Hello Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe!

Hello Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe!

Bonjour Hello Kitty Foodies!

We now have a  little taste of France in Redondo Beach! Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe has recently opened up in Redondo Beach and this place is sure to make you say “Je T’aime Paris Baguette.”

It is truly not hard to fall in love with this cute little bakery cafe. Walking in you are greeted with a wonderful assortment of French bread and pastries. They have a wonderful array of both sweet and savory goodies for you to enjoy. Among the delicious sweet treats are raspberry cream cheese and blueberry cream cheese croissants, lemon pain aux raisin bread and chocolate croissants. (I love how the raspberry cream cheese croissant has lots of sweet raspberry jam in it! I also love that the lemon pain six raisin bread has swirls of cream cheese on top!) Savory delights can be found in their ham and cheese panini and their hash brown bread. (I am simply crushing how the ham and cheese panini has a hint of pesto! This Hello Kitty Foodie is also enamored with the hash brown bread that is packed with a whole hash brown, ham and cheese!)


To go along with their fresh baked offerings, Paris Baguette has a full coffee menu with iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, mocha and drip coffees!


It is no secret that I love cute coffee houses and Paris Baguette just made me oh so happy with their fragrant cup of hazelnut coffee. A croissant plus their coffee is truly a match made in heaven!

Last but definitely not least, is their beautiful desserts.


It is truly every sweet tooth’s dream come true here. They have various cream puffs, fruit tarts, cheesecake, cake rolls, cakes and macarons! They also have “Delightful Bites” of cookies in cranberry almond flavor and salted caramel chocolate in cute small mason bars. These sweet treats are perfect for a small afternoon snack or dessert!

From their freshly bakes French bread and pastries to their fresh brewed coffee and their beautiful cakes and dessert, it is hard not to fall in love with Paris Baguette! It makes my heart happy to see this new bakery open up in Redondo Beach!

Je T’aime Paris Baguette!

Hello Patisserie Chantilly!

Hello Patisserie Chantilly!

With it’s light mint green walls, cute and clean white tables with pink fuchsia and lime green chairs, it was hard for me not to fall in love with Patisserie Chantilly. I just got that warm, happy feeling walking into this pastry shop. When I spotted their delicious looking desserts and their coffee and tea menu, I knew I had found my latest pastry shop crush.


Patisserie Chantilly has a small drink menu consisting of various hot beverages like cafe lattes, English tea and Japanese green tea. They also have several iced beverages. I decided to get a hot beverage via their crema coffee. Their crema coffee is brewed with premium espresso beans that they import from Italy.


I loved the cute presentation of how the crema coffee was served. The petite coffee cup was served with a neat tray that had white and brown sugar cubes in a cup along with a small cup of cream.


The crema coffee was simply delightful and heartwarming. It was light and sweet. It was a delightful drink for a cold day and a perfect pair to the pastry dish that I ordered.

For my pastry, I chose to get the Choux aux sesame or black sesame cream puff. The choux aux sesame was one heavenly treat. The cream puff outer layer was so soft and delicate. The inside of the cream puff was a wonderful smooth, blend of sesame, honey and cream. It was love at first bite with this delectable dessert.


A cute little shop with delicious drinks and pretty pastries, Patisserie Chantilly now tops my list of sweet places that make me smile.


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