Hello Two Hands Torrance!

Hello Two Hands Torrance!

A new restaurant has opened up at the Torrance Crossroads plaza in Torrance, California. Joining the string of eateries there is Two Hands. Two Hands is a restaurant offering Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs!

Corn Dogs are a staple of American good eats but did you they are also a popular street food in Korea? Korean corn dogs are usually made from sausage or mozzarella cheese. Here at Two Hands; you have your choice of either sausage, mozzarella or even half and half. There is also half mozzarella and half cheddar or spicy sausage.

They currently have six corn dogs to choose from on the menu. The offerings are:

Two Hands Dog has their signature ranch sauce. I really love ranch and so if you’re a fan of ranch like me; this one is the corn dog for you.

Spicy Dog which has a combo of their spicy sauce and hot Cheetos powder. Fiery lovers will be a fan of the kick that this has.

Potato Dog which has potato cubes wrapped around a corn dog and then topped with their signature dirty sauce. This one is my personal favorite! I love the crispy potato. The dirty sauce that is smothered all over is also the best! It is such a creamy and delightful sauce. I even found myself asking for extra sauce.

Crispy Rice Dog has crispy rice puffs all around. This is another one that I really like! I love the extra crunch! One can get it plain or with ketchup, mustard or sugar. I personally like to get it plain as I like the simple rice puffs and batter flavor of the corn dog.

Injeolmi Dog has bean powder and their sweet sauce. This one is a bit more unique and one for those who want something a bit different.

Classic Dog has a sweet and savory taste. This is the classic Korean style corn dog. It’s great for those who want to try something simple for the first time.

If you can’t decide between all of the above; Two Hands has a great Mega Box that allows you to try the variety!

Each of Two Hands corn dogs are made fresh upon order and so everyone is guaranteed to get something hot and delicious!

Two Hands is one of my new favorite places in Torrance. I love the fresh and tasty corn dogs! The crispy outer and the tender dogs inside make for a perfect treat!

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Hello Yelp Elite Event: Cocktails & Cars Casino Royale Style!

Hello Yelp Elite Event: Cocktails & Cars Casino Royale Style!

So fancy! Busted out the cocktail dress, dancing shoes for one special night last night at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo. It was the Cocktails and Cars Casino Royale Style Yelp Elite Event to kick off spring!

With the amazing drop box of this premier museum showcasing cherished old automobiles, all of us Yelp elites were in for one amazing treat. The night was full of entertainment and good times. Todd Elliot Entertainment brought a magician for some magic and amazement. The Swing Dames brought us back to the 40s’ with their lovely voices and LA Pix DJs had us all dancin’ the night away.

It was also foodie galore with some fabulous food booths. Feelin’ fancy and feelin’ full after all the delicious treats!

From Pink’s Hot Dogs, I got to enjoy a turkey dog with chili and cheese. Hearty, meaty and simply classic just like the classic cars we were surround with. It was perfect with Essentia Water


Wanu Water put a little more fun in the night with their black cherry and peach passion water. 10 essential nutrients and 10 calories per serving!


Tacos Primo gave us the VIP treatment with fresh made carne asada beef and  al pastor pork.


These tacos were the perfect match with Siete tortilla chips.


New York Food Company booth brought out soft and savory kimchi pork buns and cucumber shots.


The fancy night continued with some fabulous drinks.

I was introduced to Tentera Coffee Roasters and instantly became a fan because of their good cause. Tentera means ‘good causes’. 2% of all Tentera coffee sales are currently donated to their partners which include the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and 1% For The Planet. I loved their pour over coffee and how I instantly had a fresh brewed medium roast.


More fun drinks were to be found at Happy Lemon. Salted cheese drinks are their most popular offering and I was so happy to see that along with their Sunmerry Bakery rainbow roll cake.


The rainbow roll cake from Happy Lemon was just the start of the delightful desserts that evening because there were not one but two places to get ice cream!

Smitten Ice Cream brought out some of their best flavored nitrogen ice cream flavors such as earl grey, cookie dough with pretzels and chocolate chips, strawberry buttermilk. They even had their chocolate vegan pops! I chose to get my all time uh-mazing favorite the cookie dough with pretzels and chocolate chips. I drizzled some brown sugar caramel over the ice cream and was in sweet heaven!


Not to be outdone was Wanderlust Creamery. I felt like as I was in an around the world trip as I had Ube Malted Crunch flavor inspired by the Philippines, Sticky Rice Mango inspired by Thailand and Japanese Neopolitan inspired by Japan. The Ube Malted Crunch had malted milk and real sweet purple jam. The Sticky Rice mango had house made real milk coconut cream and swirls of alphonso mango puree. The Japanese Neopolitan had a trio of Japanese classics; match, hojica and black sesame.


Cookie Zombie  incorporated our favorite kid snacks into their cookies! That night they had Snack Time cookies that had King size Twix, salty pretzels and Heath Bar bits, Circus animal cookies with Circus Animal bits; and Cookies and Cream can lies with Crushed Oreo cookies & Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. Their Cookies and Cream cookies were the winner of Best Homemade Cookie at Cookie Con LA!


Cheesecake de Granger had cheesecake cupcakes. They had lemon, Welch’s grape and peanut butter and jelly cheesecake cupcakes!


From entertainment to food; The Automobile Driving Museum was one happening place that evening. Surrounded with 130 plus vintage, antique and muscle cars; it was one classic evening. I could not have asked for a better way to kick off spring!


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Hello Pink’s Hot Dogs Del Amo!

Hello Pink’s Hot Dogs Del Amo!

The iconic hot dog restaurant Pink’s Hot Dogs is also now part of the Del Amo Fashion Center Mall family.


The original location was a small pushcart by Paul and Betty Pink in 1939  near the corner of La Brea and Melrose. Since that day in 1939, Pink’s Hot Dogs has grown into a worldwide phenomena and has opened up in several locations.  From  Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, NV to Shangri-La Hotel in Manila, Philippines, there’s always a healthy, popular crowd lining up for their legendary hot dogs.

The most popular item on Pink’s menu is their original signature chili dog. Though they have quite an amazing line up of hot dogs;  they  also have several different hamburger offerings as well as onion rings and fries. I, myself had a hard time choosing what item to get when I went to the Del Amo location.


The Del Amo location even has their own hot dog named after them. The Del Amo Spicy Polish Dog consists of a spicy polish dog, nacho cheese, American cheese, grilled onions and chopped tomatoes!

They have fan favorites here too such as the Mullholland Drive Dog which comes with a 9″ stretch dog, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, nacho cheese and bacon and the Golden Rings Dog which comes with a 9″ stretch dog, yummy BBQ sauce and topped with onion rings. I actually really enjoy the Golden Rings Dog because it gives you the best of both worlds of a hot dog and a side of onion rings. It’s a messy yet savory hot dog!




This location at Del Amo Fashion Center is the first mall location for the iconic hot dog store. It is so wonderful that one can get the taste of Hollywood right at the South Bay and with less of the lines as well!

Welcome Pink’s Hot Dogs to Del Amo! Hmm now the only problem for folks is what hot dog to choose?? Bacon Chili Cheese Dog, Southern Belle Dog….hmm the possibilities are endless!

Hello KSNY x Darcel by Kate Spade!

Hello KSNY x Darcel by Kate Spade!

This is not my typical foodie post. Today Hello Kitty Foodie becomes Hello Kitty Fashionista!

I am absolutely in love with the new KSNY x Darcel by Kate Spade. It is perfect for foodies who are also fashionistas!

I have always been a fan of Kate Spade! My Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” bag set is one of my favorites to use during my foodie adventures around town.

I am always on the lookout for new Kate Spade offerings! This year is one of Kate Spade’s best year yet because Kate Spade is celebrating their 20th birthday!


Their newest offering for 2013 is the KSNY x Darcel. It is a limited edition collaboration with the talented New York based artist Craig Redman, the man behind the darcel character. For KSNY x Darcel, Redman has created a cute girl character who is the ultimate foodie. To quote Redman, “she is a downtown gal who’s not afraid to scarf down a hot dog while swigging champagne she’s snatched from the opening. She’s cute, self aware and in control.” The new collection is filled with fun images of this cute character as well as pink donuts, hot dogs and granny apples! Check out the fun fashion items they have to offer here.

For any foodie, who is also a fashionista, this new Kate Spade offering is perfect! It’s cute and fun and one can totally create a cute outfit for those foodie adventures around town. I can also see myself in the girl character that Redman created. They even created a app where you can put KSNY x Darcel images on your photos! It is perfect for those Instagram food photos ;). Thank you Kate Spade for this fun new offering! #wheresthatgirl? That girl is off to her next foodie adventure all decked in KSNY x Darcel ;).