Hello Kitty and Friends at Comic Con 2017!

What happens when a cute kitty, an angry panda and a lazy egg go to San Diego? Comic Con happens! This year our favorite Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko and Gudetama will be featured in some very special exclusive Comic Con merchandise!

Hello Kitty is sure to make a fashion statement via the Hello Kitty x Crap Eyewear collection that will be available for purchase at the convention. I wrote blog post  previously on this super kawaii sunglasses and they truly are the perfect eyewear for Comic Con and for the rest of the summer!


Aggretsuko is the sweet Sanrio red panda who is a hard office worker during the day and a metal karaoke singer at night!  During Comic Con however, Aggretsuko will be both sweet and stress free as she will be making her Comic-Con debut! There will be two Aggretsukoconvention exclusives; tees in adult unisex sizes and a custom New Era cap. Also during Comic Conthe Aggretsuko Snapchat lens will be making its debut.


Gudetama, our favorite egg  decided not to be lazy but instead decided to return to San Diego via Comic-Con. There will be several exclusive Gudetama convention merchandise. These include a custom New Era cap and adult tee, as well as the Gudetama Re-Ment Collectible Blind Box Breakfast Set, featuring one of eight Gudetama miniature breakfast settings.


All three of our favorite characters; Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko and Gudetama will be featured in Ai-tatA Tote Bags! It will be the first time these tote bags will be available in the US! These tote bags  have a clear vinyl front “pocket” panel where you can show off your favorite Sanrio things! They’re highly popular in Japan and now thanks to Sanrio, we will have them in the US! Sanrio will bring us three Ai-tatA designs; Hello Kitty, Gudetama and Aggretsuko. The bags will include a 4 piece “starter pack” that include a jumbo acrylic trinket, vinyl pouch, pancake plush and a 3-inch pin!

Aside from all of the above there is more even Hello Kitty and Friends merchandise! A hello sanrio limited edition 9-piece enamel pin set, a supercute school bus duffle bag and an adult unisex tee will be available for purchase Also, Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody, Gudetama, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru, Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin Pyoconoru will be up for sale!

The Hello Kitty x Crap Eye Wear, Aggretsuko tees and caps, Gudetama re-ment collection, Hello Sanrio pins, bags and tees, Ai-tatA Tote Bags and Pyoconoru can all be found at the Comic Con Sanrio booth at Booth #4737

The fun and cuteness doesn’t stop at the Sanrio booth however because there will be more!

Toynami at Booth #3229 will be bringing back  Blue Metallic Sonic x Hello Kitty plush an assortment of additional Sonic x Sanrio figures and plushes!

Bandai at Booth #3545 will have FigureArts Zero and Chogokin figures of Hello Kitty and My Melody.

The Loyal Subjects at Booth #4951 will have several Gudetama  Blind Box figure sets. Each box features a surprise pose of the lazy egg. Collect all eight figures! There will also be something very special happening on Friday at 11AM!  A collectible golden Gudetama figurine, stamped with Comic-Con 2017 will be available!


Underground Toys at Booth #5245 will have a convention exclusive Pinache style porcelain mug featuring a retro-futuristic Hello Kitty geometric design. This is perfect for Hello Kitty Foodie coffee breaks ;).


Tokidoki at Booth #5145 will have to a selection of Hello Kitty and Gudetama men’s and women’s tees and hoodies!

Last but not least, is a very special surprise at the BAIT booth #5146!

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment along with Sanrio are coming together to bring us  Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN! Right in time for Comic Con is the launch of the Hello Kitty themed update to the PAC-MAN app! It is available now (and up to August 19 as a free download on Google Play and Apple App Store.


In celebration of this wonderful collaboration, there will be limited-edition Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN merchandise available for purchase at the BAIT booth!  This will include t-shirts, caps, socks, tote bags, pins, and a Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN collectible figure set.
There will also be free limited edition Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN keychain, while supplies last!

The fun doesn’t end in the inside though because outside there is even more kawaii surprises! Outside the convention center be sure to be on the lookout for the Aggretsuko street team They will be all over the convention grounds and downtown San Diego, passing out collectible Aggrestuko flyers and lanyards! Hmm you’ll want to wear these for those Aggretusko Snapchat lens selfies! 😉

Ahhh so much Sanrio happiness in San Diego! Comic Con 2017 will take place from July 20, 2017 to July 23, 2017! So what are you waiting for join your favorite cute kitty, angry panda and lazy egg as they head to San Diego for Comic Con!


Hello Fu Sing!

They say first love never dies. Whether that is a true statement for folks it can be up for debate but for my foodie heart it is indeed true. I often get asked where my  favorite restaurant is and for many years, it was difficult to answer simply because my favorite of all favorite restaurants, Tin Sing was gone.

Tin Sing was a popular restaurant in Gardena that was established in 1964. It was popular with many folks in the South Bay and one that my family and I would frequent for various family occasions and dinners. I grew up loving their famous entrees such as pork egg rolls, pakkai, and hung  shu wonton.  When they closed in 2004, I, along with many others were devastated. For many years, I simply could not find a place that offered the same quality and delicious Cantonese style food that Tin Sing offered.

Fast forward 2017 and I hear about Fu Sing, a newly opened restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine, in Torrance. My curiosity  turned into pure delight when I learned the owners of Fu Sing are the cousins of the owners of Tin Sing. These cousins trained at Tin Sing while it was still open and thus they knew the recipes of my favorite, beloved Tin Sing dishes.

Upon visiting Fu Sing and glancing at their menu, I found it was indeed true! Many of my favorite Tin Sing dishes from back in the day were there. The memories of times spent with my dad at the old Gardena restaurant instantly flooded my mind and my heart and I was off to ordering some of our family favorites.

The very first thing I ordered here was the Pork Egg rolls.


Tin Sing’s pork egg rolls were simply the best! I never found any egg rolls quite like those until now. Fu Sing does a wonderful job with their pork egg rolls. Just like Tin Sing, the egg roll wrapping was wonderfully crisp and a had a wonderful buttery taste. The filling was packed with flavorful ground pork.

The next dishes I ordered here consisted of two entrees that my family and I would always get; almond duck and hung shu wonton!


Fu Sing once again did a brilliant job in recreating a classic favorite. Their almond duck consists of tender pieces of duck in the most savory sauce. It is topped with loads of crispy almond. This dish is perfect over white rice. The duck simply melts in your mouth.


Hung shu wonton was my second favorite Tin Sing dish as a child. (The first was the egg rolls). It looks to once again become a favorite of mine as an adult, thanks to Fu Sing. I really enjoyed their version consisting of bbq pork, snow peas, carrots, bamboo shoots and wontons. The flavor is on point and so are the big, chunky wontons.

Lastly, I order Fu Sing’s Cantonese Style Chow Mein with  shrimp, bbq pork and chicken.


I was actually looking for another Tin Sing noodle dish that I loved; the Beef Mun Yee Mein. Alas, they do not have that at Fu Sing but this noodle dish comes close. It’s not quite braised in sauced like Tin Sing’s Mun Yee Mein but it is still quite packed with flavor thanks to the mix of meat and veggies in it. The noodles also are long, silky and soft.

It is true that Tin Sing will forever have a special place in my heart. Eating there with family holds so many dear memories for me. Tin Sing will always be my first restaurant love. Though Tin Sing is gone however, I am happy to see Fu Sing now open. The newly opened Fu Sing is now making a place in my foodie heart and I am looking forward to new memories with this new place.


For more smiles, please see my Yelp Review on Fu Sing.

Hello Painter’s Tape!

Painter’s Tape, the newest neighborhood restaurant in Gardena has very simple instructions for customers walking in. They are as follows: 1) Show up with fun people. 2) Visit the cashier to order a refreshing beverage and couple dishes each to share with the fun people. 3) Eat, drink and be merry. 4) Leave happy, sleep well, repeat steps 1-3.


Even without the instructions however, I already knew that I would come out of here as one happy Hello Kitty Foodie from Painter’s Tape because of several reasons. The first reason being I was recommended here by my friends from another favorite restaurant of mine; Chubby Rice. Joe and Chef Linda Lau of Chubby Rice are food connoisseurs that I trust and respect and I knew any restaurant they like, would be top-notch. Owner of Painter’s Tape and chef  Atsushi Takatsuki, happens to also be a chef alum of Manhattan Beach Post just like Chef Linda. Chef Atsushi was once chef de cuisine of Chef David LeFevre’s fabulous beach city restaurant.

I also knew I would like Painter’s Tape because I found the inspiration behind the restaurant name so heartwarming and wonderful. Chef Atsushi grew up in Gardena and his father ran a commercial painting business in Gardena for 40 years. The restaurant’s name is a tribute to his father and to his hometown! Being someone who also is very close to the South bay and a true Daddy’s girl; I love the background story behind Painter’s Tape.

With all the above being, said I was already quite happy walking into Painter’s Tape with even no instructions ;). Little did I know that the smile on my face would get even bigger after trying their food. 😉

Painter’s Tape specializes in modern American cuisine. The menu consists of three sections: breads and sandies, eggs and potatoes and vegetables. It’s a tapas style and perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

Our meal here started off with Painter’s Tape’s Potatoes Bravas.


I’ve always been a fan of potato dishes but this dish has to be one of the most unique potato dishes I’ve ever had. It’s a mix of soft potatoes and potato chips topped with paprika, garlic mayo and a soft egg. Poking the egg yolk and letting it mix in the potatoes was true happiness and yumminess. It has a bit of spice to it and I just loved the mixture of flavors.

Next dish was the Stewed Organic Rice.


This dish is also not your ordinary (porridge) dish. It is tomato and chicken bone broth topped with egg yolk and crispy things! It is an egg-cellent dish that is very flavorful. The yolk when mixed with the porridge gives the perfect texture for one hearty dish.

After trying something from both the Eggs and Potatoes section and the Vegetables section; it was time to try something from Painter’s Tape’s Bread and Sandies section.

We first tried the Shabu Shabu Steak Bun.


My family and I are quite fond of the Japanese nabemono hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water; but never did we anticipate having shabu shabu as a sandwich! Painter’s Tape makes shabu shabu sandwich a reality. The Shabu Shabu Steak bun has the thinly sliced meat, worcestershire sauce, tomato confit and spice shake all in one. The seasoning of this sandwich is simply divine.

The other item that we tried from the Breads and Sandies section was the Japanese curry and cheddar donut.


This donut came fresh from the kitchen and upon slicing the donut delicious curry and cheddar came oozing out.


Similar to the Shabu Shabu Steak bun, this was very pleasing to the palate. The curry just had the right tone of hot Asian spices. The cheddar mixed in with the curry made for a very creamy and smooth filling!

Last but not least, we tried their Texas toast.


The Texas toast was toasted just right and had perfectly crisp edges! I loved the topping of honey and condensed milk. It made for just the sweetest ending to this fabulous meal.

Painter’s Tape had very simple instructions for their customers and after dining here I can say; those instructions are on point! Definitely come with fun people. (A meal with family is always wonderful). Definitely order a couple of dishes (I assure you will love each and every dish you try). Lastly you will definitely leave happy (I left with a smile on my face). Thank you Painter’s Tape! Painter’s Tape, the newest neighborhood restaurant in Gardena; it truly is nice to see you in the neighborhood ;).


For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Painter’s Tape

Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream!

Summer has officially started! With the warm weather underway, it’s time for some cool treats for all the Hello Kitty Foodies. Sanrio along with  Afters Ice Cream  is coming together for a very special summertime collaboration; Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream


Today June 29, 2017 is the official launch of  the Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream promotion. There will be two yummy limited edition ice cream flavors offered. It’s super delicious and it’s Hello Kitty themed!

The first of the flavors is  Mama’s Apple Pie.


Hello Kitty’s favorite food is her Mama’s apple pie. Thanks to Afters Ice Cream, all of us Hello Kitty Foodies will get to try Mama Kitty’s apple pie via a special ice cream. Mama’s Apple Pie Afters Ice Cream consists of creamy vanilla ice cream with apple sauce, apple pie filling, and cinnamon! Hmm so delicious…no wonder Kitty loves apple pie!

The second very special limited edition flavor is Yummy Strawberry Cake.


This flavor is super kawaii just like Hello Kitty! It is vanilla ice cream with lots of fresh strawberries, house made strawberry swirl, and shortcake bits. It’s topped off with yummy colorful sprinkles. This colorful treat is sure to bring cute and cool to your Kitty’s summer and yours as well.

Aside from the limited edition ice cream flavors, Afters Ice Cream also has a special treat for those purchasing this ice cream.  This ice cream will be served in the cutest custom designed, Hello Kitty branded cups! The cups are decorated with Hello Kitty’s signature bow and cute ice cream cones. For an even extra special treat, Hello Kitty Foodies can also get the limited edition ice cream flavors in Afters’ famous Milky Bun. The Milky Bun is After’s ice cream sandwich. You can get Mama’s Apple Pie and Yummy Strawberry cake stuffed into a warm glazed donut.  I don’t think summer treats can get more delicious or cuter than this! 😉

In addition to the special ice cream flavors, all 15 Southern California Afters ice Cream locations will feature limited edition Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream merchandise! The merchandise will include cute summer gear; t-shirts and caps as well as neat stickers.

To celebrate this very special collaboration, the Afters Ice Cream flagship store in Irvine is having a special event tonight from 7 – 10pm. Hello Kitty herself will be there to say hello and eat ice cream with all of you! She may even do a little happy ice cream dance as a DJ will be spinning some summer hits. I hope to see everyone there!.The first 100 customers will receive a free Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream t-shirt!

It will sure be one cute and cool summer thanks to Afters. The Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream promotion runs through Sunday, August 13. Happy Summer Hello Kitty Foodies! ♥

Hello Samosa House El Segundo!

Stepping into the newly opened Samosa House in Plaza El Segundo, I was already quite mesmerized. The floor is adorned with colorful Indian designs and the place was popping with upbeat Bollywood music. There’s a wonderful aroma of spices from the array of hot Indian food on display.  I knew that I was in for a treat at this newly opened place.

Samosa House in El Segundo is the newest branch of a family owned and operated Indian restaurant specializing in Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. Their first restaurant was Bharat Bazaar in Culver City and they’ve since branched out to restaurants in LA, Santa Monica and now El Segundo.

It was hard to choose from their various savory dishes but there was one dish I knew for sure I didn’t want to miss and that was their famous samosas.


Samosa House’s samosas were once featured on Food Network’s  “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and it is not surprising. This was a great start of a meal here. It was crispy pastry filled with mashed potatoes and peas. It was served with tamarind and mint sauces. I loved the crispy edges and the savory ingredients.

After the savory samosa starter, it was time for my main entree! I got a three item combo with charcoal smoked cauliflower, matar paneer and veggie chicken.


The charcoal smoked cauliflower had crispy cauliflower in a creamy sauce. I loved the flavor of the cauliflower. The cauliflower  is really distinct because of how it is prepped. It is first marinated and afterwards smoked with a charcoal pot.

The veggie chicken was wonderful as well. The gluten nuggets were so tender. I also was such a fan of the butter sauce in this dish.

The matar paneer was my favorite. This dish was packed with flavors! It had big chunks of paneer in a tomato based sauce. I loved it over the white rice.

Aside from the white rice, the combo plate comes naan and raita or vegan soup.


I chose to get garlic naan and had the pleasant surprise of receiving a very large piece of fresh-baked naan. Piping hot and fresh out of the oven, it was wonderful. The garlic flavor simply oozed out of the fresh bread.

Last but not least, I tried Samosa House’s ginger chai.


The Indian tea flavored with ginger and spices was so comforting on this somewhat overcast day. It’s slight hint of ginger was just right.

I truly enjoyed every single item I tried here at Samosa House El Segundo.


From start to finish, I was a fan. From their famous samosas to their savory dishes and their comforting ginger chai tea; this Hello Kitty Foodie was full of smiles.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Samosa House El Segundo.

Hello Milk Bar Vegas!

Every time I go on travel, I truly try to make the most of it and have a sweet time! When I went to Washington DC, a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting some treats at Milk Bar DC. Who would’ve thought that I’d be able to try Milk Bar again a few weeks later but now on the West Coast.

As those who read my last blog post know, I recently had got to eat at the very delicious Momofuku Vegas at The Cosmopolitan. When there is a Momofuku, then of course there is a Milk Bar. In bright neon pink lights, shines the cute Milk Bar at the second floor of The Cosmopolitan. 


Like my trip to Milk Bar DC I was once again in true bliss with the all the delicious sweets they had to offer. Needless to say,  I once again got a variety of goodies. (Hmm as I stated earlier, i try to make the most of it when I travel! 😉


I was such a fan of Milk Bar’s cookies from my DC trip, that I got a couple more here at Milk Bar Vegas.


One of the nice things about visiting Milk Bar Vegas was I got to try some cookies that I didn’t get DC location and thus I got some new favorites and old favorites. This go around my cookie selection included the compost cookie, cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie, chocolate chocolate cookie, corn cookie and their blueberry cream cookie. What can I say? I’m a true cookie monster err kitty. 😉

The compost cookie is what I was told is Milk Bar’s most popular. It’s a chew cookie that is packed with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham cracker, butterscotch and chocolate chips. I love how they combine salty and sweet.

The cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow is a chocolate chip cookie with a twist. Along with chocolate chips, there are crunchy cornflakes, gooey marshmallows and mini chocolate chips.

The chocolate chocolate cookie is for all the chocolate lovers! It’s double chocolate heaven with chocolate cookie dough and chocolate crumbs. It’s a rich brownie but in cookie form.

The corn cookie was the other cookie I didn’t get to try. I’ve always been a fan of corn bread and this cookie reminded me of that. It has the just the right sweetness and butter flavor that I love from corn bread. This was my favorite of all the cookies!

Aside from the cookies, I absolutely was a fan of the Milk Bar soft serve. When in DC, I tried their cereal milk soft serve and thus in Vegas I was curious to try the other flavors.


I’ve always wanted to try the birthday soft serve. I loved this birthday layer cake flavored  ice cream that was surrounded with rainbow sprinkles. It’s not my birthday but it sure was party time for my palate with this!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Milk Bar Vegas has crack pie soft serve! It’s no secret that crack pie is one of their top sellers. The crack pie’ signature gooey butter flavor can be found in this delightful, creamy soft serve. This is definitely one of my favorite flavors.

Speaking of crack pie, I couldn’t let a trip to Milk Bar pass without getting some crack pie.


The crack pie is as addicting as I remember it! Buttery and simply melts in your mouth. Hmm it can be dangerous that there is Milk Bar in the West Coast now ;). Oh Vegas, you and your vices hehe.

Lastly I got a trio of Milk Bar’s truffles. The truffles were an item that I never got to try in DC and thus I was excited to try them out.


Milk Bar has three cake truffles. They are birthday truffles, chocolate malt cake truffles and strawberry lemon cake truffles.

The birthday cake truffles were the first ones I tried. They say this is a “birthday party in a bite” and it is indeed true. These truffles are made out of vanilla rainbow cake mixed with vanilla infused milk. It is then coated with white chocolate and rolled in rainbow cake crumbs. Sweet and moist, party flavor indeed!

The chocolate malt cake truffles were divine! This is another treat for those who love chocolate. These truffles are made out of rich chocolate cake mixed with malted milk. It is also coated with white chocolate and rolled in malted milk crumbs!

Last but not least were the strawberry lemon cake truffles! I love both strawberries and lemons and so this combo truffle was a neat treat! These truffles consist of vanilla cake mixed with lemon juice and then it is coated with white chocolate and rolled in strawberry milk crumbs. It’s a strawberry shortcake with lemon flavoring!

Vegas has always been a sweet place to visit for many but for me I now I can truly say my heart has a sweet spot for Sin City, thanks to Milk Bar Vegas. Milk Bar’s slogan is “we’re here to make your day a little sweeter.” They truly have done that for me and making my trips a little sweeter. 😉

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Milk Bar Vegas! 

Hello Momofuku Vegas!

You know you like a place when you visit a place almost back to back! Case in point, I was at Momofuku CCDC  in Washington DC just last month and shortly after I found myself at Momofuku Vegas. Yes, from East Coast to West Coast, I went from one Momofuku to another Momofuku. That’s because Momofuku is truly momo-f’ good ;).

Momofuku Vegas is the newest of the Momofuku restaurants and is the only one on the West Coast! (Woohoo! One close to home!) It’s located at one of my favorite places on the Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan. The restaurant itself actually has a gorgeous view overlooking The Strip. (Hint for the best seat in the house ask for Table Y)


The menu at Momofuku Las Vegas does differ a little bit from the Momofuku CCDC. David Chang always does a nice job of bringing in some new flavors to his menus while combining with some classic favorites!

My meal at Momofuku Vegas started off with trying several of their small plates

First up was their Crudite Plate


The Cruidite Plate is a beautiful rainbow of veggies that are accompanied with chickpea dip and bacon ranch. If you want to get your healthy on, this plate is a sure fire and fun way to do that! I loved the crispy radishes and crunchy cauliflowers mixing it in the two sauces. It’s unique, different and tasty!

Next from the small plates, we tried the Spicy Cucumbers.


If you’re a fan of spicy, this small plate is for you. The cucumbers are sprinkled with togarashi or Japanese dried chil peppers. Toasted almond and scallions are also mixed into this starter.

Speaking of spicy, the hottest and most memorable dish came in the form of the Shishito Peppers!


We all know Vegas is a gigantic playground for adults and there’s lot of games all around. Well who would’ve thought there is a game to be played at Momofuku Vegas via the Shishito Peppers. When ordering this dish, you a presented with a bowl of peppers sprinkled with smoked salt and lime. Most of the peppers are not too hot except for one or maybe two. There’s the two peppers that put the F in fire and will sure to light up your tastebuds. The catch with this game err dish is that you don’t know which Shishito Pepper it is. You could be the lucky winner and end up getting the fiery one!

Soon after the starters, it was time for some main courses! First up with Momofuku Vegas’s two ramen bowls; the Chickpea Ramen and the Pork Ramen.

The Chickpea Ramen is perfect for vegetarians.


This ramen is has no meat and instead consists of scallion, chickpea miso and bok choy! They give me an abundant serving of crispy chickpeas that brought a unique texture to this soup dish!

The pork ramen is one that I’ve tried before at Momofuku CCDC.


I’m happy to see this old favorite also on the Vegas menu. The tender pork belly and shoulder and the soft slow poached egg once again was melting in my mouth an bringing this foodie pure happiness!

After the ramen, I got to try their Katsu Chicken dish.


Katsu Chicken is one of my favorite dishes ever and so I was quite happy to see this on the Momofuku menu! They give a pretty big portion of crispy Katsu Chicken that is accompanied with bulldog sauce, cabbage and pickled shitake. I loved the topping the chicken with the shitake mushroom and dipping it in the bulldog sauce.

Another favorite dish of mine soon came after via the form of Spring Vegetable Rice Cakes.


Similar to Katsu Chicken, rice cakes have always been something I’ve been a fan of! This Momofuku Vegas dish exceeded my expectations and more. Their version of rice cakes was perfectly chewy and the various spring vegetables and crunchy garlic on top, further enhanced the texture of the dish and the overall flavor! I definitely recommend getting this dish.

Last but definitely not least was their buns! For those who read my Momofuku CCDC blog post, you know that I was absolutely amazed by Momofuku’s buns. The soft buns and their fillings were so mouth watering that I had to just try each of the ones that the Vegas branch offered.


Firs tup were their pork belly and shitake buns.


The pork belly bun is filled with a thick pork belly that is smothered with hoisin and accompanied with scallion and cucumber. The pork belly here is similar to the one found in the pork ramen. It’s such a juicy and hearty meat and goes well with the soft bun!

Equal in deliciousness is the shitake bun. This one is filled with lots of shitake mushrooms flavored with hoisin sauce. It also has scallion and cucumber. I’ve always been a big fan of shitake mushroom and I’m happy to see this as the choice of veggie for their vegetarian bun.

For those looking for a seafood bun, the shrimp bun is for you!


The shrimp bun has a gigantic shrimp filet that is topped with spicy mayo, pickled red onion and iceberg lettuce.

My favorite of all of the buns however came via the chicken karaage bun!


My oh my, if heaven could be in a bun; this bun would be it! Fresh, hot, crispy chicken karaage was inside along with spicy mayo, pickled red onion and iceberg lettuce. The golden crisp chicken simply blew me away. No bun will ever be the same.

Just like at Momofuku CCDC, every thing I tried at Momofuku Vegas was wonderful! I have to give a special thanks to general manager Robby of Momofuku CCDC for helping me make reservations at Momofuku Vegas and to general manager Ryan and his team at Momofuku Vegas for the outstanding service and good eats! It’s so nice to have one of my favorite restaurants on the East Coast now on the West Coast!

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Momofuku Vegas.