Hello Myung In Dumplings!

Hello Myung In Dumplings!

If Myung In Dumplings sounds familiar it’s because the K-town restaurant was featured by Anthony Bourdain is show “Parts Unknown” ­čśŐ. Since it’s feature on the show, numerous foodies have flocked to the restaurant in K-town. It was even part of LA Weekly’s “99 Most Essential Restuarants of 2014.” Because of it’s popularity the restaurant has opened up a branch in Garden Grove, California and just recently in Torrance, California. I recently had a chance to check out the newest branch.

Similar to other Korean restuarants, Myung In provides complimentary banchan with their dishes. On my trip here, I got to check out two sides. The first banchan I got was a nice and spicy side dish with pickled daikon, cucumber and jalape├▒os.


The other complimentary side dish I tried was the traditonal Korean favorite kimchi.


I found both banchan to be very flavorful but the pickled daikon was my personal favorite. It had a spicy kick that was a perfect match with the main entrees I got to try.

The first main item I got to try was the Dumpling beef soup. This soup was packed with flavor and packed with ingredients. It came with eight dumplings and glass noodles. With it’s warm broth and fresh dumplings, this soup was so heartwarming for the cold day.


I also got to try another soup via the Beef short rib soup or Gal bee tang. Similar to the dumpling soup, this also had glass noodles. There are no dumplings in this soup however. This soup came instead with three pieces of beef short rib. This is also a good soup for chilly times. The broth is same flavorful broth in the dumpling soup and the beef short rib enhances the flavor even more


Last but definitely not the least was the King steam dumplings that I got to try. True to it’s name, these dumplings are “King.” It’s huge in size and filled with plenty of pork and vegetables. I was actually pleasantly surpised at how much meat was packed in these dumplings. They are like Chinese steamed buns or Filipino siopao but I found the main wrapper to be so much softer.


Overall, I enjoyed trying out Myung In Dumplings. Everything is made fresh and I found it all to be so fulfilling. I can’t wait to try out other items here and it makes me smile just thinking about future dumpling tastings.

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Hello Shilla Restaurant!

Hello Shilla Restaurant!

Earlier this Fall, I had the privilege of attending the Society of Women Engineers Conference and from that trip, I met a lot of good people who became my friends. Since then, we’ve tried to hit up various restaurants to get together and to catch up post SWE Conference. The most recent of these places that we chose to get together at is Shilla Restaurant. It’s a restaurant in Gardena, California that specializes in various types of Korean food.

To start off the meal, we were presented with a warm cup of Korean tea and their house soup. The house soup is a spicy soup with bean sprouts and tofu. It reminded me a lot of kimchi but in soup like form. It’s perfect for those cold Winter days. It has just the right spicy kick that will open up your tastebuds for the meal to come.


Up next for us here was the various banchan. We received kimchi, pickled cucumbers, tofu and eggplant. Later on we also got a salted egg souffl├ę. Out of all the banchan my favorites were the eggplant the egg souffl├ę. The egg souffl├ę in particular was awesome because it was served really hot and was so fluffy. It really went well with the white rice.


For the main course, I tried the Marinated bbq rib eye steak charboiled lunch box. The rib eye steak came with salad, rice, cold noodles and egg tempura.
The bbq rib eye steak was quite a treat. They served a rather large portion of very tender and lean meat. The marinade was slightly sweet and gave very good flavor to the meat. I also liked cold noodles or nangmyun that was served on the side. The silky and long noodles seemed to just melt in the mouth. Lastly the egg tempura was good but was a little on the cold side.


I enjoyed my lunch here with my engineering girls and found it a very good place to sample out a variety of Korean food. From the hot soup to the various banchan to the lunch box that came with different sides, I got quite a taste of Korean food delights. Good food and good friends always make this Hello Kitty Foodie smile.

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Hello Gen Korean BBQ!

Hello Gen Korean BBQ!

When coming to Gen Korean BBQ, one must come hungry! Opening up their newest location in Torrance, this Korean BBQ spot offers premium all you can eat bbq!

Chopsticks in the air and game on for the abundant amount of food that this place has to offer.


Up front is their array of delicious banchan! The little Korean side dishes are always a favorite of mine because I love trying the various dishes! Here at Gen Korean BBQ, they have a pretty good array of different ones!


They offer tasty thin slices of radish!


There is delicate and soft rice cake.


There is also the spicy radishes.


Kimchi, of course is present!


Seaweed is also offered.


Their creamy and tasty potato salad was my personal favorite.


They also had spicy jalape├▒os for those who like it hot.


Lastly they had a variety of different sauces for your meat dipping pleasure!



After all these sides comes all the meat! During lunch there are 28 different choices and then at dinner there are 36! Popular choices include the Gen signature prime steak and the beef bulgogi. They also have something for seafood lovers in the form of shrimp and calamari steak.


Last but not last is the dessert! They have macaron ice cream sandwiches from Brick! Cute and crispy fresh macaron cookies with creamy vanilla ice cream is a sure fire way to bring a little sweetness to a meal here!


Gen Korean BBQ is sure to leave you full and with a smile!

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Hello Da Maat!

Hello Da Maat!

Brr! It’s cold but I feel all warm and fuzzy thanks to Da Maat!


On a local quest for some hot soup during a rainy day, I found myself at Da Maat. Da Maat is a Korean restaurant in the South Bay specializing in tofu and Korean BBQ.

Upon entry, I was instantly pleased with the very neat and cozy little Korean eatery. To the left of the restaurant are picturesque paintings that look like windows and to the right of the restaurant are displays of various different bowls. I could not help but notice a pink bowl with a Hello Kitty like design (hmm wonder why I noticed that one ;). The display of bowls fitted the restaurant well especially since the majority of the menu is dedicated to various Korean soups.


My meal here started with some complimentary tea. I love a good cup of tea during cold days and the warm cup of tea here did not disappoint. The warmth that it instantly brought was just an indication of more heartwarming eats coming our way.


The server served the banchan next. There were seven little Korean side dishes served. There was oi muchim (spicy cucumber), goguma mattang (sweet potato in caramelized sauce), namul broccoli , sukjunamul (mung bean sprouts), Korean coleslaw, yangbaechu moochim (spicy shredded cabbage) and kimchi.


My friend and I both decided to get soups from the soft tofu soup menu section. The soft tofu soup comes with egg that will get cracked and dropped into the soup that is served in a little black pot.


The soft tofu soup also comes with white rice in a dolsot or Korean stone pot


For the soft tofu soup, diners can choose their spice level from white, mild, medium, spicy and extra spicy. There are several types of tofu soup here.

My friend chose to get the seafood soon tofu with a white spice level or basically no spice.


I chose to get the vegetable dumpling soon tofu with a mild spice level.


My Korean vegetarian soup had plenty of plenty of soft tofu and three hearty vegetable dumplings.


The soft tofu soups were served piping hot and were simply so comforting. The slightly spicy broth was very heartwarming and the perfect food for this rainy day. The soup along with the traditional banchan, stone pot rice and the cup of tea brought warmth to me and put a smile on my face.

It’s maybe raining outside but hello kitty foodie is all warm and fuzzy (and all smiles too :).

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Hello Cho Dang Tofu!

Hello Cho Dang Tofu!

It’s been years since my last trip to Cho Dang Tofu. I found myself here once again when my Yelp friend Jamie picked this place for a dinner out.

Our meal here started our with a small complimentary salad. It comes with the dressing mixed in. It’s a rather simple dish and nothing to heavy.

Soon after the salad is served, the banchan is brought out. The first banchan is the bean sprouts or sookju namul. The bean sprouts were crispy and the seasoning was mild.

Up next was the seaweed sheets or kim. They were thin, salty strips of dried seaweed.

Aside from the seaweed strips, we were also served seaweed salad or wakame. I liked this seaweed salad over the dried version. The seaweed was soft and had a nice hint of sweet.

Kim chee, of course, was present. They had it perfectly spicy


Last but not least was my favorite bancban, spicy cucumber or ol namul. I love the sweet and spicy taste of this banchan.20130526-183853.jpg

Those were the staters of our meal here. For our main meals, we had to choose between their tofu soups or their special dishes. Their special dishes consists of the meat dishes like bulgogi and the bi bim bap. Since I’ve had their tofu soups before and never ever had bi bim bap, I decided to get the bi bim bap. This “mixed dish” had a fair share of veggies (carrots, cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts and seaweed). It also had fried egg and sliced beef. The spicy sauce was served on the side. Mixing in all the ingredients was fun! The spicy sauce mixed in with all the veggies and the white rice made for a very good dish. It was like a giant salad with rice :).


I found dinner at Cho Dang Tofu to be as interesting as my very first meal here. It was nice to try this place again after so many years and to share the meal with one of my good Yelp friends. I am also happy to have been able to try for the first time the bi bim bap.

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