Hello Honey and Butter!

Hello Honey and Butter!

Just recently my favorite macaron shop Honey and Butter opened up at the Irvine Spectrum.


I first fell in love with Honey and Butter macarons via macarons from their original location in Costa Mesa. Their French macarons are truly special. They make out macaron shells out of California almonds and their macaron fillings are made out of fresh fruits and freshly ground hazelnuts and pistachios. They also have the cutest character macarons I’ve ever seen.

When I heard they were opening up a second location at the Irvine Spectrum, I was so excited because it would be another place to get some amazing treats.


Walking into the Irvine location, I instantly could tell that this was a happy place.


One cannot help smile at the cute decor all around.


There are various Disney and Sanrio tsums tsums and plushes.


I actually found out these are from the owner’s personal collection.

The cute decor is equivalent to the cuteness of their offerings here at Honey and Butter. They serve the traditional French sweet meringue-based confection in a variety of colorful, flavorful treats. Popular flavors include Sea Salted Caramel, Milk & Honey and Cookie Butter. Their most popular macarons however lie in their  specialty creature macarons.


Every day Honey and Butter offers up a different macarons shaped in assorted characters. Some days it is a Hello kitty macaron. Other days  it is Mickey Mouse. Breaking Bad and Harry Potter have been on the list as well.

Hmm I am partial to their kitty macarons (I wonder why hehe. 😉 )


Aside from offering traditional macarons, there is something new being offered at the Honey and Butter and this is none other than their Creamarons! Creamarons are macaron ice cream sandwiches. The sandwich can be made out of their traditional macarons or their character ones.


I got a kitty creamron filled with birthday cake ice cream and topped with gummy bears and frosted flakes on my visit here. It had to be the cutest macaron sandwich ever. It was also one of the best ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever had as well. In between the rich and creamy vanilla birthday cake ice cream were chunks of real birthday cake. The toppings of frosted flakes and gummy bears made it an even more special treat! Macaron happiness indeed.

It really is all about happiness at Honey and Butter. From the happy atmosphere of the shop to their cute fresh treats, one cannot help but smile! I’m so happy to see a second location open up and I’m looking forward to trying more of their macarons.

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Hello Gen Korean BBQ!

Hello Gen Korean BBQ!

When coming to Gen Korean BBQ, one must come hungry! Opening up their newest location in Torrance, this Korean BBQ spot offers premium all you can eat bbq!

Chopsticks in the air and game on for the abundant amount of food that this place has to offer.


Up front is their array of delicious banchan! The little Korean side dishes are always a favorite of mine because I love trying the various dishes! Here at Gen Korean BBQ, they have a pretty good array of different ones!


They offer tasty thin slices of radish!


There is delicate and soft rice cake.


There is also the spicy radishes.


Kimchi, of course is present!


Seaweed is also offered.


Their creamy and tasty potato salad was my personal favorite.


They also had spicy jalapeños for those who like it hot.


Lastly they had a variety of different sauces for your meat dipping pleasure!



After all these sides comes all the meat! During lunch there are 28 different choices and then at dinner there are 36! Popular choices include the Gen signature prime steak and the beef bulgogi. They also have something for seafood lovers in the form of shrimp and calamari steak.


Last but not last is the dessert! They have macaron ice cream sandwiches from Brick! Cute and crispy fresh macaron cookies with creamy vanilla ice cream is a sure fire way to bring a little sweetness to a meal here!


Gen Korean BBQ is sure to leave you full and with a smile!

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