Hello Torrance Bakery!

Hello Torrance Bakery!

Torrance Bakery, how much do I love thee? As I sit here, sipping my Seattle’s Best Coffee enjoying my Friday at your bakery, let me count the ways! 😉


Caramel maple donut: sweet chocolate topped donut with caramel filling, this donut spells love for chocolate and caramel lovers of the world!

caramel maple

Blueberry donut: blueberry cake base and glaze topping, this donut makes be berry, berry happy!

blueberry donut

Fruit loops donut: colorful pastel donuts on top of a white glazed donut, this donut is cute and color-icious!

fruit loops

Cronut: the popular croissant and donut hybrid simply makes me crazy with its flaky goodness!



Blueberry muffin: true blueberry bliss in the form of a muffin!


Angel cookies: white coated cookies with nuts, this is cookie heaven indeed

angel cookies

Hello Kitty cookies: my oh my, a bakery with cute hello kitty cookies, ahh this spot is now a new favorite for Hello Kitty foodie!

hello kitty cookies

hello kitty cookie close up

All of the above and more are reasons why I love Torrance Bakery.

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Hello homemade baked pumpkin pie donuts with cream cheese drizzle!

Hello homemade baked pumpkin pie donuts with cream cheese drizzle!

Ingredients: flour, pumpkin spices, egg, milk, cream cheese, apple butter

Today’s culinary creation is baked pumpkin pie donuts! I’ve always been a big pumpkin fan! I love the sweet aroma and yummy taste!


For the donuts, I first beat the apple butter until it was fluffy. I then added one egg. I followed this with the flour, pumpkin spices and milk.

I also made a cream cheese drizzle using cream cheese, milk and sugar to put on top of the donuts.

The result is this:


Although it is not fall season yet, these pumpkin pie donuts made me feel like it was autumn and close to Thanksgiving and Christmas :), seasons of thankfulness and love! I am thankful for how these pumpkin pie donuts turned out and love how they taste :).

Hello Strand House Birthday celebration!

Hello Strand House Birthday celebration!

For my first food blog entry, I wanted to feature about something special. I celebrated my birthday today with some of my closest Yelp friends at one of my favorite spots in Manhattan Beach, The Strand House. The Strand House was a great spot for a birthday brunch because we had a wonderful view of the beach. Aside from an amazing view, they offer all kinds of yummy foods from the savory to the sweet.
My main course for my birthday celebration was the Eggs benedict. It had house made Canadian bacon on top of two English muffin. I loved the crispy edges on the English muffins and the bacon. I was also very fond of the creamy hollandaise sauce that covered the mufins. On the side were crispy round potatoes.


I also got to try some of the entrees that my friends chose. I tried the belgian waffle with blueberry ice cream and the Margherita pizza with a thin crust.

At the end I got special birthday doughnuts. There were three types of donuts: blueberry glaze, vanilla bean and caramel with fleur de sel. It came with a nice birthday candle. It was such a sweet and lovely birthday treat!

Thank you to my fabulous foodie friends for the Yelp love and sweet birthday!



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