Hello Sage Bistro: Culver City!

Often times I get asked where my favorite spots are around the city. Just recently, I got to try a place that will surely hit the list as a new favorite.

Sage Bistro is a plant-based bistro specializing in vegan and vegetarian cuisine. They have a farm to table concept. Working with local farmers, Sage offers seasonal, organic and local food. There’s three locations for Sage; Echo Park, Pasadena and Culver City.

I recently got to check out the Culver City location; the biggest of all the three Sage branches. This location has a wood fire pizza oven and a full organic bar that offers 25 beers and wines on tap.

Sage’s menu is full of healthy and delicious eats. They have small plates, salads, tacos, tostadas, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, pizza, pretzels, bowls and more.  I got to try two of their items and was instantly impressed with the quality and how they were able to bring out the best of locally sustained and produced food.

The first item I got to try that night was Sage’s Bollywood Bowl.


The Bollywood Bowl has yellow lentil daal, eggplant, tomato, potato, onion, corn, edamame, steamed kale that was topped with spicy pickled cabbage, tamarind sauce and mint chutney. It was served with flat bread. Being a big fan of Indian food, I instantly loved this bowl. It had the right spicy kick to it and the flavors mixed together perfectly. Healthy and fulfilling; it was a great start to dinner!

The next item I got to try was the Eggplant Artichoke Parmesan Pizza.


I love all dishes with eggplant along with artichoke and thus I was thrilled to see this on the menu! The pizza crust is made out of organic heirloom white flour crust. The crispy crust was topped with marinara, pesto sauce, mozzarella breaded organic eggplant and artichoke hearts and was then drizzled with cashew alfredo. The cashew alfredo was a wonderful touch bringing a unique creaminess to the pizza. It’s a pizza unlike any I’ve ever tried and definitely a winner.

Sage Bistro definitely hits the list of places I am a fan of. Each dish I tried during my visit was phenomenal and I love their concept. It is truly amazing to have food with ingredients from local farmers who are committed to organic pesticide free farming and regenerative agriculture. This farm to table at it’s best and is my new favorite.

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Sage Bistro: Culver City!


Hello Beach Vibes at Brio LA West Yelp Elite Event!

Four courses. Eight plates. Epic. That is the Yelp elite way.

In my last blog post, I happily announced that I once again am blessed to be part of the Yelp Elite Squad. Just recently I was blessed too to be part of one of the first LA West Yelp Elite events of 2018; Beach Vibes at Brio.

This event was epic  for a variety of reasons!

  • 1). It was my first elite event ever as a Yelp Black Elite (woohoo here’s to 10 years and counting!)
  • 2). It was in the South Bay (woohoo hometown!)
  • 3). It was a four course dinner with eight plates (woohoo full of deliciousness!)


Upon arrival at the venue, we were all given complimentary pink cosmos. It truly was the start of a special night!


For the savory treats, we first were all treated to some small plates.


Chopped salad had tomatoes, grilled corn, cucumber, smoked gouda, marcona almonds, avocado, lemon vinaigrette and chile lime ranch. This was healthy, crunchy and tasty. The chile lime ranch stood out and brought so much flavor.


Roasted beets and whipped feta was the other small plate for our starters. This had red and gold beets, macron almonds and lemon vinaigrette. The red and gold beets were the perfect color for us Yelp elites (hmm doesn’t it remind you of the Yelp badges? ūüėČ


Third small plate of the night was a favorite for many. The Shrimp n Grits had black pepper shrimp along with creamy smoked gouda polenta. It had a curry like flavor that was out of this world!

From small plates to entrees, we sure were in for a treat that night!


First up was the Bucatini Pomodoro. This lovely vegetarian dish had san mariano tomatoes, basil and burrata. The huge burrata topping was wonderful!


The Skirt Steak was the other main entree of the night. Two 8 oz steaks prepared medium and topped with chimichurri were served to us Yelpers. Tender and tasty, it was a true treat!


Alongside the two savory dishes, we were also treated to some frites accompanied with sriracha ketchup, creamy horseradish and sweet chile aioli!

But wait there’s more…..

How could we end the night without a bang? We got not one but two desserts!


For closers that evening, we had a Warm Berry Cake that was toped with vanilla gelato and berry compote and Brio’s Gooey Chocolate Cake that was topped with hazelnut gelato, nutella crispies and whipped caramel! It truly is sweet to be elite!

Four courses. Eight plates. Happy Yelper!

2018 Epic Yelp Year, here we come!


Hello Yelp Elite Black Badge 2018! 

The Hello Kitty Foodie year is starting off in a wonderful way! I am happy to share with all of you that I am once again part of the Yelp Elite Squad. This year is extra special as it marks my 10th year as being elite. I am so blessed year to earn the Black badge.



It has been a wonderful decade of amazing Yelp moments. I still remember my very first Yelp elite event at Backstage Bar and Grill and going up on the karaoke stage for a duet of Moves Like a Jagger. Other great memories include the various ROTDs (Review of the Days) I have received through the years; with my favorite being the ROTD of Reading to Kids, a volunteer organization I love. The best part for me of being a part of Yelp however are the friendships that have been made. I am so grateful for each and every person that I’ve met.

As I mentioned in a previous review Yelp is where¬†I’ve made Yelp friends who have become my cupcake compadres, my twitter chums, my fellow food truck fans and my hockey pals. It is through Yelp I’ve hung out with my bacon buddies, found my Hello Kitty twin and sisters from another mister ;). How blessed I am to have met all these amazing folks thanks to Yelp!

Thank you Yelp! I am looking forward to many more years of Yelp memories.


Please follow along my Yelp journey @ http://hellokittyfoodie.yelp.com

Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review 2017!

It’s that time of year again for me to write one of all time favorite posts; the Hello Kitty Foodie Year in Review. As 2017 comes to a close, I look back with a grateful heart for all the blessings, opportunities and memorable moments that I have. With this post, I reflect on those moments and share with you my Hello Kitty Foodie Bests of 2017 :).

Hello Kitty Foodie Best Fine Dining 2017!

Work hard. Treat Yourself. It’s always nice once in awhile to enjoy a nice meal at some of the fanciest restaurants in town.

Mastro’s Beverly Hills (blog post: January 2017)

Mastro’s Beverly Hills is a classic restaurant that’s perfect for a night out at one of the fanciest cities. From their savory steaks to their sweet desserts; one will sure to enjoy dining here. I’m still having sweet dreams over their creme br√Ľl√©e with whipped cream, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and strawberries.


Arthur J (blog post: February 2017)

I discovered a new favorite in the Beach Cities this year when I dined at Arthur J. A beautiful steakhouse that has a chic look with a bit of 60s flair; I throughly enjoyed every course I tried here including the most tender 16oz Prime Rib Eye topped with foie gras.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Desserts 2017!

Sweetness is my weakness and there sure was some sugar highs this year at some of my favorite restaurants

Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen (blog post: January 2017)

Located at Del Amo Fashion Center are some of the best and delicious eateries including Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen. I instantly knew I was a fan of their tasty treats. Their s’mores donuts are simply delightful in every sense of the word.


B-8C Ice Cream (blog post: January 2017)

A popular dessert trend in Asia; it sure is nice to see rolled ice cream here in the US! A neat visual and a sweet treat; I instantly became a fan


Cafe 86 (blog post: March 2017)

Be still my heart; Cafe 86’s ube leche flan cupcake makes my heart so happy!


Milk Bar DC (blog post: May 2017)

The Milk Bar should almost be listed twice in my Hello Kitty Foodie Bests because it belongs here in the Best Desserts section but it also belongs in the Best Travel Foodie Destinations! Crack pie, soft serve, cookies; every thing here is to die for!


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Travel Foodie Destinations 2017!

From Colorado to Washington DC to Vegas; I sure had one amazing foodie trip from East Coast to West Coast.

Fire + Spice: A Colorado Grill  (blog post: January 2017)

Snow is falling and it’s 20 degrees outside but no problem thanks to the warm and delicious eats from Fire + Spice. Their signature dish, the Chorizo Chicken; warmed my heart and tummy with it’s perfectly crisp chicken drizzled with smoky, creamy chipotle sauce.


Bad Saint  (blog post: May 2017)

From snow to rain; I discover the best eats in any town despite the weather. Rain didn’t stop me from trying out one of the best Filipino restaurants in the US; Bad Saint. Located in one my favorite cities; Washington DC; this Filipino restaurant was unique and delicious. No wonder it was Bon Appetit magazine‚Äôs #2 New Restaurant in America. Their adobong dilaw is a must try.


Momofuku Vegas  (blog post: June 2017)

It was in Washington DC; where I first tried David Chang’s famous restaurant; Momofuku CCDC. I instantly became a fan and was thrilled to have a chance to try their Vegas branch. Momofuku‚Äôs buns are simply the best!


Full House BBQ Vegas  (blog post: October 2017)

I simply love discovering different Filipino restaurants around the US and Full House BBQ is one of the best I’ve tried this year! This place is hot ;)…flaming halo halo hot.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Local Eats 2017!

As much as I love traveling; home is truly the heart is and some of my favorite eateries are those around the South Bay!

Chubby Rice  (blog post: February 2017)

There is no bad dish in Chubby Rice and this is a must stop for me whenever I am in the area! From their Chubby Egg Roll to their Chubby Wings; you surely will be in for a treat!


Local Kitchen Tavern  (blog post: April 2017)

Old Torrance is popping with new restaurants left and right. These new local spots are a great addition to the South Bay! I’m just a local girl lovin’ the Local Kitchen Tavern. Can someone say meatloaf tower?!


Fu Sing  (blog post: July 2017)

Tin Sing was my all time favorite when I was a child and I was so sad when it closed. Thus, I was truly thrilled to find Fu Sing; a new restaurant put up by the same family and offering some of the same dishes!


Red Rock Torrance (blog post: November 2017)

From Japan to Torrance! Red Rock has brought it’s flagship restaurant to the South Bay. One must visit and try their American Slice Beef Don (American Cut Steak Don); a dish that originated in Japan.


Mo-mo Paradise Torrance (blog post: November 2017)

Did you know paradise can now be found in Torrance? Mo-mo Paradise’s Japanese Hot Pot is pure heaven!


Shake Shack El Segundo (blog post: December 2017)

The first restaurant to open up at El Segundo’s new Apollo Landing was none other than the famous East Coast eatery; Shake Shack. Their shroom burger is my new favorite.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Breakfast Eats 2017!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It’s always nice to start of the day with a tasty meal.

Silog  (blog post: February 2017)

Silog; the traditional Filipino breakfast consisting of sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (eggs) is my all time favorite! I am happy to find a restaurant specializing in just that.


Hello Kitty Foodie Best Places for Sanrio Treats 2017!

No year is complete without some sugar, spice and Hello Kitty nice!

Sanrio‚̧Sugarfina  (blog post: September 2017)

Sanrio‚̧Sugarfina and so does this Hello Kitty Foodie! Their specialized Sanrio offerings this year was super cute and super sweet.


Gudetama x Curry House  (blog post: October 2017)

Sanrio partnering with Curry House to brought a egg-stra special menu featuring our favorite lazy egg, Gudetama!


The above my readers is my Hello Kitty Foodie Best of 2017! Thank you to you all for following along in foodie-licious adventures! I am blessed and grateful for all of the above and cannot wait to see what new adventures are to come in my Hello Kitty Foodie 2018 journey.  I am so egg-cited for what’s to come.


Hello Sanrio and tokidoki Rainbow Dreams! Collection!

I’m dreaming of a rainbow Christmas….

Today is the official launch of the cutest Sanrio, tokidoki and Ju-Ju-Be collaboration yet! Today the Rainbow Dreams Collection comes out and it features a wonderful print that features Hello Kitty, Tuxedo Sam, My Melody and many more Sanrio friends. Along with Hello Kitty’s friends is tokidoki‚Äôs Donutella.

The print is available in a variety of our favorite Ju-ju-be styles such as Be-Classy and Be-bop!

From backpacks to wallets, it’s a rainbow of dreams come true.

The RainbowDreams Collection is the perfect gift for the holiday season for any Sanrio and tokidoki fan.  The collection ranges from $18 to $188 and  are available at https://shop.ju-ju-be.com/ as well as select Sanrio stores.

Hello Shake Shack El Segundo!

Back in the summer of 2016, I had my first Shake Shack experience ever during a trip to the East Coast. I love traveling to the East Coast but home truly is where the heart is and thus I am so excited to see the first ever Shake Shack has opened up in the South Bay! Yes, Hello Kitty Foodies, Shake Shack has opened its first ever South Bay location! Just this November, Shake Shack opened up at the new Apollo Landing in El Segundo, California.

Shake Shack is well-known for their burgers, fries, shakes and has accumulated quite a following through the years. From conquering the East Coast, Shake Shack is now conquering the West Coast! The newest location has all the well known treats as well as some local exclusives.  I recently shaked my way over to try out a bit of the treats at the new shack ;):

Shake Shack has so many classic burgers to choose from; from their ShackBurger to their ‘ShroomBurger and it was hard to choose on what to get for my first West Coast Shake Shack experience. Hmm I couldn’t get every thing but I could definitely get the best of two classics via their ShakeStack!


The ShakeStack has both the Cheeseburger and a ‚ÄėShroom Burger together along with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce! The Cheeseburger is a true classic but it was the ‘Shroom Burger that stole my heart! I loved the crisp-fried portobello mushroom that was oozing with melted muenster and cheddar cheese. It’s unique and delicious!

The ShakeStack was complimented well with Shake Shack’s fries!



These crinkle-cut fries were excellent with a side of cheese sauce.

The savory Shake Shack treats were great but I couldn’t leave without trying some sweet Shake Shack treats! Back in DC, I had the Washington Monu-mint custard but I’m in California now and I had to show the West Coast some foodie love ;). Shake Shack always does an awesome job of having some local exclusives and one of them at the El Segundo location is the Caramel Apple Fritter.


The Caramel Apple Fritter consists of vanilla custard, salted caramel sauce and Apple Fritter donuts. What makes this a LA exclusive is the Apple Fritter donuts are from Randy’s Donut; a famous LA bakery and landmark. How awesome it is that two yummy foodie institutions have come together to bring is this delightful dessert!

Every thing that I tried at the newest Shake Shack location was truly a treat and I am so excited to see this East Coast eatery making its way to the West Coast! Hello Kitty Foodies for yummy smiles shake your way on over to Shake Shack El Segundo!


For more smiles, please see my latest Yelp review on Shake Shack El Segundo.

Hello Kitty Happy Holidays at Tanaka Farms!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…especially at Tanaka Farms.

Tanaka Farms brings us a lot of Hello Kitty happiness this holiday season as they officially launch their Sanrio Village! Today, November 24 they open up their supercute new hilltop “Sanrio Village” which is perfectly decorated for the holidays with our favorite Sanrio friends! There will be a very special holiday wagon tour where one can see the 30 acre farm, learn about the farm and taste delicious winter vegetables. There will be plenty of Sanrio photo opportunities throughout the farm and you can even get a picture with the main man himself, Santa Claus! Along with Sanrio photo opportunities, there is also a very special Tanaka Farm’s Holiday Market Stand where one can do arts and crafts and other fun holiday activities!

The holiday fun starts today and runs till December 17. Pre-registration is required for attendance and admission is $18 per person (2 and under are free). Each admission ticket comes with a holiday wagon tour, a limited edition Sanrio button and a Sanrio holiday crown.

Happy Hello Kitty Holidays starts today! Don’t you love this season? I do and I know Hello Kitty does too :).