Hello Offset Coffee!

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.”

Hello 2019! The new year is upon us! I am happy to write about a small new coffee shop that is sure to bring extraordinary eats and drinks to many this new year.

Offset Coffee opened up in Torrance, California just this December 27, 2018. The owners are two locals who simply love coffee. They wanted to share their love of coffee via opening up the only multi-roaster coffee shop in the South Bay.

Walking in, I instantly became a fan of the small and simple cafe. It definitely sets an “offset” type of mood from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Very simple. Very basic. It’s all about taking a breather and simply enjoying the coffee here.

Their menu consists of various coffee delights ranging from drip coffee to cortado and flavored lattes.  Flavored lattes are vanilla, hazelnut and lavender. They also offer cold brews, Mexican cokes and hot chocolate.

Upon my visit here, my mom and I tried the hazelnut latte and cappuccino, respectively.


The hazelnut latte was simply delightful. It had the right hint of hazelnut flavor in the cup. It was nutty, sweet and creamy and a perfect match to the pastries we would also try on this visit.


The cappuccino was also great. A perfect starter for the day with it’s rich and bold flavor.

To go along with are cups of coffee, we tried two of their fresh baked pastries. Offset’s pastries are from Bakers Kneaded. Bakers Kneaded bakes daily in Los Angeles organic whole grain breads and pastries from California sourced and grown ingredients.

First up we tried the bombolini.


Talk about heaven in a bite. These Italian doughnuts are filled with custard that simply melts in the mouth. It is no wonder these sell out almost daily at the shop.

The next pastry we tried was their almond croissants.


The almond croissants have a buttery, flaky crust topped with powdered sugar and almonds. Inside is a lovely almond paste that is simply perfection.

Trying out Offset Coffee was great way or shall I say an extraordinary way to start the new year.  I cannot wait to have more “offset” days.

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Hello Yelp Elite Event: Yelp’s First Look at Randy’s Donuts

It’s so sweet to be Yelp elite and it truly was a sweet time at the recent Yelp LA Elite event at the newest Randy’s Donuts that just opened up in El Segundo at Apollo Landing.

Randy’s Donuts has been serving delicious donuts since 1962. Everything is made by hand and they even have a special, unique flour that is used just by the store! They’re all about quality and being affordable. They’re world famous for a reason.

Last night, us Yelp LA elites got to be partake in a very special celebration of their new store and we got to taste a variety of the donuts that they’re world-famous for.


Randy’s Donuts donut menu is split between classic, deluxe, fancy and premium. Classic donuts include  glazed raised, chocolate iced cake and crumb cake.  Deluxe donuts include glazed twist, blueberry cake and maple cruller.  For those who like fancy, there is roasted coconut raised, cinnamon roll and bear claw. Lastly for the ones looking for really unique treat there are the premium donuts. The premium menu has delicious treats like red velvet with ganache and crumbs, fruity pebbles crumb and s’mores raised.

If you’re not drooling already from their extensive donut menu; then you surely will be drooling once you have the El Segundo exclusive Breakfast Donut sandwiches! During the event, we were all treated to this unique and special sandwich (and yes, we were all drooling ;).


Breakfast Donut sandwiches are made with glazed donut rolls with maple pepper bacon, all natural sausage, cafe free eggs, hash browns and American cheese. You can even spice it up with siracha or tapatio sauce! It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty. It was truly intense but truly delicious as well.

Randy’s Donuts El Segundo location is just the start of delicious donuts taking over the foodie world. They will soon have a Downey location, a Hollywood location and even a Manila, Philippines location and Jeju Island, Korea location.  I am so thankful to Yelp LA for this special look of the new Randy’s Donuts in El Segundo.

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Hello Brunch @ Baran’s 2239!

Baran’s 2239 has been on my list of places to try ever since they opened up in 2016. Their co-owner and executive chef, Tyler Gugliotta, is a South Bay native-born and raised in Torrance. Similarly owners Jonathan and Jason Baran are residents of Redondo Beach. Being a local, I’m all about supporting restaurants in the South Bay :). 

Aside from their special tie to my South Bay hometown. I was very intrigued with Baran’s 2239 overall and their tie to great food.  The Barans family is no stranger to food. Their family owned the famed Brothertons Farmhouse on 2239 E. Colorado Blvd in Pasadena for over 50 plus years. The 2239 in the Baran’s restaurant name is homage to the Farmhouse’s restaurant.  The Farmhouse was home to many hometown favorites in Pasadena.  Baran’s 2239 is taking its queue from that fabulous restaurant and serving up some amazing dishes that the whole South Bay and beyond is buzzing about!

Just last month, Baran’s 2239 recently started serving brunch. I am a big fan of brunch and Baran’s 2239 brunch was simply calling my name! All of their offerings are made from scratch and in-house. Their seasonal and locally sourced food is provided by Gugliotta’s family farm, Weiser Farms.

I came for brunch here on Easter Sunday and it truly was a blessed and beautiful meal!

The meal with my family started off with trying their daily special donuts and muffins.

Today their fresh made donut of the day was the Creme Brûlée Donut.


When the creme brûlée donut came out it, it came with the cutest Easter surprise! Baran’s 2239 pastry chef added a homemade little peep on the side. Not only was the peep cute it was delicious as well. It was made out of lavender. (Sorry cute peep, I ate you hehe!) It was the perfect pair to the creme brûlée donut. The creme brûlée donut was so soft and tasty. One bite and the sweet creme brûlée filling oozed out.

Alongside the donut, we were served their Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin.


This again was one amazing pastry creating! The strawberry cheesecake muffin had fresh strawberries inside and it was accompanied with delicious cream cheese on the side. It was just like a cheesecake but in muffin form. Hmm who can say no to cheesecake in the morning? 🙂

For the main entrees, we got their Smoked and Spiced Chicken and Waffle.


Baran’s 2239 is well-known for their fried chicken. Their fried chicken here is prepared in a very unique way. It is first smoked and then fried, and afterwards coated with a soy sauce and chile. Normally the fried chicken is served solo for dinner but for brunch they beautifully pair it with a crispy waffle, pecan sauce and candied nuts. The flavors of this dish simply fall out. You have the smoky, sweet and spicy chicken alongside the sweet, buttery waffle. It is brunch bliss with this dish!

Our second entree for Easter Brunch is one of Baran’s 2239 most popular dishes, their Indian Egg.


The Indian Egg is Baran’s 2239’s version of the Scotch Egg.  The Indian Egg is a dish consisting of a soft boiled egg that is wrapped in a ball of lamb sausage. It is served with yogurt, cucumber and curry jus.

I am not surprised that the Indian Egg is so popular with every one. I love how it is lightly fried and how perfect the egg is soft-boiled. The flavors of the lamb alongside the creamy yogurt and spiced curry are without a doubt pleasing to the palate.

Easter is a time for new beginnings and my brunch trip here with family is a new beginning of a new tradition of coming to Baran’s 2239. I cannot wait to return and indulge in more of their delicious dishes!

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Hello Blue Star Donuts!

Donuts for grown ups. One will never quite look at donuts the same way after trying out Blue Star Donuts.


Originating in Portland, Oregon, these gourmet brioche donuts have come to Los Angeles via a new shop in Venice on Abbot Kinney. The dough of the donuts is made fresh daily in a 18 hour labor of love. Ingredients include Shepherds grain bread flour, cage free eggs, hormone free milk, European style butter, rice oil and a special add on that will bring a little bit of an adult flair! What exactly is that that little something something added into their donuts that makes it more adult like? Think bourbon, hard cider, mimosas, olive oil, rosemary….ingredients not typical found in your normal donut. Yes,  gourmet. Yes, different. That is Blue Star Donuts.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a variety of various of these delicious different donut and I can definitely say they are some thing else.

The first Blue Star Donut I got to try was the Passion Fruit Cocoa Nibs.  At first bite, I could taste instant fruitiness. The passion fruit is very pungent in this donut.


Next up on the tasting menu was the Blueberry Bourbon Basil. This flavor is one of Blue Star’s most popular flavors. I attributed most of the blueberry taste to the bourbon basil glaze on top.


The third donut I tried was the Pineapple Pistachio Pina Colada. It is an exclusive flavor to the LA location and a must try! This donut was on top of my favorites of all the Blue Star Donuts I tried. I loved everything from the fresh pineapple to the thick coconut cream to the Caribbean rum and the touch of California pistachios. It made feel like I was in a tropical paradise somewhere enjoying a pina colada on the beach.


The Mexican Hot Chocolate was my next treat. This is for chocolate lovers. It is very rich in chocolate taste. It has a dark chocolate flavor that would go well with a cup of the Stumptown Coffee that they offer.


The Marrionberry Pepper Jam with Peanut Butter Powder was another favorite of mine. With powdered sugar outside and jelly oozing out from inside, this donut is peanut butter and jelly heaven. It is a grown up peanut butter and jelly sandwich made into a dessert.


The Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk is one I found to be very different.  This pretty in pink donut had a really strong rosemary aftertaste.


The Chocolate Almond Ganache is another one for chocolate lovers! Similar to the Mexican hot chocolate, this had a dark chocolate flavor. The almond on top was a nice crunchy touch.


For those wanting a more simple, light treat, the Orange Olive Oil Cake is the one for you. I found this donut to be very light and fluffy with the flavors not too strong.


The Cointreau Creme Brûlée was one tasty, unique treat. It has house made vanilla custard, Cointreau syrup and is sweetened with Madagascar canola beans in a pipette. The vanilla custard is packed in the inside of this donut and really brings out the creme brûlée flavor.


Last but not least, I tried their Hard Cider Apple Fritter. I have always loved apple fritters and found their take of apple fritters here true to the classic apple fritter donut. The hard cider glaze and sugar on top along with the crisp donut texture, makes for one delectable donut!


Blue Star Donuts are definitely not your ordinary donuts. From their buttery brioche dough to their unique ingredients, these doughnuts are definitely a star on their own. They’ve got a little more pizazz, a little bit more oomph, a little bit more adult. They’re like no other. Blue Star Donuts are donuts for grown ups.


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Hello and Happy 78th Birthday Krispy Kreme!

Hello and Happy 78th Birthday Krispy Kreme! Just recently Krispy Kreme celebrated their 78th birthday and they had a giant gift for everyone by offering buying any dozen of their donuts and getting a second dozen of their orignal glazed donuts for 78 cents.


Their warm glazed donuts is a classic favorite but through the years I’ve also become a fan of some of their other flavors! The glazed with Kreme filling is a delicious sweet treat as well their New York Cheesecake donut! Now just in time fo their 78th birthday, Krispy Kreme has more new treats for us all! For a limited time, the Brownie Batter Donut is being offered. It has milk chocolate icing  and mini chocolate chips on top. Inside is a rich brownie batter filling. It is a must for any chocolate lover.


What is a birthday without cake? Krispy Kreme made sure they have cake for their birthday via their Birthday Cake Batter donut! This donut is so cute and festive looking! It has yellow icing and colorful, bright sprinkles on the top! It is filled with a blend of Kreme and birthday cake batter! This one is my favorite out of all their offerings!


I love their new offerings and can’t wait to see what else Krispy Kreme has to offer! Here’s to another 78 years and more Krispy Kreme! Happy birthday!

Hello KSNY x Darcel by Kate Spade!

This is not my typical foodie post. Today Hello Kitty Foodie becomes Hello Kitty Fashionista!

I am absolutely in love with the new KSNY x Darcel by Kate Spade. It is perfect for foodies who are also fashionistas!

I have always been a fan of Kate Spade! My Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” bag set is one of my favorites to use during my foodie adventures around town.

I am always on the lookout for new Kate Spade offerings! This year is one of Kate Spade’s best year yet because Kate Spade is celebrating their 20th birthday!


Their newest offering for 2013 is the KSNY x Darcel. It is a limited edition collaboration with the talented New York based artist Craig Redman, the man behind the darcel character. For KSNY x Darcel, Redman has created a cute girl character who is the ultimate foodie. To quote Redman, “she is a downtown gal who’s not afraid to scarf down a hot dog while swigging champagne she’s snatched from the opening. She’s cute, self aware and in control.” The new collection is filled with fun images of this cute character as well as pink donuts, hot dogs and granny apples! Check out the fun fashion items they have to offer here.

For any foodie, who is also a fashionista, this new Kate Spade offering is perfect! It’s cute and fun and one can totally create a cute outfit for those foodie adventures around town. I can also see myself in the girl character that Redman created. They even created a app where you can put KSNY x Darcel images on your photos! It is perfect for those Instagram food photos ;). Thank you Kate Spade for this fun new offering! #wheresthatgirl? That girl is off to her next foodie adventure all decked in KSNY x Darcel ;).

Hello Torrance Bakery!

Torrance Bakery, how much do I love thee? As I sit here, sipping my Seattle’s Best Coffee enjoying my Friday at your bakery, let me count the ways! 😉


Caramel maple donut: sweet chocolate topped donut with caramel filling, this donut spells love for chocolate and caramel lovers of the world!

caramel maple

Blueberry donut: blueberry cake base and glaze topping, this donut makes be berry, berry happy!

blueberry donut

Fruit loops donut: colorful pastel donuts on top of a white glazed donut, this donut is cute and color-icious!

fruit loops

Cronut: the popular croissant and donut hybrid simply makes me crazy with its flaky goodness!



Blueberry muffin: true blueberry bliss in the form of a muffin!


Angel cookies: white coated cookies with nuts, this is cookie heaven indeed

angel cookies

Hello Kitty cookies: my oh my, a bakery with cute hello kitty cookies, ahh this spot is now a new favorite for Hello Kitty foodie!

hello kitty cookies

hello kitty cookie close up

All of the above and more are reasons why I love Torrance Bakery.

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