Hello 7 Leaves Cafe Torrance!

Hello 7 Leaves Cafe Torrance!

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Gandi’s famous words are around the cups and it appears as well on a “eye chart” decoration at the newly opened 7 Leaves Cafe in Torrance.

7 Leaves Cafe indeed is making a change in the world; the boba world to be exact and I like it! The shop that first originated in Orange County has now hit the South Bay. What makes their drinks so unique is they chop, peel, cook, stir, and press by hand from raw ingredients in order to extract real flavors to use in their drinks.

I love my tea as well as my boba and 7 Leaves Cafe has the quality that I am looking for! My favorites so far include their House Coffee as well as their Mung Bean Tea.

The House Coffee is an authentic Vietnamese style coffee with hazelnut cream while the Mung Bean Tea is jasmine tea with mung bean and pandan leaves. Both drinks are true to their name and the flavor really comes out.

Aside from drinks; 7 Leaves also offers macarons and strawberry croissants! I enjoyed some strawberry croissants with my drink and enjoyed the buttery flaky crust of the croissant and the sweet cream that oozed out from the inside.

7 Leaves is definitely making a change; a good change in bringing quality ingredients to bring out quality food and drinks! I’m happy to see this place now in the South Bay!

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Hello Newberry Coffee and Tea!

Hello Newberry Coffee and Tea!

Coffee, Tea and Newberry!

There’s a new place in the South Bay to get a good cup of coffee for cold days  or an iced cold boba for chilly days.  Newberry Coffee and Tea just opened up this January 2019 in Torrance, CA! Newberry Coffee Roasters gets all their coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Panama, Guatemala and Hondura and they roast their coffee locally in Los Angeles weekly. Being a big coffee and boba fan, I had to check this place out.


Since it was a rather warm day in Los Angeles, my eye was on their Favorite Blended menu. Two in particular caught my eye; the Caramel Frappe and the Taro Milk Molly

For those looking for a great day kickstart, the Caramel Frappe is one that I recommend! With espresso,  caramel, coffee jelly and oreo; it’s the perfect blend of coffee and sweet. I liked the hints of caramel within in the espresso. Typically espresso drinks can be a bit too strong for me but here they do it just right.

The Taro Milk Molly has milk, taro, panda boba and custard. This one is a classic boba drink for those who like simple and sweet.

The frappe and molly were just two of the drinks that I enjoyed. They have many more in their Favorite Blended menu but you can also customize and make your own!


It’s always nice to see a nice new coffee shop. Newberry Coffee and Tea Company hits the spot for when craving some coffee or boba!

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Hello and hi ;) Honeyboba!

Hello and hi ;) Honeyboba!


Two letters. One simple word. It all started with “hi.” 😉

Today I said hi. I said hi to the newest Honeyboba location and it was indeed the start of many smiles.


I’ve been introduced to Honeyboba before. Awhile back I went to the Lomita location and anyone who read my Yelp review then knew I instantly developed a Honeyboba crush. The pink booths, chandeliers and their taro smoothie with honeyboba simply won me over.


Aside from the Lomita location, Honeyboba can be found in Arcadia and Rosemead. Those places are a bit too far from me however.

I was therefore super happy to learn about another South Bay location. Just recently their newest location in Gardena opened! I got to try this place today.
Just seeing the big “Open” sign made me giddy with happiness.


Maybe it was the chandeliers all over, the pink border lights and the bright and sunny yellow booths.

It could be the extensive menu consisting of fresh brewed classics, infused ice teas, royal milk tea, mountain oolong milk teas, ice crystal drinks, creamy smoothies, frosted signature milky drinks, crystal teas, fresh fruit juices and yogurt lush.

It may be all the different flavors from Ghiradelli chocolate to Blushing Peach to Almond Coffee.

Maybe it was all of the above but once again I was smitten with Honeyboba.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with a boba crush. It was a fairly chilly night but nonetheless there was a pretty significant line of folks waiting for boba.

My chosen drink was the strawberry + pudding + honey boba frosted signature milky.

Lots of honey boba and soft egg pudding swirled around and filled this strawberry based drink. So cute! So sweet! It’s no wonder, I love this place.

Today I said hi.
Hi, Honeyboba! You made me smile today.


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