Hello Gringo Bandito 2019 Private Reserve!

Hello Gringo Bandito 2019 Private Reserve!

This Thanksgiving 2019; hot sauce lovers will have something extra to be thankful for as Gringo Bandito releases their 10th special edition,  2019 Private Reserve. This will be their final Private Reserve hot sauce with only 350 available. It will be released Thursday, November 21st at 9am PST! This exclusive hot sauce has a tasty blend of red fresno and habanero peppers. This years; Special Edition Private Reserve will be released in two different package tiers; Super Duper or Cheapskate.  The Super Duper package includes a bottle with a warm purple label printed on silver foil material. It will be placed in a wooden pine box with a clear cover. The premium package will also will have  an extra bottle of Private Reserve (Cheapskate) along with a specially printed 4”x3” patch, t-shirt and two limited guitar picks. The Cheapskate option will be a bottle with a small label.
One lucky customer who buys the Super Duper package will be chosen at random to receive an extremely rare  (#1 of 1) giclee print of this years Private Reserve label signed by Dexter Holland. One can purchase the Private Reserve starting on November 21 at www.gringobanditostore.com
Hello Gringo Bandito Spicy Yellow!

Hello Gringo Bandito Spicy Yellow!

Hello Kitty Foodie is seeing yellow this Cinco de Mayo! 💛

Our favorite Gringo Bandito hot sauce is having a very special release this Cinco de Mayo!  On May 5 they are debuting their brand new ‘Spicy Yellow’ sauce. It is the newest flavor release since their popular ‘Super Hot’ variety went on sale in 2016.

You will definitely be saying “Hola” to hot with this brand new sauce! Made with Scotch Bonnet and Habanero peppers; the sauce is the hottest Gringo Bandito flavor to-date and It is definitely not the faint of heart and it’s perfect for those who like it fiery. As with the other Gringo Bandito hot sauces; this has 70% less salt than many competitors, is gluten free, contains no preservatives and is all natural.

Spicy Yellow will be released on Cinco De Mayo (Sunday 5/5) and will be available exclusively on Amazon.com and Gringo Bandito’s official online store.

Hello Gringo Bandito!

Hello Gringo Bandito!

Want to turn up the heat in this chilly season and set hearts a blazin’?  Gringo Bandito has sure-fire way to make it hot this winter!

Gringo Bandito is a Southern California hot sauce brand created by Dexter Holland, singer for the multi-platinum punk rock band The Offspring. What started off as a hobby by Holland has turned into awesome hot sauce business that is now 12 years old. Gringo Bandito can be found in over 500 restaurants, 7000 supermarkets and is in the top 10 of Amazon’s hot sauces. The delicious hot sauce currently comes in 3 flavors! There is red, green and super hot sauce.


The red-hot sauce is the original. This is what started off Gringo Bandito. It’s Holland’s “labor of love” that he used to create for family and friends as a gift. Now it’s not only his family and friends who can enjoy it but all of us. It’s one of the most popular sauces on the market today. It’s tasty, hot and brings amazing flavor to one’s meal.


In 2013, Gringo Bandito brought forth another spicy yummy treat via the spicy green hot sauce. Just like the red-hot sauce, this is a mix of amazing flavor yet with tolerable heat level. It’s got just enough spice in it to give that extra kick to a dish. There is plenty of vinegar and peppers in this one.


Last but definitely not the least is their super hot sauce. This 3rd hot sauce was released on Cinco de May of 2015. If you want to really turn the heat up, this is the one for you. It contains jolokia and scorpion peppers. Fiery and tasty, your meals are sure to be blazing hot with this one.


Not only are all of Gringo Bandito’s Hot Sauces delicious, they are also very healthy. They have 70% less salt than their competitors and they have no preservatives, is paleo friendly, gluten-free and are all natural.

With it’s flavorful taste, it is not surprising that the popularity of Gringo Bandito is on the rise. It’s endorsed by celebs like Adam Corrolla, Chelsea Lately and more. It’s also been featured in Rolling Stone, MTV, Esquite, OC Weekly and The Huffington Post.

As this Winter continues to be chilly one can surely enjoy the comfort and heat in their meals via Gringo Bandito! It is served at all Chronic Tacos and Wahoo’s restaurants as well as can be purchased at Kroger, Whole Foods, Albertsons and Safeway. Hurry on over to these places and bring a little spice home. Muy Caliente Feliz Navidad!

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