Hello Aloha Pizza and Shave Ice Company!

Hello Aloha Pizza and Shave Ice Company!

Back in 2013; I attended the soft opening of Aloha Pizza and Shave Ice Company in Gardena, California. Ever since then I’ve been loving their onolicious Hawaiian offerings. I’m not alone in my love of their pizza because this place has 808 Yelp reviews and counting for Yelp LA! Wow 808! That is definitely some aloha love there.

Their Aloha’s Signature Pies are made fresh upon ordering and they each have a bit of Hawaiian flare. One can find Portuguese sausage, garlic chicken or even Loco Moco gravy on their pizza. Their pizza can come on a thin crust or original crust.

My favorite is Uncle’s Kalua Pie. This onolicious pizza has bbq sauce, Kalua pork, red onion, fresh cilantro and fresh mango! It’s love at first bite for me with anything that has mango! This pizza is the perfect combo of sweet and savory.

If I’m looking for something with a bit of spice; then it’s the Da’ Pele! The Goddess of Fire would sure be a fan of this fiery pie. It has pepperoni, Aloha’s Portuguese sausage, bacon, pineapple and jalapeños. Their Portuguese sausage is their own signature version and it’s amazing.

Since one can order half and half with any pie; a half and half order is perfect for when you want to mix it up a bit.

Aside from pizza; Aloha’s Pizza and Shave Ice Company has a variety of different ono pupus (appetizers) as well. They have Cheesy Bread, Hot Wings, Pineapple Ribs and North Shore inspired Garlic Shrimp.

For the Wings they’ve got 3 different types. They’ve got Volcano Wings for those who want a slight fiery flare. This has a mild spicy sauce. They’ve got Kilauea Wings for those who want even more spice. These wings are made with a very spicy sauce imported straight from Hawaii. Last but not least is my favorite 808 Wings; which is made in a Korean-inpsired sauce of fresh garlic, scallions, chili sauce, Shoyu, sesame seeds and some of their own signature secret spices. Ono, with a capital “O!”

Aloha’s Pizza and Shave Ice Company’s North Shore inspired Garlic Shrimp takes inspiration from no other than Oahu’s famous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck! Yes! They bring their version of garlic shrimp right into the South Bay hale and so no need to go all the way to Kahuku! We’ve got our own South Bay version of Giovanni’s now! Yay for some 808 in the 310. The garlic shrimp is perfect with a side of steamed rice.

One should also save room for dessert when coming here. I always look forward to a bit of sweet treats after a meal. They’ve got Hawaiian Shave Ice and Bubbies Gourmet Mochi Ice Cream. Their Hawaiian Shave Ice is made with syrups from Hawaii, has ice cream in the middle and can be topped with mochi, fresh fruit, condensed milk and my all time favorite; boba! I was so excited to see them offer boba as a topping for their shave ice. I’ve tried the milk tea and the thai tea shave ice and they’re so ono. I love how it has that ice cream in the middle that is the perfect surprise. I also love the soft and chewy boba toppings. Shave ice with ice cream and boba is the best deconstructed boba drink!

Hele on over to Aloha Pizza and Shave Ice Company for some ono food! They treat everyone like their own ohana here too! The aloha spirit is reflected in both their food and service and that’s why I am such a fan. Mahalo Aloha Pizza and Shave Ice Company! A hui hou Aloha Pizza and Shave Ice Company.

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Hello Cherrystones Chili!

Hello Cherrystones Chili!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and there’s a winner already in my books! Cherrystones Grill and Grotto in Gardena, California got the touchdown in my heart…err tummy 😉 with their award winning chili!

Cherrystones has been in Gardena since 1987 and they’re famous for their Hawaiian ono food along with other delicious dishes such as Prime Rib and Chilean Sea Bass. It’s their chili however that they’re most famous for. Their chili won an award at the Malibu Kiwanis 30th anniversary Chili cookout and was voted the best chili and most popular!

This Super Bowl Sunday; Cherrystones offered a variety of specials that included their chili. One of them was the Chili Tamale.

The Chili Tamale is usually only available on Chili Wednesdays but lucky for me they had this Super Bowl Sunday. I felt like the Super Bowl champ with scoring this dish! A soft tamale filled with tender beef was smothered with lots and lots of their flavorful chili and topped off with shredded cheese and some onions. Wow! It is no wonder this chili won awards because it’s some of the best chili I’ve ever had.

Alongside the Chili Tamale; I got some of their Hawaiian Fried Chicken. Once again; Cherrystones wins. The Hawaiian Fried Chicken was so ono. The chicken itself had a nice, sweet flavor.

Touchdown! Score! Cherrystone Chili for the win!

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Hello -8C Ice Cream!

Hello -8C Ice Cream!

How are you going to roll this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to get “Lost in Thailand” and have a little “Chocolate Love” with your “Minions Lover” or are you simply going to be “Peanut Butter Jealous.”

No matter how you roll, -8C Ice Cream in Gardena has got you covered. 😉 

Newly opened in Gardena is -8C Ice Cream! This  new ice cream shop specializes in rolled ice cream! It’s a cool new Asian dessert trend that Hello Kitty Foodies with a sweet tooth are sure to love. Popular in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines, rolled ice cream just recently made it to the US.

At -8C they have a very cute menu filled with names that are perfect for this love month. 😉  Flavors include Minions Lover (banana/nutella), Strawberry Shawty (strawberry/graham cracker), Oreo Land (oreo), Peanut Butter Jealous, Chocolate Love (chocolate syrup/graham cracker), Lost in Thailand (Thai Tea), Capn Crunch, Red Match (red bean/match), Rose (rose syrup) and Key Lime Pie and (lime/graham cracker). Hmm I think I have an ice cream crush on all of those haha!

One is sure to fall in love with how rolled ice cream works. It’s a quick and fun process. You choose your ice cream flavor and then the guys working at -8C will pour a cup of liquid  ice cream base in the flavor of your choice onto a giant chilled metal pan. Upon pouring the liquid ice cream it instantly starts to freeze.


As the liquid ice cream is freezing, the guys at -8C will then add the toppings to the top of your ice cream. The toppings and the liquid ice cream are mashed and mixed all together.


The entire mixture then is flattened out and spread thin. The final step is slowly scraping the yummy mixture from the chilled metal pan. They are scraped in strips and then the strips are rolled. The rolls then go into your cup and tada you have ice cream rolls! At -8C you also get unlimited toppings for free. Toppings include fresh fruit, cookies and graham crackers!

How did this Hello Kitty Foodie roll at -8C? I was “Peanut Butter Jealous” with toppings of mango (my forever fruit crush), graham crackers (my crunchy infatuation) and two oreos (one for Hello Kitty and one for Dear Daniel- where are you Dear Daniel? 😉 )


Don’t be “jealous” of my rolled ice cream! Roll on by and fall in love with this new ice cream shop in Gardena! -8C is located in Pacific Square at the same plaza as O Young’s Rock Pot and Sanrio Surprises.

Happy Valentine’s Day Hello Kitty Foodies!

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Hello O Young’s Rock Pot Gardena!

Hello O Young’s Rock Pot Gardena!

It’s officially Winter and when winter rolls around, it’s time to bring out the jackets and mittens, turn on the heaters and…..eat some hot pot!  The simmering Asian stew is one that brings warmth and comfort to many during the chilly days. It’s always been one of my favorite Winter dishes and thus I was thrilled to find out a new hot pot place opening up in Gardena via O Young’s Rock Pot.

O Young’s Rock Pot is located in the Pacific Square Plaza in Gardena. It is the same place that houses Sea Empress, Toyko Central and Sanrio Surprises ;). O Young’s Rock Pot just opened up this December 2016.

The menu of O Young’s Rock Pot includes appetizers and side dishes such as Homemade Fried Sweet Pumpkin Cake and Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

I really liked the Homemade Fried Sweet Potato Cakes as well as the Fried Sweet Pumpkin Cakes. They come out piping hot. I liked crisp edges and the soft centers. There also is a little dash of sweetness with the addition of powdered sugar on the top.


Their menu also has lunch specials that comes with steamed rice, soup and vegetables.

The soup is a delicious hot egg drop soup with black mushrooms.


They have various lunch specials. For those who like a bit of spice then the kung pao chicken is a nice choice.


Beef lovers will appreciate the hearty beef dish of fried beef with green onion.


The lunch specials are great but the main speciality of the restaurant consists of their rock pots!

For their rock pots, there are fifteen different types.  They have a rock pot for every palate. For seafood lovers, they have a Fish Rock Pot, Crab Rock Pot, Squid Rock Pot, Baby Cuttlefish and Catfish Rock Pot. For veggie fans, there is the Nutritious Mixed Mushroom Rock Pot and Veggie Rock Pot. Meat lovers can enjoy Beef Rock Pot and Beef Short Ribs Rock Pot. There’s also something for the more adventurous in the Bullfrog Rock Pot. Each rock pot comes in your choice of their signature sauce, spicy sauce or curry sauce.

The first rock pot I tried here was their Chicken Rock Pot.


The chicken rock pot comes with choice of boneless chicken or chicken with bone. Along with the chicken is napa, fish cake and wood ear mushroom. The chicken with bone really brings out the flavor of the chicken. This flavor is further enhanced with the various veggies. I really liked the wood ear mushrooms that were mixed in.

The other rock pot that was super pleasing to my palate, was no other than one of their most popular, the Beef Rock Pot.


The beef rock pot is packed with savoriness. The beef comes with beef, napa, beef tendon balls, lobster fish balls and enoki mushrooms. I got this rock pot with the spicy sauce and it gave it a subtle fiery kick.

After the rock pot, the perfect thing to indulge in is O Young’s signature drinks. They have fifteen signature drinks that range from milk drinks to coffee drinks to soda type specialities.

Two of the most popular drinks are their Refreshing Lemon Fizz and the Sparkling Strawberry Milk Drink.


The Refreshing Lemon Fizz is one that I have heard many guys enjoy. This one is very similar to lemonade. It is has a tart flavor to it.

The Sparkling Strawberry Milk Drink is one that the girls like. It is actually my favorite. It is a sweet and very pleasing after a bowl of rock pot!

O Young’s Rock Pot in Gardena is a really nice spot to enjoy some comforting hot pots as well as some delicious drinks. I look forward to coming here to try more of their dishes.

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