Hello Little Sister Redondo Beach!

Hello Little Sister Redondo Beach!

There is a new sister in town and she is no other than Little Sister Redondo Beach.  With the success of restaurant endeavors such as Abigaile,  WildCraft ,  Dia De Campo, Steak and Whiskey, Little Sister Manhattan Beach and  Little Sister LA;  Chef Tin Vuong now brings us one more special “sister” restaurant in the opening of Little Sister Redondo Beach.

Similar to their sister restaurants; Little Sister Redondo Beach brings us some fantastic cuisine of Eastern and Western cultures combined.

The menu of this new restaurant has a mixture of old favorites as well as new dishes. Regardless of an old, classic dish or a new surprise; each dish is truly innovative with a special flair of Southeast Asian flavor courtesy of Chef Tin Vuong.

My meal at this new Redondo Beach hot spot started off with the the Pan Fried E-Fu Noodle. This dish is aa favorite found at the other Little Sister restaurants.


Symbolizing long life; E-Fu noodles are often served at celebrations such as birthdays and weddings. It seemed only appropriate to have long life noodles at the grand opening of a new restaurant 😉 and this dish is indeed a reason to celebrate because it is amazing. Topped with confit shredded pork, long beans and tea egg; it was definitely full of flavor. The tea egg is meant to be broken and mixed in with the rest of the noodle. The yellow yolk once drizzled into the dish adds to the depth of flavor.

Next up after the E-Fu noodles; I tried the Goi Cuon Fresh Spring Rolls.


Spring Rolls are a classic Asian dish and Chef Tin Vuong does a superb job of offering a traditional roll with a little bit of a twist. These fresh springs rolls has pork and shrimp along with a special crispy wafer. The crunch that the wafer brings to the rolls is a surprise and one that adds a uniqueness (and deliciousness for that matter) to this rice paper entree.

The third dish I had here was my personal favorite for this visit. This dish was the “Xoi” Sticky Rice.


Xoi is a savory Vietnamese dish made from glutinous rice. Here at Little Sister their version consists of sticky rice with lap cheung, pork floss, crispy shallots, slow egg and roasted chili vinegar. The sticky rice is slightly deep fried and topped with the egg and pork. Slightly spicy and definitely savory; I really enjoyed this dish.

Little Sister is definitely not so little in terms of taste and quality. Each dish is packed with savoriness; full of unique Asian flavors. Chef Tin Vuong once said that this is the type of food he likes to eat and he is not alone because this is the type of food we like to eat too.  The new sister in town plays big (sister) in terms of bringing a delicious blend of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Little Sister Redondo Beach officially opens today, May 28, 2018.

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Hello Bao Down San Francisco!

Hello Bao Down San Francisco!

Filipino cuisine is making its way to the top of the tastebuds of many foodies. This Hello Kitty Foodie is constantly in awe of all the amazing Pinoy offerings that are popping up every where! On my recent trip to San Francisco, I had the chance to checkout a newly opened gastropub specializing in Asian fusion food with touches of Hawaiian, Thai and Filipino flavors.

Located on Bush Street, next to  Executive Hotel Vintage Court is Bao Down.  It is the former location of Masa’s and All Spice and now is home to this Pan Asian Fusion food restaurant. This is Bao Down’s owners Greg Edwards and Marvin Agustin’s first US location. The original Bao Down is in Vancouver, Canada.


Walking in, I was instantly mesmerized with the colorful and bright murals that are on Bao Down’s walls. I learned these colored murals were painted by Japanese-Canadian street artist Taka Sudo. He had also created similar murals for Bao Down’s Vancouver locations.


Just as creative as the murals is Bao Down’s menu offerings.  It’s a traditional Asian food with a bit of pizazz and each dish has unique and flavorful ingredients.

I started off my meal here with one of their steamed baos. This place after all is called Bao Down and it seemed only appropriate that I try one of their signature bao dishes. I chose to try the Big Bang bao.


The Big Bang bao consists of lechon kawali, carrots, daikon and Filipino sweet and sour sauce. Upon first bite, I could understand it’s name right away. It indeed made quite a bang for my tastebuds. From the soft outside bun to the crunchy lechon inside, it was amazingly delicious. The Filipino sweet and sour sauce brought out so much flavorful to this tender bao.

Up next, I tried one of their popular small plates, the West Coast Lumpia.


Lumpia is one of my favorite Filipino dishes ever and thus I was quite intrigued to see Bao Down’s take. The West Coast Lumpia was filled with chicken, water chestnut, pickled vegetable and crispy noodles. I love how this starter was served piping hot. It was fried to perfect golden brown. The thin, crisp outside gave a nice crackling crunch at every bite.

For my main entree, I chose the beef rib kare kare.


Kare Kare, similar to lumpia, is one of my all time favorite Filipino dishes. I have to say though that Bao Down’s Kare Kare makes it to the top of the most unique Filipino Kare Kare dishes I have ever tried. Their version consists of 36oz angus beef short rib, crispy garlic annatto-peanut sauce, crispy shanghai bok chow and XXXO sauce.  The angus beef short rib was gigantic and serving wise this could be good for four people! It was also super tender and one flick of a fork, the meat would come off the bone. The beef short rib was definitely a winner but one of the things I absolutely loved about this dish was the crispy shanghai bok choy! I was such a fan of their tempura bok choy. The buttery batter went well with the other savory sauces of this dish. This Hello Kitty Foodie bows down to this dish from Bao Down. 😉

With the rise in popularity of Filipino food in the United States, it is not surprising to see a place like Bao Down in San Francisco. I am happy to see them offering Filipino dishes with a special fusion flair. With their creative dishes and unique take, Bao Down takes Filipino cuisine to a whole new level.

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Hello Yellow Fever!

Hello Yellow Fever!


1/ When someone is obsessed with Asian things
2/ An infectious tropical disease
3/ Ridiculously tasty Asian Bowls

As I walked into Yellow Fever, I saw the above definition and instantly thought hmm Hello Kitty Foodie definitely has some type of “yellow fever!”
Hello Kitty Foodie loves all types of tasty Asian cuisine and thinks cute places like this are quite infectious ;).


Walking into this small little Torrance restaurant, I took an instant liking to the modern Asian decor. There is one wall covered in Asian bowls creatively placed and another area has a Asian kitty cat figurine. There are neat white chairs and bright circular lights spread throughout. There are also cute button giveaways with neat phrases like “Bruce Lee lives” and “Eat our lucky pickles, then go buy a lotto ticket. Seriously, Go Now.” The buttons gave me quite a giggle. 😉


The menu consists of different appetizers, refreshments and various signature bowls that have been crafted to represent various Asian cities.

For today’s feverish meal, my friend and I got to try two different appetizers.

The first one we tried were Yellow Fever’s ugly egg rolls. They’re called “ugly” because of the wrapper that they use. It’s a dark golden brown wrapper that looks like it’s falling apart. The egg rolls here teach diners to not judge by looks because though it may look “ugly” it is far from being ugly in taste. The overall egg roll was served hot and fresh and the wrapper was wonderfully crispy. Inside were various spices, chicken and pork that mixed together to give a tasty concotion.


The other appetizer we got to try is the parmesan furikake fries. It is one of the most popular orders at Yellow Fever and for good reason. It is a bowl of thick, golden fries sprinkled with plenty of parmesan and the Japanese seasoning that has seaweed and sesame seeds. It’s a unique and yummy starter!


The main speciality of Yellow Fever comes in their signature bowls.
For my bowl, I chose to get the Seoul. The Seoul bowl comes with grilled filet mignon, asian slaw, mushrooms, kale, fried egg and gochu sauce. The runny egg, tender filet mignon and various veggies reminded me a lot of Korean bibimap. The red gochu sauce was pretty spicy and added quite a fiery kick.


My friend got the Shanghai. The Shanghai bowl has braised natural pork belly, sautéed onions, bok choy, asian slaw, shiso leaves and kug pow sauce. I tried a little bit of this and it is very different from my Seoul bowl. It’s a lot milder. The Seoul was more unique while the Shanghai was crafted to be more simple and sweet


Yellow Fever is a great place for Asian Fusion cusine. It’s hard not to feverishly fall for this place with it’s neat concept and overall uniqueness. (Side note: another reason for me to get fever for this place, they once had a pink drink called….Hello Kitty!) ❤️😊

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