Hello The Standing Room Torrance

Hello The Standing Room Torrance

There’s a bright big pink pig light that’s shining on a wooden wall. The pig stamped with “TSR” looks familiar. Soon enough I remember what “TSR” stands for and I recall some of best burgers I’ve ever had.

Back in 2013; I wrote a blog post about a small Redondo Beach burger spot inside a liquor store that was “omg” amazing. A year later I wrote another blog post about the new full fledge burger restaurant in Hermosa Beach that was opened up by the same owners. Now it’s 7 years later and I’m back to writing about the latest food venture of “TSR” or The Standing Room.

From the liquor store in Redondo Beach to the restaurant in Hermosa Beach; The Standing Room now has a new spot in Torrance, California.

The Torrance location is a welcome addition to the South Bay. It just opened up this past February. The Hermosa Beach sadly was a victim of restaurant closures due to the pandemic back in 2020 and thus this opening in Torrance is a sign of better things to come!

Similar to their other restaurants: this Torrance location offers some tasty treats! They’ve got salads, sammies, burgers and entree plates.

For my first visit to the Torrance location I decided to get a burger as that is the food that The Standing Room is most famous for.

I got The Napoleon; The Standing Room’s biggest burger! I once got this before in Redondo Beach and it’s even bigger and better now in Torrance!

On top of a ton of truffle Parmesan fries is a large thick burger smothered with tomato jam, Korean aioli and topped off with a pile of braised short rib, bacon, spring mixed caramelized onion, fried egg and three types of cheese (American Cheddar and Smoked Gouda).

The burgers at The Standing Room are my favorite but I’m also a fan of their sammies! They even have one that is perfect for vegetarians.

Vegetarians can get the Fu Fu Sammie! It has fried tofu, spring mix, onion, tomato, spicy vinaigrette and gouchu!

⁣⁣I really like this sammie! The fried tofu is good in flavor. The sauces on this sandwich supplement the tofu really well and gives the sandwich an overall sweet and spicy flavor. I also love how the bread has crisp edges.

If I said “OMG” 7 years ago; I’m saying “Ooooooooh yeah” now! This burger is a fabulous as I remember. It is packed with mouth watering ingredients and flavors. It’s gigantic not only in size but in taste too!

I am extremely happy to see The Standing Room in Torrance. It may have been seven years from my first visit at the liquor store but nothing has changed; their burgers still leave me in awe.

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Hello Burgerim!

Hello Burgerim!

Uno, Duo or Trio?

Beef? Turkey? Lamb? Chicken? Salmon? Falafel? Veggie?

Swiss? Cheddar? Bleu? Pepper Jack? American Cheese?

Hmm so many possibilities! How does this Hello Kitty Foodie want her burger today?

I recently had the pleasure at dining at Burgerim; a gourmet burger shop where each customer can customize their burger from a variety of toppings. One can choose from 3 buns, 5 sauces, 10 patties, and 9 toppings and make their own very special burger.

On my trip to Burgerim, I got burger happy with the Cowboy Burger!


For the Cowboy Burger, I got beef topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and a large onion ring. This was all smothered with zesty bbq sauce! Yeehaw! This Cowboy Kitty was happy with this moist burger packed with flavor.

The fun didn’t stop with the Cowboy Burger however because up next for this trip was the California Chicken.


The California Chicken had grilled chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, avocado, mixed greens, tomato. This one was smothered with chipotle mayo!

Now alongside with the burgers, Burgerim offers a variety of side dishes such as Burgerim fries, Slim fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries and home fries. Yes, so many choices for sides too!

I ended up getting the home fries. The home fries are a Burgerim special and I just could not pass this up.


The Home Fries are unlike any other fries I’ve had. These consisted of cubed potatoes tossed in sweet chili sauce and topped with onion seeds. It was sweet and unique and perfectly complimented my burger.

Last but not least to round off my trip to Burgerim, I was treated to not one but two of their fabulous desserts!


The New York Cheesecake was a soft, sweet cheesecake that simply melted in my mouth. The flourless chocolate cake was rich and dark and another great treat.

The possibilities of food choices at Burgerim are endless and fun! Uno? Duo? Trio? How about infinite to try out them all out :).

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Hello Smashburger!

Hello Smashburger!

If you were to define your city in a food, how would you describe it? For Smashburger, they define the city of LA as crispy wonton, fried egg, cilantro, cucumber, lettuce, tomato & Japanese steakhouse dressing on a black and white sesame bun! The city of LA is hybrid of cultures and unique personalities which is interestingly enough similar to what Smashburger’s LA burger is. This burger is a combo of different flavors that can be found in various cuisines. There is the Asian flavor via the crispy wonton and Japanese steakhouse. There is a hint of Spanish via their cilantro. The lettuce, tomato and burger itself is so classically American. I loved how all the various ingredients came together to make one yummy burger!


Aside from the LA burger, I also tried the Truffle Mushroom Swiss chicken sandwich here. This has
truffle mayo, sauteed baby portabella mushrooms and aged Swiss on an egg bun. Hmm this sandwich is not named after any city but each tasty ingredient in this sandwich is sure to be a hit anywhere in the world ;).


From their burgers to their chicken sandwiches, I truly enjoyed my Smashburger experience. Each of their sandwiches has a distinct and delicious flavor. Hmm how would I describe Smashburger? I would define it as a melting pot of good eats. “Melting pot” means a place (such as a city or country) where different types of people live together and gradually create one community. Here at Smashburger, their burgers have different ingredients that come together to create special sandwiches ;).

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