Hello Kitty Noodle Soup!

Hello Kitty Noodle Soup!


Ingredients: hello kitty noodles, chicken, Vienna sausages, carrots, chicken stock

Brr…it’s cold! What’s perfect for the cold weather? Hot soup! What kinda soup is perfect for Hello Kitty Foodie? Hello Kitty Noodle Soup!

Awhile back, while shopping at a local Japanese market, I spotted a a cute little white box with a picture of a Hello Kitty Chef. Upon closer look, I saw it was a box of Hello Kitty noodles. I knew I had to purchase it for a future happy day.

For today’s cold day it was used it for some hot soup.
Unfortunately there were not many other items to put in this soup so it was a pretty simple one.

Diced Carrots and chopped chicken were sautéed until the chicken was golden brown and the carrots were tender. The chicken broth was added and brought to a boil, followed by the addition of sliced Vienna sausages. The Hello Kitty noodles were the final ingredient to be added and the broth was boiled gently until the noodles softened. Last but not least, the soup was served with a smile 🙂