Hello Kitty Sushi for AFC’s 30th Anniversary!

Hello Kitty Sushi for AFC’s 30th Anniversary!

The largest franchise of supermarket-based food service counters in the United States, AFC Franchise Corp is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. They are celebrating in the most kawaii way ever with no other than with our favorite girl, Hello Kitty.

For a limited time, AFC will have exclusive Hello Kitty products that can be found at the sushi bar location of your local super market.


When I heard of AFC’s exclusive offering, I headed straight to the neighborhood Ralph’s.

Walking into Ralph’s I was not disappointed because the Sushi Bar had a bunch of Hello Kitty balloons around it along with a giant Hello Kitty sushi sign. We all know there is no party like a Hello Kitty party and AFC knows how to celebrate the Hello Kitty way!


I saw Hello Kitty shaped containers filled with sushi, Hello Kitty green tea, Hello Kitty soy sauce and even Hello Kitty chopsticks!

If one is to eat a cute lunch, one has to have cute utensils. The Hello Kitty chopsticks were adorable with pink wrapping decorated with Hello Kitty, sushi and Hello Kitty’s signature bow.


Along with the cute chop sticks, kawaii soy sauce as also available. Sushi Hello Kitty was on top of the soy sauce packaging. Who knew soy sauce could be so cute?


The Hello Kitty shaped containers filled with sushi were equally as cute. The packaging has a pink trim and is Hello Kitty’s signature kawaii face.


Inside the container was a variety of sushi delights.


The one I got had Inari sushi, California rolls and crunchy sushi rolls. California rolls are my favorite type of sushi and thus I was so hello kitty happy to see this as part of the set. I loved the cream cheese and avocado. As much I love California rolls though, the crunchy sushi rolls may have just moved itself to the top of my favorite sushi list. I really loved the crunchy sushi roll that was a part of this set! It was full of flavor and I loved that there was plenty of crunchy tempura crumbs on top. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Hello Kitty but I have to say this makes it among the list of the best sushi I’ve ever had.

Along with my Hello Kitty sushi set, I got a Hello Kitty green tea.


It is a traditional green tea that is unsweetened. I’ve always been a big fan of green tea because of its health benefits. Hello Kitty healthy (green tea) makes me one happy Hello Kitty girl. 🙂

AFC also has other products for Hello Kitty Foodies  like teriyaki chicken bowls! Yay!

There’s also a special Hello Kitty Sushi plush, chopsticks and bento box! The chopsticks come in different colors!


Overall all of the Hello Kitty products that AFC is offering made me very happy. Anything Hello Kitty after all is how I roll 😉

Happy 30th Anniversary AFC!