Hello Burgerim!

Uno, Duo or Trio?

Beef? Turkey? Lamb? Chicken? Salmon? Falafel? Veggie?

Swiss? Cheddar? Bleu? Pepper Jack? American Cheese?

Hmm so many possibilities! How does this Hello Kitty Foodie want her burger today?

I recently had the pleasure at dining at Burgerim; a gourmet burger shop where each customer can customize their burger from a variety of toppings. One can choose from 3 buns, 5 sauces, 10 patties, and 9 toppings and make their own very special burger.

On my trip to Burgerim, I got burger happy with the Cowboy Burger!


For the Cowboy Burger, I got beef topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and a large onion ring. This was all smothered with zesty bbq sauce! Yeehaw! This Cowboy Kitty was happy with this moist burger packed with flavor.

The fun didn’t stop with the Cowboy Burger however because up next for this trip was the California Chicken.


The California Chicken had grilled chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, avocado, mixed greens, tomato. This one was smothered with chipotle mayo!

Now alongside with the burgers, Burgerim offers a variety of side dishes such as Burgerim fries, Slim fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries and home fries. Yes, so many choices for sides too!

I ended up getting the home fries. The home fries are a Burgerim special and I just could not pass this up.


The Home Fries are unlike any other fries I’ve had. These consisted of cubed potatoes tossed in sweet chili sauce and topped with onion seeds. It was sweet and unique and perfectly complimented my burger.

Last but not least to round off my trip to Burgerim, I was treated to not one but two of their fabulous desserts!


The New York Cheesecake was a soft, sweet cheesecake that simply melted in my mouth. The flourless chocolate cake was rich and dark and another great treat.

The possibilities of food choices at Burgerim are endless and fun! Uno? Duo? Trio? How about infinite to try out them all out :).

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Burgerim Torrance.




Hello Gudetama x Curry House!

I’m so egg-cited for the latest Sanrio’s latest restaurant mash-up! This time Sanrio will be partnering with Curry House to bring us a very special menu featuring our favorite lazy egg, Gudetama!


Curry House is well-known for their amazing Japanese curry and I’m so thrilled that the special Gudetama menu will showcase one of their well known curry dishes!  The Gudetamainspired menu will be a delicious special multi-course meal!


First up from the meal is a tasty salad and cup of corn soup.


The corn soup is one of my favorite items to get at Curry House. It’s has such a creamy texture and simply melts in your mouth. Sorry Gudetama you will soon be melting away…in my tummy! Hehe!

The main course for the special Gudetama menu is their keema curry with rice. The keema curry is topped with a special Gudetama egg.


Curry House’s curries are made with a special curry recipe that contains 25 various herbs and spices that are simmered with vegetables. Their keema curry is made from premium ground beef and mixed with vegetables. The sauce is so savory and wonderful with white rice. When the egg (sorry Gudetama) is mixed in with the curry sauce, it is so gude!

For dessert, there is a special custard pudding also featuring Gudetama.


The pudding is made from scratch and is so egg-ceptionally soft!

Along with the savory and sweet treats, the special menu also comes with your choice of drink.


Soda, iced tea, or iced green tea? Oh my gude-ness! I won’t be lazy with picking my drink!

The tasting menu will be available for $29. You not only get all the above delicious food but you also  get a limited edition Gudetama x Curry House beanie and a collectible placemat!


Each location will also feature Gudetama photo ops throughout the promotion.


The is egg-citing promo officially starts today October 20, 2017 and will run through January 20, 2018! All nine Curry House California locations will have this super cute and yummy Gudetama-inspired promotion. Gude-times and Gude-food for sure! 🍳


Hello Oktoberfest at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern!

Break out your lederhosen and chicken on dance over  to Jimmy’s Famous Tavern!

October is truly in full swing. Folks are buying pumpkins, Oktoberfest celebrations are all around and the chicken dance is the latest dance craze of the month! One doesn’t have to look very far however to enjoy some true Oktoberfest treats because Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern (JFAT) is currently offering their delicious annual Oktoberfest menu. The limited time fare includes JFAT’s take on three Oktoberfest staples, a dessert and seasonal beers on tap.

The first of their yummy Oktoberfest offerings is their Brat Sliders.


This Oktoberfest treat consists of three grilled spicy brats on pretzel rolls with sauerkraut, mustard & beer cheese sauce.

 Another fabulous offering is their German Sausage Plate.


I always associate Oktoberfest with bratwurst and here at Jimmy’s Famous Tavern they make a very special bratwurst plate. The German Sausage plate has spicy smoked bratwurst, smoked chicken & apple sausage, Bavarian-style brat, mashed potatoes, bacon & apple braised cabbage, bavarian mustard. It’s a perfect mix of savory and sweet!

 Last but not least is their Schnitzel.


The schnitzel is one of my favorite Oktoberfest dishes. It consists of crispy pork tenderloin cutlet, German potato salad, arugula, caper butter.

Each of the Oktoberfest offerings at Jimmy’s Famous Tavern are tasty and sure to make you do a little chicken dance! 😉 It will be offered throughout all of October at all five Jimmy’s Famous Tavern locations.

Halt deine Lederhosen fest and cluck, cluck, chicken dance on over to Jimmy’s Famous Tavern!



Hello Kitty Fragrant Jewels!

Rest, relaxation and Hello Kitty!

This past August, Sanrio and Fragrant Jewels launched a collaboration that is perfect for all of us busy kitties! At the end of the busy work or school week most of us needed a little “me” time and thanks to this latest collaboration, we get to be treated in the best and cutest way possible. Sanrio and Fragrant Jewels partnered together to bring us co-branded candles and bath bombs!

This collaboration brings us to special gift sets that are shipped in an adorable red Hello Kitty reversible gift box. Inside each of the candles and bath bombs is a special Hello Kitty ring.

The first of gift sets is the Hello Kitty Bath Bomb trio.  For $42.95, one will get a set of three bath bombs created in Hello Kitty signature colors: Red, White, and Pink.


The second gift set is a set with one candle and one bath bomb. This is also $42.95. This comes with the pretty in pink Hello Kitty bath bomb!


The entire Hello Kitty collection is infused with a wonderful fruit and spice, sweet blend made out of juicy guava and dewy cassis. There is also a touch of luscious gardenia, a hint of coconut milk, and a dash of ginger blossom.


There are ten custom Hello Kitty rings and it will be a cute surprise on which one you get. The rings are secured in heatproof packaging in the candles and waterproof pods in the bath bombs. Also with each ring is a special sweepstakes that guests can enter on Fragrant Jewels’ website for the chance to win an additional ring valued up to $10,000. Rest, relax and be treated Hello Kitty Style!


The limited edition co-branded collaboration is available only on FragrantJewels.com. 


Hello Sanrio Fun @ Tanaka Farms!

I love the season of Fall! Fall brings us the wonderful color changes of the leaves, crisp, cool weather and my favorite pumpkin season. I am therefore so excited that for this first week of Fall, a very special collaboration between Sanrio and Tanaka farms will be launching!

The Irvine based farm Tanaka Farms and Sanrio are coming together for a year-long partnership where Hello Kitty and her friends; Chococat, My Melody, Keroppi, and Pochacco, will become ambassadors to the farm.  Our favorite Sanrio friends will be play a special role in the educational programming provided by Tanaka Farms and visitors will learn the importance of healthy eating, as well as sustainability, responsible farming and agriculture. Best of all they can do this all while supporting their local community.


The collaboration kicks off with the super cute Tanaka Farms’ Pumpkin Patch this September 30. There will be lots fun all around the farm such a corn maze, a “U-Pick Veggie” garden and super cute photo ops around the farm with Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Chococat, My Melody and Pochacco. Then on October 28, there will even be a super cute Halloween  Sanrio costume contest!


The fun doesn’t stop however with the pumpkin patch because there will be many seasonal celebrations throughout the year! During the holiday season, there will be a Christmas Tree Farm. Next spring there will be strawberry picking and next summer there will be a melon celebration! Hello Kitty fun in the farm through all the seasons is in store for us!

There will also be a limited edition collection of commemorative Sanrio ♥ Tanaka Farms merchandise  that will also be available for purchase at the Farm’s Market Stand.  


The Sanrio and Tanaka Farms is one very special partnership. It is educational and promotes healthy eating and awareness. Thank you to Sanrio and Tanaka Farms for bringing another wonderful thing for us Hello Kitty Foodies to look forward to this Fall and beyond.

Hello Sanrio ❤️ Sugarfina!

Tips for the ultimate Hello Kitty Foodie diet:

For lunch eat some 🍣 Hello Kitty Sushi.

For happy hour and relaxation time, indulge in some 🍾🍷Hello Kitty Wine! Lastly for some sweets and treats, enjoy with the newly debuted Sanrio ❤️ Sugarfina candies!

Hello Kitty Foodies our sweetest dreams are coming true as Sugarfina and Sanrio come together to bring us the cutest candy collection ever!

I am absolutely ecstatic with this new Sugarfina collection! Sugarfina has always played a sweet part of this Hello Kitty Foodie’s life (as can be seen in several of past Hello Kitty posts). Past favorites have included their But, First Cocktails collection (Cheers Kitties!)


It now looks like I will have a new cute favorite from Sugarfina with the debut of this new collaboration with Sanrio!

I am head over heels in love with the two new Hello Kitty inspired gummies that they are offering! Yes, Hello Kitty Foodies; there are not one but two Hello Kitty candies! One is a gummy in the shape of Kitty’s signature bow and the other is a Hello Kitty gummy in the shape of her face. The flavor’s for both are Hello Kitty inspired. The bow gummies are flavored like sweet strawberries while the Hello Kitty face gummies are flavored like apple pie; Kitty’s favorite food and Mama Kitty’s speciality!


To make it even more kawaii; both candies are included in a Sugarfina limited-edition bow-shaped bento box!


Not only is Sugarfina debuting Hello Kitty Sugarfina candies; they are also going to offer candies inspired by some of Hello Kitty’s favorite friends; Keroppi, Gudetama, My Melody, Chococat and Badtz-Maru. After all; it can’t be a sweet party without your sweetest friends!


Hello Kitty’s friends’ special treats are equally as kawaii and sweet! The collection includes the following:

Gudetama’s Lazy Gummy Eggs: tasty orange juice flavored gummy eggs. Don’t be lazy with eating these. 🍳😉


Keroppi’s Donut Pond Jelly Beans: tart key lime flavored jelly beans straight from the Donut Pond. 💚


Chococat’s Chocolate Caramels: chocolate caramels sprinkled with sea salt! These are inspired from Chococat’s cute chocolate-colored nose. 🍫


My Melody’s Sweet Pearls: pretty chocolate pearls made of delicious chocolate and dipped in a fancy pink and white pearly shell. They are so sweet and beautiful just like My Melody! 💕


Badtz’s Maru’s Mischievious Pops: crunchy chocolates filled with popping candy! So mischievous yet so delicious. 🤣


Hello Kitty and her friends’ Sugarfina candies are all available for purchase in individual cubes.


They also can be bought in Sugarfina’s first-ever Pop-Up Candy Bento Box. The box is a magnetic box that opens to reveal a special surprise of a pop-up diorama featuring the Sanrio characters.


The entire  Sanrio ❤️ Sugarfina collection will be available in-store and online Monday, September 18th. The first 25 people in line at Sugarfina boutiques will receive a free Sanrio character cube of their choice.

There will also be several special events to celebrate Sanrio ❤️ Sugarfina! Sugarfina and Neiman Marcus will host launch events in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Oakbrook, Honolulu and Vancouver. Hello Kitty herself will be present as well as Sugarfina founder Rosie O’Neill. Folks attending can sample sweet treats and be the first to shop the new Sanrio ❤️ Sugarfina candy collection.

Last but not least, there is one more sweet surprise for Sugarfina and Sanrio fans via the Hello, Tokyo Dreamcation Sweepstakes! You can win a trip to Tokyo! Enter here https://wn.nr/BqPmNk

Hello Kitty Foodies will sure be in for a sweet treat with the Sanrio ❤️ Sugarfina collections! Kisses to Sugarfina! This Hello Kitty Foodie is so excited!


Hello Birthday @ Madre Oaxacan Restaurant & Mezcaleria!

I’d like to start off this blog post with a special thanks to all the Hello Kitty Foodies who sent birthday greetings, texts, kind words and love! You have all really made me feel extra special and loved on my special day 💕. My heart is filled with happiness ❤️.

I truly had a wonderful birthday spent with family and friends and I got to experience dining at the newly opened Madre Oaxacan Restaurant & Mezcaleria in Old Torrance.

Madre specializes in cuisine from Oaxaca, Mexico; a city that is located in Southwestern Mexico. Oaxacan cuisine is similar to other Mexican cuisine but they have a more variety in terms of ingredients used in their dishes and this is due to the influence of the state’s diverse geography and indigenous cultures. Some of their most popular dishes have chocolate, Oaxaca cheese and mezcal.   To start off my birthday dinner, I had one of the more traditional Oaxacan dishes; the Tlayuda.


Tlayuda is a popular snack food in Oaxaca and it is what some may call a Mexican pizza.  Here at Madre, they have various different Tlayuda and I chose to get their Tlayuda El Nopal. The Tlayuda El Nopal consisted of a very large thin, crispy tortilla that was topped with aciento paste, black bean paste, cabbage, avocado slices, radishes, tomato, quesillo, chorizo, tasajo and cecina.  It truly was a dish like no other. I enjoyed the crunchiness of the thin tortilla and the flavors of the quesillo, chorizo, tasajo and cecina.

The second dish that I got to try for my birthday dinner was their Mole Coloradito.


There are several states in Mexico that claim to be the origin of mole and one of them is Oaxaca. Oaxaca happens to be best known for their mole and so I didn’t want to pass up trying one of the mole dishes here. As I stated earlier in this blog post, chocolate is a well used ingredient in Oaxacan cusine. This is seen in Madre’s Coloradito dish. This entree consisted of chicken with red mole, made from toasted chiles, nuts, seeds, spices and Oaxaca chocolate. It is served with rice and tortillas. The mole sauce is thick with a bit of sweetness. There is also a hint of spice in this dish because of the chiles. It is great topping for the rice and also enjoyable with the tortilla. The flavor of Oaxaca chocolate hits the palate instantly with a bit of a sweet kick and then the spiceness hits right after.

Alongside with the traditional Oaxaca food I got to try that night, I had a virgin Madre margarita.


Madre is not only a Oaxacan restaurant but a Mezcalaria as well. Mezcal is a spirit distilled from mash made out of the steamed hearts of various species of agaves. Madre’s cocktails and spirit selection is by Barlingual. Similar to the food that they serve, Madre’s cocktails are crafted uniquely with premier ingredients.

To top the night off and make it even more special was I got surprised with a very special birthday treat courtesy of Madre via Platanos Fritos!


My platantos fritos dessert consisted of fried plantains topped with cream and condensed milk. It was such a sweet and special birthday treat and filled my heart (and tummy hehe) with happiness.

I truly had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed dining at the newly opened Madre Oaxacan Restaurant & Mezcaleria. Once again, a thanks and hugs to all of my beloved family, friends and Hello Kitty Foodies and a special thank you to Madre for making my birthday extra special.