Hello Beach Vibes at Brio LA West Yelp Elite Event!

Hello Beach Vibes at Brio LA West Yelp Elite Event!

Four courses. Eight plates. Epic. That is the Yelp elite way.

In my last blog post, I happily announced that I once again am blessed to be part of the Yelp Elite Squad. Just recently I was blessed too to be part of one of the first LA West Yelp Elite events of 2018; Beach Vibes at Brio.

This event was epic  for a variety of reasons!

  • 1). It was my first elite event ever as a Yelp Black Elite (woohoo here’s to 10 years and counting!)
  • 2). It was in the South Bay (woohoo hometown!)
  • 3). It was a four course dinner with eight plates (woohoo full of deliciousness!)


Upon arrival at the venue, we were all given complimentary pink cosmos. It truly was the start of a special night!


For the savory treats, we first were all treated to some small plates.


Chopped salad had tomatoes, grilled corn, cucumber, smoked gouda, marcona almonds, avocado, lemon vinaigrette and chile lime ranch. This was healthy, crunchy and tasty. The chile lime ranch stood out and brought so much flavor.


Roasted beets and whipped feta was the other small plate for our starters. This had red and gold beets, macron almonds and lemon vinaigrette. The red and gold beets were the perfect color for us Yelp elites (hmm doesn’t it remind you of the Yelp badges? ūüėČ


Third small plate of the night was a favorite for many. The Shrimp n Grits had black pepper shrimp along with creamy smoked gouda polenta. It had a curry like flavor that was out of this world!

From small plates to entrees, we sure were in for a treat that night!


First up was the Bucatini Pomodoro. This lovely vegetarian dish had san mariano tomatoes, basil and burrata. The huge burrata topping was wonderful!


The Skirt Steak was the other main entree of the night. Two 8 oz steaks prepared medium and topped with chimichurri were served to us Yelpers. Tender and tasty, it was a true treat!


Alongside the two savory dishes, we were also treated to some frites accompanied with sriracha ketchup, creamy horseradish and sweet chile aioli!

But wait there’s more…..

How could we end the night without a bang? We got not one but two desserts!


For closers that evening, we had a Warm Berry Cake that was toped with vanilla gelato and berry compote and Brio’s Gooey Chocolate Cake that was topped with hazelnut gelato, nutella crispies and whipped caramel! It truly is sweet to be elite!

Four courses. Eight plates. Happy Yelper!

2018 Epic Yelp Year, here we come!


Hello Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen @ Del Amo!

Hello Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen @ Del Amo!

Another new restaurant has joined the amazing line up of restaurants at Del Amo Fashion Center.  This time the newest restaurant to join the Del Amo Fashion Center family is brought to us by the folks behind Brio Tuscan Grille. This new restaurant is no other than, Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen.


Although Brio Tuscan Grille is more known for Italian fare, here at Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen they offer more of a contemporary, casual American cuisine. They have seasonal menu of chef-prepared items using the freshest, quality ingredients.

The menu starts off with a nice selection of small plates that is perfect for sharing. These include seafood favorites like crispy calamari and scallops as well as social hour favorites like frites and carpaccio. One of my favorite items from the small plates section is the brown butter gnocchi.

The brown butter gnocchi consists of sweet corn sauce, crispy prosciutto and fresno chile. It is a sumptuous seasonal pasta dish. The gnocchi, cooked in the browned butter, is enhanced with the delightfully crispy  prosciutto. The fresno chile gives a  red, subtle smokiness to this dish.


From small plates, we move on to the main stars of Brio’s offerings and these are their main dishes. Their entree selection just like their small plates selection is superb. Some noteworthy items include their ¬†braised short rib and their chicken saltimbocca.

The braised short rib is one hearty dish with a tender short rib on top of smoked gouda polenta and topped with brussels sprouts, hob’s bacon, walnuts and balsamic demi.


“Saltimbocca’s” is defined by¬†¬†‚Äújump in the mouth‚ÄĚ and Brio’s chicken saltimbocca indeed does that with their tender chicken dish that is on top of butternut squash and topped with crispy prosciutto, provolone, sage and lemon caper sauce. It a dish with full of flavor and happiness will surely be jumping in your mouth.


To complement these mains, Brio also offers a good selection of greens and veggies. These actually are good sides but can also stand on their own as entrees. From the veggies section, my favorite is the caramelized brussels sprouts.

I’ve become a big fan of brussels sprouts through the years and Brio’s crispy take on these veggies is one that will make it to the top of my list. Their brussels sprouts are sprinkled with hobb’s bacon and walnuts on top. A nice dash of maple mustard aioli and balsamic vinegar is mixed in.

From small plates to mains, everything at Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen is so savory. One cannot however forget their sweets as they have a delightful “closers” menu. ¬†Two of the most popular items from their sweets section consists of their gooey chocolate cake and their smore’s¬†donuts.

The gooey chocolate cake is everything a gooey chocolate cake should be. It’s rich, messy and simply delicious. It’s topped with hazelnut gelato, surrounded with nutella crisps and drizzled with whipped caramel. It’s a chocolate carnival sure to bring happiness.


Not to be outdone in the dessert menu is their s’mores donuts. These graham cracker donuts are brought out piping hot and fresh from Brio’s open kitchen. Their delightfully soft and heavenly. On the side are nutella and marshmallow dips.


Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen offers a what could be some of the best contemporary cuisine I have ever had. The palatable dishes are simple and chic and sure to bring a smile. Once again there is another great restaurant added to Del Amo Fashion Center.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen.