Hello Kuma Sushi Seafood Buffet!

Hello Kuma Sushi Seafood Buffet!

Recently a new buffet, Kuma Seafood Buffet, opened up in the South Bay and they had a grand opening weekend celebration that included free drinks. This is a great buffet with a good selection of various Japanese hot entrees, sushi and desserts!

For my hot entrees I tried the fried rice, noodles, chicken and beef teriyaki, chicken katsu and vegetable tempura. A little bit of each of these entrees made for one big meal of Japanese food yumminess! The teriyaki was traditionally sweet. The chicken katsu and vegetable tempura were wonderfully crispy.


There is an abundant amount of desserts to try here! There are various fruits, cookies, cakes and even ice cream! For the desserts I tried the red velvet cake, chocolate cake, blueberry cake and green tea ice cream. The small cake slices were like little tastes of heaven. The green tea was a distinctly different type of treat not something easily found elsewhere.

I found Kuma Sushi Seafood Buffet a good place to try a variety of both traditional and non-traditional Japanese offerings.

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