Hello Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe!

Hello Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe!

Bonjour Hello Kitty Foodies!

We now have a  little taste of France in Redondo Beach! Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe has recently opened up in Redondo Beach and this place is sure to make you say “Je T’aime Paris Baguette.”

It is truly not hard to fall in love with this cute little bakery cafe. Walking in you are greeted with a wonderful assortment of French bread and pastries. They have a wonderful array of both sweet and savory goodies for you to enjoy. Among the delicious sweet treats are raspberry cream cheese and blueberry cream cheese croissants, lemon pain aux raisin bread and chocolate croissants. (I love how the raspberry cream cheese croissant has lots of sweet raspberry jam in it! I also love that the lemon pain six raisin bread has swirls of cream cheese on top!) Savory delights can be found in their ham and cheese panini and their hash brown bread. (I am simply crushing how the ham and cheese panini has a hint of pesto! This Hello Kitty Foodie is also enamored with the hash brown bread that is packed with a whole hash brown, ham and cheese!)


To go along with their fresh baked offerings, Paris Baguette has a full coffee menu with iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, mocha and drip coffees!


It is no secret that I love cute coffee houses and Paris Baguette just made me oh so happy with their fragrant cup of hazelnut coffee. A croissant plus their coffee is truly a match made in heaven!

Last but definitely not least, is their beautiful desserts.


It is truly every sweet tooth’s dream come true here. They have various cream puffs, fruit tarts, cheesecake, cake rolls, cakes and macarons! They also have “Delightful Bites” of cookies in cranberry almond flavor and salted caramel chocolate in cute small mason bars. These sweet treats are perfect for a small afternoon snack or dessert!

From their freshly bakes French bread and pastries to their fresh brewed coffee and their beautiful cakes and dessert, it is hard not to fall in love with Paris Baguette! It makes my heart happy to see this new bakery open up in Redondo Beach!

Je T’aime Paris Baguette!

Hello Nordstrom Del Amo E-bar!

Hello Nordstrom Del Amo E-bar!

What happens when a self-professed Nordy girl who has a coffee crush spots a coffee bar right next to Nordstrom? Pure bliss and ecstatic giddiness happens!

That is exactly what happened when I spotted the newly opened Nordstrom E-bar adjacent to the first floor of the newly opened Nordstrom at Del Amo Fashion Center.


As soon as I spotted the e-bar, this Hello Kitty Foodie walked in to check this place out.

It’s a small mini cafe where guests can enjoy handcrafted coffee beverages prepared by skilled baristas.  Flat whites, chai lattes, almond rocha lattes…this girl with a coffee crush was simply thrilled at the menu.

What really sold me though was when I spotted the featured item of the day. The featured item of the day was the pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin spice mocha! It is no secret that I love pumpkin goodies and I knew instantly this is what I wanted to order.

I got myself the pumpkin spice mocha, a handcrafted hot beverage with pumpkin, fall spices and espresso.


The pumpkin spice mocha was deliciously rich with mocha flavor, so much so that the pumpkin taste was subtle. There were also sprinkles of chocolate on top. There was no needed for any additional sugar or cream, because taste wise it was perfect by itself. The freshness of the brew, the taste of mocha, the little hints of pumpkin, made for one nice coffee treat.

Nordstrom Del Amo gave this Nordy girl another reason to smile. I love the newly opened E-bar. As someone who has a forever coffee crush, this E-bar is a welcome addition to Del Amo Fashion Center.

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Nordstrom Del Amo E-bar.

Hello Smart Coffee App!

Hello Smart Coffee App!

Being a iPhone girl who’s always looking for fun apps to try and someone who has a coffee crush, I could not help be but excited when I heard about the Smart Coffee App.

SmartCoffee is the mobile app created by Paul Katzeff, the grandfather of specialty coffee roasting in America. Paul has 45 years of experience in the coffee business and he made this app in order to help coffee drinkers around the world find the perfect coffee cup for their own particular taste. It’s an app for every coffee fan whether they be long time coffee lovers or new coffee drinkers. This app helps everyone think and drink coffee like a professional.

The way the app works is very simple. You choose first your “mouthfeel” that fits you best. You can choose from “Bright and Lively” (edgy) or “Heavy and Mellow” (buttery). Once you choose your “mouth feel,” you get to choose three flavors that fit your tastes.”


The Smart Coffee App will then take your preferences and tell you the blend that is perfect for you and recommend which coffee fit your tastebuds.

For my blend, I chose heavy, sweet sour, nutty, fruity and chocolate. The Smart Coffee App said my choice of coffee are coffees that are natural or dry processed with sweet/sour flavors. They recommended Byron’s Maracaturra, a light roast and organic coffee.


This coffee is from Byron Corrales, a organic farmer and pioneer in applying biodynamic farming practices to coffee production. This coffee is sweet and floral with hints of cashew and mango. Just seeing this recommendation, I knew the Smart Coffee app hit it right on. I love both cashew and mango and thought it was so awesome that the app picked this up based off my coffee preferences.

Trying the coffee for the first time, I was instantly impressed. The coffee is light roast and perfect for my tastebuds because I prefer coffee that is not too strong. The main coffee itself is smooth tasting and very satisfying. There’s a little hint of sweet and some fruity in there which definitely matches my chosen flavor. The light roast coffee nutty’s sweet edge makes for just the right acidity to kick start the day! I love the overall buttery smoothness of this blend. I am a fan.

The Smart Coffee App made it so easy for me to find the perfect coffee blend for me. If you are a smart phone app fan and a coffee fan, like me, the Smart Coffee App is the app for you. You will be sure to find the right roast, perfect flavor and best coffee that fits you. Happy coffee drinking my hello kitty foodies!

*Item in this post were provided via a complimentary voucher to facilitate this review. This blog post was accurate when published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the blog writer.

Hello Two Guns Espresso!

Hello Two Guns Espresso!

I have a thing for friendly neighborhood coffee shops. There’s just something special about cute little spots where I can pleasantly sip a good cup of coffee, enjoy a pastry and just relax. When I heard about Two Guns Espresso, I knew that this one coffee shop I had to visit. The day to visit came recently. It was one of those days where I just needed some quiet time and a little break.

I walked in to Two Guns Espresso and found myself in a small and simple coffee shop. After quickly scanning the menu, I chose to get a flat white and a egg muffin pie.


It was my first time to try a flat white. I will admit that I was intrigued with what a flat white would taste like. It’s a popular coffee drink from Australia and New Zealand that has steamed whole milk over a double shot of espresso and topped with microfoam. It’s very much like a latte. I found the flat white here to be a nice, smooth cup of coffee. It’s slightly bold in taste and definitely gave a kick start to my day. Normally for a flatwhite, the microfoam is swirled into some type of coffee art like hearts or (maybe even a hello kitty shape 😉 and so I was somewhat sad mine didn’t really have a design. It was still a good first try for me though of a flat white.


Along side my flat white, I tried the egg muffin pie. I tried the vegetarian version with asiago cheese, tomato and egg. I really liked the pie base that was similar to a croissant in texture. The hard boiled egg was tasty and the asiago cheese gave a nice flavor. It’s a tasty little treat!


Two Guns Espresso did a nice job of helping put a little sunshine in my day! Little coffee shops tend to do that for me 😉

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Two Guns Espresso.

Hello Patisserie Chantilly!

Hello Patisserie Chantilly!

With it’s light mint green walls, cute and clean white tables with pink fuchsia and lime green chairs, it was hard for me not to fall in love with Patisserie Chantilly. I just got that warm, happy feeling walking into this pastry shop. When I spotted their delicious looking desserts and their coffee and tea menu, I knew I had found my latest pastry shop crush.


Patisserie Chantilly has a small drink menu consisting of various hot beverages like cafe lattes, English tea and Japanese green tea. They also have several iced beverages. I decided to get a hot beverage via their crema coffee. Their crema coffee is brewed with premium espresso beans that they import from Italy.


I loved the cute presentation of how the crema coffee was served. The petite coffee cup was served with a neat tray that had white and brown sugar cubes in a cup along with a small cup of cream.


The crema coffee was simply delightful and heartwarming. It was light and sweet. It was a delightful drink for a cold day and a perfect pair to the pastry dish that I ordered.

For my pastry, I chose to get the Choux aux sesame or black sesame cream puff. The choux aux sesame was one heavenly treat. The cream puff outer layer was so soft and delicate. The inside of the cream puff was a wonderful smooth, blend of sesame, honey and cream. It was love at first bite with this delectable dessert.


A cute little shop with delicious drinks and pretty pastries, Patisserie Chantilly now tops my list of sweet places that make me smile.


For more smiles, please read my recent Yelp Review on Patisserie Chantilly

Hello Latte Macchiato Mondays at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

Hello Latte Macchiato Mondays at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

“It’s just another manic Monday
I wish it were Sunday..”

Oh Mondays. The day after the nice, relaxing weekend. The day when it’s so hard to wake up when the alarm goes off. The day when you have to think of all the things you have to do this week. Once in awhile we all have that case of those Monday blues. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has an answer for those Monday blues with their “Latte Macchiato Mondays”

This January, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, had a special offer of $2 latte macchiatos on Monday. The latte macchiato is the newest hot beverage to their lineup. Today happened to be the last Monday that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was offering this new beverage at a discounted price. Right in the middle of my own little manic Monday, a little notification popped up on my phone reminding me to try The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s cure for the Monday blues.

I’ve always loved trying out The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s different offerings and Monday or not, I was curious to try out their new offering. Soon enough at lunch, I was at the local The Coffee Bean choosing between the three versions of their latte macchiato: caramel, vanilla bean and dark chocolate. I chose to get the vanilla bean version.

The vanilla bean latte macchiato has a mix of whole milk and vanilla beans at the bottom and then topped with foam and a drizzle of sauce. A shot of espresso is poured on top. The barista took a lot of care making my drink and I watched as he took his time pouring the whole milk, layering the foam, adding the syrup and espresso shot.


The drink was creamy and smooth. A bit strong at first due to the espresso but then the sweetness of the vanilla starts to settle in.
I’m a vanilla fan and truly appreciate the nice vanilla flavor though I did feel it was a bit too sweet at times. Perhaps though the extra sweet kick was the wake up call to Monday. 😉

It was nice for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to have these special Latte Macchiato Mondays. There’s nothing quite like a little quiet time and a good latte to help kick start the week! Happy Monday 🙂

Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!

Coffee, tea or hello kitty? Happy national coffee day everyone! One coffee for me and another for you ;).


I simply love waking up to the sweet aroma of coffee in the morning. Sitting down and enjoying my sweet cup of cappuccino along with pastries from the local farmers market on weekends is one of the times during the week that I love the most.


I actually am a fan of coffee anytime and anywhere!

Whether it be enjoying a sweet French vanilla at Ihop


Or enjoying an afternoon cup of tiramisu coffee while reading a book at Old Torrance Coffee and Tea


or enjoying a iced coffee at night while eating bahn mi at Lee’s Sandwichs


Coffee time and hanging out with family and friends is the best! It’s such a warm, comforting feeling sitting down with a pumpkin latte or cupcake flavored coffee. I love starting the mornings with a freshly brewed cup or ending the day curled up with a book in one hand and a cappuccino in the other. There is a perfect coffee for every occasion.

To end this blog post, I wanted to “espresso” myself and wish all my readers all a whole “latte” love! Thanks for being sweet and reading this post. You all are like the cream to my coffee and you make writing such a cool beans experience :). Have brew”-tiful day and take time to smell the coffee!