Hello Steelhead Coffee Torrance!

Hello Steelhead Coffee Torrance!

Steelhead Coffee hits the South Bay!

The popular coffee shop that has two locations in Long Beach and a location in Laguna Hills has now hit Torrance!

There’s nothing like having some freshly brewed artisan coffee to kick off the weekend and that’s just what I did on a fine Friday that marked the end of the work week.

Steelhead Coffee’s location in Torrance is cute and small. It’s located at the lobby of the office of the Daily Breeze Newspaper. With a very minimalistic design, I could definitely see how this would be a great place to simply enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Their menu consists of drip coffee, cold brew, cortado, lattes and cappuccinos. One can add vanilla, lavender, caramel and chocolate to their drinks too.


I found their caramel latte to be so smooth. It was not too rich but yet perfect for a slightly sweet kick to start off the morning.

Asidefrom their coffee and tea offerings, Steelhead also offers various pastries from Bakers Kneaded; a wholesale Los Angeles bakery that offers organic whole grain breads and pastries.


I instantly became a fan of their almond croissant. With its crispy, flaky skin on the outside topped with sliced almonds and almond paste in the inside; this croissant was the perfect pairing for my caramel latte.

The food offerings doesn’t stop however with bread and pastries because there is more at Steelhead Coffee! The Steelhead Kitchen offers a variety of freshly made hot dishes such as congee, avocado bread and even a Steelhead burger!


I got to try their congee and was amazed at all the wonderful ingredients in the bowl. The rice porridge had fresh persian cucumber, kimchi, sriracha mixed in toasted sesame and soy sauce and topped with soft-boiled egg.  It was definitely one of the most special rice porridges I’ve ever seen or had!

It is no surprise Steelhead Coffee has been such a hit in their first three locations.  From their sweet sips to their savory treats; one is sure to smile and have a an amazing start to the day!

For more smiles; please see my latest Yelp review on Steelhead Coffee Torrance.

Hello National Croissant Day!

Hello National Croissant Day!


Flaky, buttery goodness! How can one not appreciate a this wonderful breakfast staple that simple makes you say “Oui!” A bread associated with France but interestingly enough invented by Turkish bakers, the croissant is a favorite for many! Today is the perfect day to have a croissant too because it’s National Croissant Day! Oui!

Starbucks is offering 50% off their crossiant so today for all registered cards and I just could not pass up this deal. My happy Friday morning started off with breakfast with a friend where we got to try two of Starbucks most popular croissants, their chocolate croissant and the almond croissant blossom.

It was flaky, buttery heaven at first bite for the chocolate croissant! Rich, dark chocolate oozed out of the croissant. Sweet in the inside and crispy on the outside, it was delcious.

The almond croissant blossom was my favorite though! It is topped with almond filling and toasted slice almonds! The sweet almond paste was perfection. It brought out the buttery goodness of the croissant even more. The toasted almonds were the perfect matching topping. I am such a fan of this croissant!

Thanks to Starbucks today for such a happy morning and a delicious way to celebrate National Croissant Day! I wish all my blog readers a very Happy National Croissant Day! ❤️