Hello Kitty Themed Dental Office!

Hello Kitty Themed Dental Office!

Smile! Just the other day it was National Dentist Day and during that day, Sanrio gave us one big reason to smile as they announced their new partnership with Los Angeles-based, Parklane Dental.


Sanrio and Parklane Dental is bringing us the most kawaii kitty dental office ever as it brings to the U.S. the first ever Hello Kitty dental office! Not only will Hello Kitty designs be all over; there will be decor too featuring Hello Kitty’s friends such as Little Twin Stars, Chocolate, Keroppi, Pompompurin, My Melody, Badtz Maru and Gudetama.


Patients get to choose from a super kawaii Gudetama or Hello Kitty themed treatment room.

There’s definitely nothing meh about cleaning your teeth says Fairy Eggmother Gudetama!

Hello Kitty says brush your teeth and be supercute!

The Hello Kitty and Friends experience is only available at the Temple City location of Parklane Dental and it truly is a place for small gift, big smile! For more information and to book appointments, please visit: https://www.parklanedental.net/.

Hello #SeasonedGreetings from Gudetama!

Hello #SeasonedGreetings from Gudetama!

It’s the most egg-cellent time of the year and our favorite lazy egg is bringing us some egg-ceptionally cute ways to celebrate!

Starting today, December 2, Sanrio Japanese Village will be opening up the Gudetama Holiday Shop and our egg-cellent friend, Gudetama Santa is the star.


Fans can meet, greet and take photos with cutest egg Santa ever with some very special photo packages that are available for purchase. Each photo package is an egg-cellent deal full of cuteness.

  • Hard Boiled -$8 photo package that includes photo card with printed picture and two Gudetama paper crowns
  • Over Easy- $15 photo package that includes a printed picture, a photo frame card, a Gudetama paper crown, and a Gudetama ornament
  • Poached – $25 photo package that includes photo card with printed picture, two Gudetama paper crowns, a Gudetama plush ornament and a Gudetama tote bag

Aside from the photo packages,  Gudetama also has some special holiday products that will make for some gude- gifts.  Among the egg-citing offerings are a Gudetama tree topper, a Gudetama 8 Ball and the new book Eggisential Thoughts by Gudetama the Lazy egg!


The Gudetama Holiday Shop will be located inside the Sanrio Japanese Village where the Sanrio Kawaii mart was.  This village will be there from December 2 to December 17. Fa-la, la la…don’t be la-lazy and miss out because it will sure be a gude Christmas with Gudetama!


Hello Gudetama x Curry House!

Hello Gudetama x Curry House!

I’m so egg-cited for the latest Sanrio’s latest restaurant mash-up! This time Sanrio will be partnering with Curry House to bring us a very special menu featuring our favorite lazy egg, Gudetama!


Curry House is well-known for their amazing Japanese curry and I’m so thrilled that the special Gudetama menu will showcase one of their well known curry dishes!  The Gudetamainspired menu will be a delicious special multi-course meal!


First up from the meal is a tasty salad and cup of corn soup.


The corn soup is one of my favorite items to get at Curry House. It’s has such a creamy texture and simply melts in your mouth. Sorry Gudetama you will soon be melting away…in my tummy! Hehe!

The main course for the special Gudetama menu is their keema curry with rice. The keema curry is topped with a special Gudetama egg.


Curry House’s curries are made with a special curry recipe that contains 25 various herbs and spices that are simmered with vegetables. Their keema curry is made from premium ground beef and mixed with vegetables. The sauce is so savory and wonderful with white rice. When the egg (sorry Gudetama) is mixed in with the curry sauce, it is so gude!

For dessert, there is a special custard pudding also featuring Gudetama.


The pudding is made from scratch and is so egg-ceptionally soft!

Along with the savory and sweet treats, the special menu also comes with your choice of drink.


Soda, iced tea, or iced green tea? Oh my gude-ness! I won’t be lazy with picking my drink!

The tasting menu will be available for $29. You not only get all the above delicious food but you also  get a limited edition Gudetama x Curry House beanie and a collectible placemat!


Each location will also feature Gudetama photo ops throughout the promotion.


The is egg-citing promo officially starts today October 20, 2017 and will run through January 20, 2018! All nine Curry House California locations will have this super cute and yummy Gudetama-inspired promotion. Gude-times and Gude-food for sure! 🍳


Hello Kitty Foodie Meets err Eats Gudetama!

Hello Kitty Foodie Meets err Eats Gudetama!

I have a confession to make…I have a new crush. He’s not one you’d think would normally be my type. He’s lazy, unmotivated and always feels blah. Nevertheless he’s a cutie and he’s captured my heart. Who exactly is my new crush…well it’s no other than Gudetama, the lazy egg, Sanrio’s newest character!


At the end of October, I happily wrote a post about the upcoming collaboration between Plan Check Kitchen and Bar and Sanrio where Plan Check would be offering a special menu featuring Gudetama. Ever since I wrote that blog post, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day I would get to try this special menu featuring the oh so cute Gudetama. I fully intended to eat my crush up! Haha.

The happy day finally came recently when I visited Plan Check Kitchen and Bar Downtown.


Just walking up to the restaurant I saw a lot of Gudetama love!


The lazy egg definitely took over Plan Check. He was everywhere!

I saw Gudetama just lying around (He’s probably contemplating his fate of being eaten by his many fans! Haha!)


I saw him cracking jokes! (He’s probably trying to make the best of his fate of being eaten by laughing! It’s always better to laugh than cry!) 😜


I even saw good ol’ Gudetama inside the restaurant watching all his fans who came to eat him! 😉


I apparently am not the only one with a crush on this lazy egg because there sure were a lot of people at Plan Check Kitchen and Bar ordering the specially developed Gudetama-inspired menu.


I was all decked out in Hello Kitty gear that day but the server knew instantly that I was there for Gudetama and she quickly took my order.

Soon enough I was presented the first egg-licious delight via a orange-ginger egg cream soda.


On top of this drink is white foam that is made from egg whites. The color of the soda is nice sunny color that looks like yolk. This is a drink that ginger fans would enjoy because I tasted the hint of ginger right from the start. The orange gives a nice citrus flavor that balances out the ginger but ginger is definitely what is prominent in this drink. It is different and unique, just like Gudetama!

The next item that was the served was the appetizer for this multi-course meal. The starter consists of crispy blanket egg, soy sauce egg, spicy pork belly sausage and miso aioli.


I loved this appetizer right from the start. The golden brown panko crust on the outside was perfectly crisp! The miso aioli was all around.


Slicing into it, I could just hear the crunch! Once sliced, I loved the layers of egg and spicy pork belly sausage. This dish is supposed to represent Gudetama, sleeping in a crispy warm blanket. Sorry to disturb your sleep, Gudetama but I was hungry and you were too delicious not to eat up! 😉


Next up after the starter is the main course consisting of two beef sliders with sunny fried quail egg, cheese two ways, bacon two ways, ketchup leather and hot sauce.


These sliders have to be the cutest sliders I have ever seen. The sunny fried quail egg has Gudetama’s face.


I’m going to admit, I was a little sad staring at that face. It was almost as if Gudetama was saying “Don’t eat me, I am your cutie crush.”


I felt a slight sadness slicing into my slider (and gasp saying goodbye to my egg friend) but my sadness was soon surpassed with delight because the sliders were delicious. Plan Check is famous for their burgers and these sliders is a good indication of why. The meat in the sliders were prepared just right. The beef was perfectly cooked and the bacon was crispy. The cheese and ketchup leather brought lots of flavor. There was hot sauce but the spice was subtle. These sliders were very fulfilling.

Last but definitely not least to this multi-course meal was the dessert. The dessert set consisted of chocolate custard pudding and an apricot thumbprint cookie.


The apricot thumbprint cookie looks like a Gudetama over easy egg. This cute egg looking cookie was my favorite of the two desserts. It had a nice shortbread flavor and the apricot in the middle was a sweet touch.

The chocolate pudding though was not far behind this cookie in terms of making an impression on me. I simply adored the Gudetama design on top. It reminded me of coffee foam art. I found myself actually going around the design and eating around the corners first. Any one who loves chocolate will like this because the pudding was full of rich chocolate creaminess.


It was truly a pleasure for this Hello Kitty Foodie to meet err eat Gudetama! Gudetama makes me smile and this lazy egg will always be in my heart err on my sleeve (since my my meal came with an exclusive Gudetama Plan Check t-shirt).


For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Plan Check Kitchen and Bar.

Hello Gudetama @ Plan Check Kitchen and Bar!

Hello Gudetama @ Plan Check Kitchen and Bar!

Just last week as I was out in LA, I saw a bright yellow ad! What could that ad be, I thought to myself? Upon closer look, it was to much delight that I discovered it was an ad for Gudetama! Gudetama, is Sanrio’s cute lazy egg character! I should have known that sighting of the lazy egg that night was a sign of egg-cellent things to come…..


Perhaps seeing that ad hat night was indeed a sign because sure enough, there is some egg-cllent and egg-citing things coming to LA!

Last Fall Plan Check Kitchen + Bar was one of the restaurants part of Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt. This year Plan Check is once again partnering with Sanrio to bring LA’s Hello Kitty foodies something to smile about. Plan Check and Sanrio have come together for a special promotion featuring Gudetama, the lazy egg.

During the Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt, Plan Check Kitchen + Bar offered a Hello Kitty bento box. This year for their Gudetama special, they are offering once again one yummy and cute meal!

Inspired by the lazy egg,  Executive Chef Ernesto Uchimura has come up with menu featuring a variety of egg dishes. It will be multi-course menu. First course includes a crispy blanket egg, soy sauce egg, spicy pork belly sausage and miso aioli. This will than followed by Gudetama sliders; two beef sliders that will be topped with a sunny fried quail egg, cheese, bacon, ketchup  and hot sauce. Last but definitely not least are some sweet treats consisting of a chocolate custard pudding, an apricot thumbprint cookie and an orange-ginger egg cream soda.


Not only will Hello Kitty Foodies get to eat a egg-licious meal, they will also get a sweet treat with their meal. The meal will come with a limited edition Gudetama t-shirt.

Some lucky foodies, may even get a surprise during their visit! Gudetama will be making special restaurant appearances throughout the month.

The multi-course Gudetama x Plan Check menu will be available for $39. This special will start October 30 and run through November 29th, Gudetama will take over all three locations of Plan Check Kitchen + Bar in the Fairfax, Sawtelle, and Downtown neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Being a foodie, I love Gudetama! Eggs go well with anything! Whether sunny side up, scrambled or boiled, eggs are egg-cellent and delightful! I am super egg-cited for this promo! The Plan Check Kitchen and Bar Gudetama special will be sure to bring many smiles! (A lazy egg in your food and a smile on your face is coming!) ☺️🍳