Hello SusieCakes Cupcake Love!

Hello SusieCakes Cupcake Love!

“Life is as sweet as a cupcake.”

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, SusieCakes Bakery is my favorite cupcake bakery.

I am SusieCakes Bakery girl. Through the years, I’ve tried the various cupcake flavors that SusieCakes Bakery has to offer. In my last blog post, I mentioned how I’ve also had some of their speciality cupcakes celebrating special occasions. From Prince William and Kate’s wedding to the Olympics, I’ve loved all of the creative cupcakes that SusieCakes Bakery has offered.

This past Friday, something special occured. LA Kings scored in an exciting Game 5 double overtime and defeated the New York Rangers, 3-2 to win their second Stanley Cup in three years. I’m a big hockey fan and it’s no secret that I’m a big cupcake fan and so I was thrilled to see that SusieCakes had something special to celebrate this victory.

SusieCakes celebrated this win with a chocolate cupcake topped with a vanilla pastel frosting with a lovely “Kings Win!”.


It was a definitely a cupcake fit for the occasion. Kings win and Susiecakes Bakery wins too with this cupcake! Deliciously divine, scrumptiously sweet this cupcake was perfect for such a divine and sweet win of the Stanley Cup.

I love how Susiecakes Bakery has cupcakes to celebrate each of life’s sweet moments! Thank you to Susiecakes Bakery for making special moments even more special through cupcakes. Not only am I a happy hockey fan, I’m also a happy cupcake fan with their latest speciality cupcake! Life is indeed sweet. 🙂