Hello Tim Horton’s

Hello Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton’s in Canada is what In and Out is in California. It’s literally a staple. You can see it spread out in various areas in Vancouver and I wasn’t about to end my Canada trip without trying out some of their goodies. Therefore on my last day in Vancouver, I made Tim Horton’s my last foodie trip.

It was breakfast time and so I tried a egg sandwich with sausage biscuit and a cappuccino. The breakfast sandwich was pretty good! The biscuit bread was so soft! The capuccino was so tasty! It’s had just the right amount of sweetness for an early morning kick.


I got some Canadian maple donuts to-go for my cousin and me for my plane ride later. I’m in Canada so why not pick a donut with Canadian maple?! 😉 The Canadian maple had maple cream on top and I got a surprise when I found little bit of custard filling in the inside. It seems every little food treat in Canada has a maple flavor and this donut was indeed a treat!


It was nice to finally try out Tim Horton’s! I had heard so much about partly because of all the hockey games I watch. Tim Horton’s would sometimes be a sponsor. 😉 Finally during this trip, I got to try the place everyone talks about!

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Tim Horton’s

Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!

Coffee, tea or hello kitty? Happy national coffee day everyone! One coffee for me and another for you ;).


I simply love waking up to the sweet aroma of coffee in the morning. Sitting down and enjoying my sweet cup of cappuccino along with pastries from the local farmers market on weekends is one of the times during the week that I love the most.


I actually am a fan of coffee anytime and anywhere!

Whether it be enjoying a sweet French vanilla at Ihop


Or enjoying an afternoon cup of tiramisu coffee while reading a book at Old Torrance Coffee and Tea


or enjoying a iced coffee at night while eating bahn mi at Lee’s Sandwichs


Coffee time and hanging out with family and friends is the best! It’s such a warm, comforting feeling sitting down with a pumpkin latte or cupcake flavored coffee. I love starting the mornings with a freshly brewed cup or ending the day curled up with a book in one hand and a cappuccino in the other. There is a perfect coffee for every occasion.

To end this blog post, I wanted to “espresso” myself and wish all my readers all a whole “latte” love! Thanks for being sweet and reading this post. You all are like the cream to my coffee and you make writing such a cool beans experience :). Have brew”-tiful day and take time to smell the coffee!