I wanted to order.

I got myself the pumpkin spice mocha, a handcrafted hot beverage with pumpkin, fall spices and espresso.


The pumpkin spice mocha was deliciously rich with mocha flavor, so much so that the pumpkin taste was subtle. There were also sprinkles of chocolate on top. There was no needed for any additional sugar or cream, because taste wise it was perfect by itself. The freshness of the brew, the taste of mocha, the little hints of pumpkin, made for one nice coffee treat.

Nordstrom Del Amo gave this Nordy girl another reason to smile. I love the newly opened E-bar. As someone who has a forever coffee crush, this E-bar is a welcome addition to Del Amo Fashion Center.

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Hello Bazille @ Nordstrom Del Amo!

Hello Bazille @ Nordstrom Del Amo!

When Nordstrom opened up at Del Amo Fashion Center, I have to admit that I was one of the most excited. I am a self professed Nordy girl and Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores. Aside from being happy to have this fashion haven in the South Bay, I was thrilled to hear that this Nordstrom would have a a full service restaurant via Bazille.


Bazille is located on the 2nd floor of Nordstrom Del Amo. It is a full-service restaurant with a casual, sophisticated atmosphere. Diners can eat indoors or outside in a nice, open air patio. They offer bistro cuisine with salads, pizzas, flatbreads, sandwiches and various special plates. There is also full bar.

I am one of the lucky be the first dine here recently and I must say I was impressed with the entrees.

I ordered the Roasted Chicken Pommes Frites.


This dish comes with a large crisp boneless half chicken with herb butter. It is accompanied with bistro french fries with kalamata olive aïoli. This dish is superb! The chicken is nice and crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside. The herb butter gives good flavor to this dish, and there is also a hint of lemon mixed in. The bistro french fries are lovely when dipped in the kalamata olive aioli. This aioli sauce is heavenly and one of the best dipping sauces I’ve ever had.

I came to Bazille with a friend and my friend had the Sauteed Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta.


I was very impressed with the beautiful plating of this dish. This entree consisted of chicken and angel hair pasta with roasted garlic tomato sauce, organic baby spinach, oyster mushrooms and rosemary beurre blanc. I tried a little bit of the chicken and it was equal in tenderness to my dish. The rosemary beurre blanc is light but gives good definition to the overall dish. It mixes well wight he roasted garlic tomato sauce but does not over power it.

At the end of the meal, Bazille gives a Nordstrom Markers chocolate.


It is dark chocolate and a nice, sweet ending to a classy meal here.

After happily shopping at Nordstrom Del Amo, a meal at Bazille is perfect. This classy restaurant offers suburb and delicious meals and one is sure to smile after dining here.

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