Hello Milk Bar Vegas!

Hello Milk Bar Vegas!

Every time I go on travel, I truly try to make the most of it and have a sweet time! When I went to Washington DC, a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting some treats at Milk Bar DC. Who would’ve thought that I’d be able to try Milk Bar again a few weeks later but now on the West Coast.

As those who read my last blog post know, I recently had got to eat at the very delicious Momofuku Vegas at The Cosmopolitan. When there is a Momofuku, then of course there is a Milk Bar. In bright neon pink lights, shines the cute Milk Bar at the second floor of The Cosmopolitan. 


Like my trip to Milk Bar DC I was once again in true bliss with the all the delicious sweets they had to offer. Needless to say,  I once again got a variety of goodies. (Hmm as I stated earlier, i try to make the most of it when I travel! 😉


I was such a fan of Milk Bar’s cookies from my DC trip, that I got a couple more here at Milk Bar Vegas.


One of the nice things about visiting Milk Bar Vegas was I got to try some cookies that I didn’t get DC location and thus I got some new favorites and old favorites. This go around my cookie selection included the compost cookie, cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie, chocolate chocolate cookie, corn cookie and their blueberry cream cookie. What can I say? I’m a true cookie monster err kitty. 😉

The compost cookie is what I was told is Milk Bar’s most popular. It’s a chew cookie that is packed with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham cracker, butterscotch and chocolate chips. I love how they combine salty and sweet.

The cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow is a chocolate chip cookie with a twist. Along with chocolate chips, there are crunchy cornflakes, gooey marshmallows and mini chocolate chips.

The chocolate chocolate cookie is for all the chocolate lovers! It’s double chocolate heaven with chocolate cookie dough and chocolate crumbs. It’s a rich brownie but in cookie form.

The corn cookie was the other cookie I didn’t get to try. I’ve always been a fan of corn bread and this cookie reminded me of that. It has the just the right sweetness and butter flavor that I love from corn bread. This was my favorite of all the cookies!

Aside from the cookies, I absolutely was a fan of the Milk Bar soft serve. When in DC, I tried their cereal milk soft serve and thus in Vegas I was curious to try the other flavors.


I’ve always wanted to try the birthday soft serve. I loved this birthday layer cake flavored  ice cream that was surrounded with rainbow sprinkles. It’s not my birthday but it sure was party time for my palate with this!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Milk Bar Vegas has crack pie soft serve! It’s no secret that crack pie is one of their top sellers. The crack pie’ signature gooey butter flavor can be found in this delightful, creamy soft serve. This is definitely one of my favorite flavors.

Speaking of crack pie, I couldn’t let a trip to Milk Bar pass without getting some crack pie.


The crack pie is as addicting as I remember it! Buttery and simply melts in your mouth. Hmm it can be dangerous that there is Milk Bar in the West Coast now ;). Oh Vegas, you and your vices hehe.

Lastly I got a trio of Milk Bar’s truffles. The truffles were an item that I never got to try in DC and thus I was excited to try them out.


Milk Bar has three cake truffles. They are birthday truffles, chocolate malt cake truffles and strawberry lemon cake truffles.

The birthday cake truffles were the first ones I tried. They say this is a “birthday party in a bite” and it is indeed true. These truffles are made out of vanilla rainbow cake mixed with vanilla infused milk. It is then coated with white chocolate and rolled in rainbow cake crumbs. Sweet and moist, party flavor indeed!

The chocolate malt cake truffles were divine! This is another treat for those who love chocolate. These truffles are made out of rich chocolate cake mixed with malted milk. It is also coated with white chocolate and rolled in malted milk crumbs!

Last but not least were the strawberry lemon cake truffles! I love both strawberries and lemons and so this combo truffle was a neat treat! These truffles consist of vanilla cake mixed with lemon juice and then it is coated with white chocolate and rolled in strawberry milk crumbs. It’s a strawberry shortcake with lemon flavoring!

Vegas has always been a sweet place to visit for many but for me I now I can truly say my heart has a sweet spot for Sin City, thanks to Milk Bar Vegas. Milk Bar’s slogan is “we’re here to make your day a little sweeter.” They truly have done that for me and making my trips a little sweeter. 😉

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Hello Milk Bar DC!

Hello Milk Bar DC!

After feeling just peachy from my trip to Momofuku CCDC, I could not help but go to the neighboring Milk Bar DC. No trip to Momofuku, would be complete without a trip to the Milk Bar, after all ;).


The Milk Bar is where sweet dreams are fulfilled and walking in, I was already in a sweet state of bliss as I could smell the sweet aroma of fresh-baked cookies and cakes. Cookies! Cakes! Soft Serve! Truffles! Happiness!

Perhaps one of the hardest decisions ever was choosing what to get at the Milk Bar but then with the sweetness in the air guiding me, the answer was easy! How about a little bit of every thing? This is sweet heaven after all and no judging ;).


From the cookies, I got Milk’s Confetti Cookie, Blueberry and Cream Cookie and their Cherry Rose Cookie.

The Confetti Cookie was an old favorite that was taken out of the menu late last year but just in time for my Milk trip, it came back! Confetti is associated with a party and this cookie will indeed bring a party to your mouth! The cookie itself has a vanilla base that is mixed in with rainbow sprinkles. It’s just a rainbow of happiness right for your tastebuds.

The Blueberry and Cream Cookie has a sugar cookie dough base that is topped with bits of milk crumbs and lots of dried blueberries. It reminded me of a blueberry muffin but a in a cookie form! This cookie was true blueberry bliss!

The Cherry Rose Cookie was very special because it is a an exclusive cookie at Milk Bar CCDC. I am loved this cookie because it s an ode to one of my favorite things in DC: cherry blossoms! It’s a fruity meets a floral combination with freeze dried cherries, milk crumbs and rose water essence with a final layer of dusted cherries on top. Just like cherry blossoms, this cookie was only in DC for a limited time. I am so glad I got to try it on my trip.

A kitty cannot live on cookies err bread alone hehe and thus I tried out their soft serve!

For the soft serve, I tried their cereal milk soft serve. This is the true breakfast for champions. It is creamy ice cream that is made with milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and they add in a pinch of salt. It really is like milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflake cereal.

Last but definitely not least was their Crack Pie. The Crack Pie has been a pie I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time. At first bite, I knew it truly was worth the wait! The buttery flavoring of the pie is perfection and simply melts in your mouth. The toasted oat crush is chewy and tasty! It is unlike any other pie I have ever had.  I can definitely see why people can get addicted to this Crack Pie.

If Momofuku made me feel peachy, then Milk Bar simply made me feel heavenly. It was a sweet heaven of sweet treats and I cannot wait to be back at Milk Bar one day.

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