Hello and Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Hello and Happy National Ice Cream Day!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream….

Today, July 15 is one very sweet and special day because today we celebrate our favorite sweet treat; ice cream! In honor of this delicious holiday, I am sharing with all of my dear Hello Kitty Foodies some special sweet spots where you can get some awesome sweet treats!

1.) Godiva – Aside from their amazing chocolates, Godiva also has soft serve ice cream! I love their white chocolate soft serve ice cream. Served on the raspberry and rose cone, this is definitely one beautiful and delicious treat!

2.)  Wanderlust Creamery – One of my favorite things about Wanderlust Creamery is how they offer unique flavors from around the world! From Filipino ube to Japanese black sesame; it’s like you are going on an ice cream journey around the world when you eat here.


3.)  -8C Ice Cream  – Located in Gardena’s Pacific Square Plaza is this wonderful ice cream shop specializing in rolled ice cream. My favorite is the “Peanut Butter Jealous.” I topped this with some of my favorite toppings of mango, graham crackers and oreos.


4.) Scoops – At Far East Plaza, right across from hot spot Howlin’s Rays is a sweet spot called Scoops! This ice cream shop boosts unique flavors like lavender goat cheese, Guinness tiramisu and hazelnut passion fruit and Bianca bread. The Bianca bread is definitely one of my favorites.


5.) Mashti Malone’s – When in Hollywood, one definitely needs to check out Mashti Malone’s. They specialize in exotic flavors from Iran. Their creamy Alfonso mango ice cream is a must for any hot day!


6.) Melt Gelato  – In the South Bay, Melt Gelato is the place to go for crepes and gelato. Located at El Segundo at Plaza El Segundo, they’ve got both sorbets and gelato. Who doesn’t love the Italian sweet treat? My gelato of choice is their coconut macadamia ice cream.


7.) Smitten Ice Cream  – Who wouldn’t be smitten with Smitten? Their churned to order nitrogen ice cream is smooth, tasty and simply perfect.


8.) Bruster’s – With their handcrafted ice cream piled on a gigantic waffle cone; one can’t help but smile when getting a treat from this newly opened shop in Torrance! Cookie craze, cherry vanilla and black raspberry chocolate ice cream is calling my name.

9.) Pressed Juicery – A healthy frozen treat? Yes, please! Pressed Juicery brings healthy and happy with their Freeze! It puts a new spin on our favorite treat via this soft serve made out of cold pressed juices!

10.) Yogurtland – Our favorite Fro-yo place is now also serving ice cream! There’s classical flavors like vanilla and chocolate along with fun flavors like butter pecan and chocolate malt ball ice cream. (It’s also buy one, get one free today from 1-6pm. 😉)

11.) Afters Ice Cream – I fell in love with Afters during the Hello Kitty ❤️ Afters collaboration. Their awesome flavors include Cookie Monster and Cookie Butter!

12.) Kansha Creamery – Kansha means grateful in Japanese and I’m so grateful for this Japanese ice cream shop in Torrance. Their Mr. Universal with caramel and oatmeal cookies is the best!  Aside from scoops of ice cream, they also offers parfaits. The matcha parfait seems to be a favorite of many. It consists of vanilla ice cream, matcha jelly, matcha syrup, mochi, corn flakes, red bean paste, whipped cream and matcha ice cream.


13.) Hisaya Kyoto Roasted Chestnuts – This chestnut shop in Torrance is chestnut galore with their offerings of chestnuts, chestnut coffee, chestnut tiramisu and chestnut ice cream! Their Mt. Fuji sundae is packed with delicious ice cream! Ice cream choices include matcha, chocolate, strawberry and chestnut flavor. 😉 This sundae is a 9oz ice cream that is perfect for National Ice Cream Day!

14.) Kream Kong Ice Cream – Seen at the OC Market, Kream Kong Ice Cream will soon be hitting up the streets via a new ice cream truck! Their offerings are handcrafted, organic and made from locally sourced ingredients. Their delicious flavors include peanut butter and jelly, ube, red velvet, avocado and banana cream pie.   Kream Kong Ice Cream  Truck will be launching this summer.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream…

I’m sure we are all now screaming for ice cream on National Ice Cream Day! All of the place above are some places that are sure to make you smile (and scream for) their ice cream. I hope every one enjoys a scoop or two 😉 today! Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Hello National Ice Cream Day and Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights in Torrance!

Hello National Ice Cream Day and Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights in Torrance!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Today is a sweet day! It’s the day for many smiles because who doesn’t love ice cream? There’s something truly special about the creamy delight that has played a part of many special memories in our lives.

I got to celebrate this sweet day at the newly opened Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights in Torrance. There other locations are in Cerritos, Chino, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Long Beach and Riverside. I don’t mind an occasional trek to the OC but I can definitely say I was super delighted when their newest branch opened up at Del Amo Fashion Center.

It was my first time trying Frostbites ever and I chose to get their sorbet cream. It’s a combo of their sorbet chill and frozen custard. The sorbet chill is their version of italian ice. They make this fresh in their store. Their frozen custard is french ice cream that is soft serve. They have this in vanilla or chocolate flavor. The sorbet chill plus the frozen custard equals their most popular product, the sorbet cream!

I chose to get a sorbet cream with a mixed layer of taro Italian ice and strawberry italian ice  with vanilla frozen custard. The girl helping me made this recommendation because she said it would just be like eating strawberry shortcake.


The sorbet cream was amazing! The taro and strawberry mixed together perfectly and the flavor really was distinct. The italian ice added a nice sweet fruity touch to the frozen custard. The vanilla soft serve is so creamy and simply melts in your mouth. It was indeed like strawberry shortcake! I love strawberry shortcake but didn’t know i could have it in ice cream form till now! 😉

I have to say I was already smiling today because it was National Ice Cream Day but my Frostbites Sorbet Cream just made me smile even wider. Picture the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland…Hello Kitty turned into that today! Hehe! Thanks for making me smile Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights and thank you for making this blogger’s National Ice Cream Day so delightful!

For more smiles, please read my Yelp review on Frostbites Crepes and Frozen Delights in Torrance.