Hello #SeasonedGreetings from Gudetama!

It’s the most egg-cellent time of the year and our favorite lazy egg is bringing us some egg-ceptionally cute ways to celebrate!

Starting today, December 2, Sanrio Japanese Village will be opening up the Gudetama Holiday Shop and our egg-cellent friend, Gudetama Santa is the star.


Fans can meet, greet and take photos with cutest egg Santa ever with some very special photo packages that are available for purchase. Each photo package is an egg-cellent deal full of cuteness.

  • Hard Boiled -$8 photo package that includes photo card with printed picture and two Gudetama paper crowns
  • Over Easy- $15 photo package that includes a printed picture, a photo frame card, a Gudetama paper crown, and a Gudetama ornament
  • Poached – $25 photo package that includes photo card with printed picture, two Gudetama paper crowns, a Gudetama plush ornament and a Gudetama tote bag

Aside from the photo packages,  Gudetama also has some special holiday products that will make for some gude- gifts.  Among the egg-citing offerings are a Gudetama tree topper, a Gudetama 8 Ball and the new book Eggisential Thoughts by Gudetama the Lazy egg!


The Gudetama Holiday Shop will be located inside the Sanrio Japanese Village where the Sanrio Kawaii mart was.  This village will be there from December 2 to December 17. Fa-la, la la…don’t be la-lazy and miss out because it will sure be a gude Christmas with Gudetama!



Hello Shake Shack El Segundo!

Back in the summer of 2016, I had my first Shake Shack experience ever during a trip to the East Coast. I love traveling to the East Coast but home truly is where the heart is and thus I am so excited to see the first ever Shake Shack has opened up in the South Bay! Yes, Hello Kitty Foodies, Shake Shack has opened its first ever South Bay location! Just this November, Shake Shack opened up at the new Apollo Landing in El Segundo, California.

Shake Shack is well-known for their burgers, fries, shakes and has accumulated quite a following through the years. From conquering the East Coast, Shake Shack is now conquering the West Coast! The newest location has all the well known treats as well as some local exclusives.  I recently shaked my way over to try out a bit of the treats at the new shack ;):

Shake Shack has so many classic burgers to choose from; from their ShackBurger to their ‘ShroomBurger and it was hard to choose on what to get for my first West Coast Shake Shack experience. Hmm I couldn’t get every thing but I could definitely get the best of two classics via their ShakeStack!


The ShakeStack has both the Cheeseburger and a ‘Shroom Burger together along with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce! The Cheeseburger is a true classic but it was the ‘Shroom Burger that stole my heart! I loved the crisp-fried portobello mushroom that was oozing with melted muenster and cheddar cheese. It’s unique and delicious!

The ShakeStack was complimented well with Shake Shack’s fries!



These crinkle-cut fries were excellent with a side of cheese sauce.

The savory Shake Shack treats were great but I couldn’t leave without trying some sweet Shake Shack treats! Back in DC, I had the Washington Monu-mint custard but I’m in California now and I had to show the West Coast some foodie love ;). Shake Shack always does an awesome job of having some local exclusives and one of them at the El Segundo location is the Caramel Apple Fritter.


The Caramel Apple Fritter consists of vanilla custard, salted caramel sauce and Apple Fritter donuts. What makes this a LA exclusive is the Apple Fritter donuts are from Randy’s Donut; a famous LA bakery and landmark. How awesome it is that two yummy foodie institutions have come together to bring is this delightful dessert!

Every thing that I tried at the newest Shake Shack location was truly a treat and I am so excited to see this East Coast eatery making its way to the West Coast! Hello Kitty Foodies for yummy smiles shake your way on over to Shake Shack El Segundo!


For more smiles, please see my latest Yelp review on Shake Shack El Segundo.

Hello Kitty Happy Holidays at Tanaka Farms!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…especially at Tanaka Farms.

Tanaka Farms brings us a lot of Hello Kitty happiness this holiday season as they officially launch their Sanrio Village! Today, November 24 they open up their supercute new hilltop “Sanrio Village” which is perfectly decorated for the holidays with our favorite Sanrio friends! There will be a very special holiday wagon tour where one can see the 30 acre farm, learn about the farm and taste delicious winter vegetables. There will be plenty of Sanrio photo opportunities throughout the farm and you can even get a picture with the main man himself, Santa Claus! Along with Sanrio photo opportunities, there is also a very special Tanaka Farm’s Holiday Market Stand where one can do arts and crafts and other fun holiday activities!

The holiday fun starts today and runs till December 17. Pre-registration is required for attendance and admission is $18 per person (2 and under are free). Each admission ticket comes with a holiday wagon tour, a limited edition Sanrio button and a Sanrio holiday crown.

Happy Hello Kitty Holidays starts today! Don’t you love this season? I do and I know Hello Kitty does too :).

Hello Sanrio x Rastaclat!

Seek the positive and spread positive vibrations via the latest Sanrio x Rastaclat collection that is launching today!

Rastaclat bracelets are symbols of righteousness, doing good for yourself & others. I can’t think of a better brand ambassador of spreading good vibes and happiness than Hello Kitty. When I found out Sanrio was partnering with Rastaclat, I thought to myself that is the perfect combination.

Sanrio and Rastaclat have come together to bring us this special capsule collection with three of our favorite characters who embody good vibes! They are none other than Hello Kitty, Keroppi and Badtz-Maru.  The bracelets are beautifully made with a little touch of each character!

Each bracelet features Badtz Maru, Keroppi and Hello Kitty in such a cute way and one cannot help be happy wearing one. When one is happy, I truly believe it spreads happiness to those around you to!

I know I will happily wear my Sanrio x Rastaclat bracelet and hope that just by this little gesture I can help spread good vibes.

This collection launched officially today and is available in select Sanrio stores and specialty retailers, as well as online with rastaclat.com and sanrio.com.

Hello Taishi Hainan Chicken!

Hainan chicken  is hard to come by here in Los Angeles. There’s not many restaurants that offer up the Asian chicken  dish that is traditionally poached in a brine of white pepper, ginger, green onions and pandan leaves.

Thanks however to a restaurant that opened up in Redondo Beach, California, folks now have a place where they can enjoy Hainan Chicken in two different ways.

Taishi Hainan Chicken recently opened up in Redondo Beach and there are only two dishes on the menu (along with some sides!) The two dishes specialize in…drum roll please…you guessed it Hainan chicken!

Both of their Hainan dishes come with a variety of different sauces.


The first offering here is their Classic Hainan chicken.


It’s steamed chicken served with white rice and two sauce which are bit of sweet and spicy. This dish is perfect for those looking for a healthy option. The chicken is perfectly lean and tender.

The second offering here is their Crispy Hainan chicken.


This is for those who want to go outside of the (bento) box. 😉 It’s a different take on the classic steamed chicken and this is fried. It’s served with mayonnaise like sauce and a sweet and sour sauce.  It’s a nice, unique take on Hainan chicken.

Now I did mention that there are only the two Hainan chickens on the menu but they do actually offer more via two side dishes.

One can get egg rolls.


These vegetarian egg rolls are served hot and crisp and make for a great appetizer.

The other side is their fried dumplings.


The fried dumplings are another great starter. It is equal in crispness and deliciousness to the egg rolls. (Special hint: you can get these free with a Yelp check-in)

Overall Taishi Hainan Chicken is a good place for a good, quick meal some Hainan chicken that is hard to come by.


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Hello FILA x Sanrio!

Hello Kitty turns Sporty Kitty!

I’m so excited to announce the newest collaboration between Sanrio and FILA! This latest kawaii offering is perfect for those on the go! Being active has never been this fun. This sportswear is not only for all the Hello Kitties but the Dear Daniels too because the active gear is available for both females and males.

For the Hello Kitties, there are crew necks, long sleeve and even tennis skirts. Each outfit has the special touch of a Hello Kitty design.



For the Dear Daniels there are track jackets, long sleeves, track shorts and basketball pants! Joining in the fun are Hello Kitty’s friends; Keroppi, Chococat and  Badtz Maru! Hello Kitty and friends are featured in some of the designs.


The FILA x Sanrio collection is now available at select Urban Outfitters in North America and Europe as well as online at http://www.urbanoufitters.com and  http://www.urbanoutfitters.eu.

Ready, Set, Go and race on over to get the cutest sportswear ever! ⛹🚴🏻

Hello Red Rock Torrance!

It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to visit Japan. It’s the land of Hello Kitty after all but aside from that, Japan has some amazing eats that any (Hello Kitty) Foodie would love to try. One day I will visit Japan but in the meantime, I got to try some of their most well known dishes thanks to Red Rock in Torrance.

Red Rock in Torrance recently opened up and it is a  flagship restaurant for ‘American Slice Beef Don (American Cut Steak Don)’ a dish that originated in Japan.

The menu here is all about meat dishes in this Spanish style bar! The most popular dish is their American slice beef don which has carefully selected red meat that is roasted for a long time. It is raw meat served with yogurt sauce. They also offer American cut steak don and Angus rib steak. For all of their beef bowls you can add a Jidori raw egg.

When I visited Red Rock, I chose to get the American cut steak don along with a Jidori raw egg.


At first slice (and bite) of my steak, it was not hard to see why Japan is known for good quality meat. The American cut steak was superb in flavoring as well as texture. I got mine medium well and it was cooked just right. The meat was soft yet juicy.

The jidori egg was quite a treat too! It had the deep orange yolk that jidori eggs are known for. I loved that I was able to try a jidori egg which can usually only be found in Japan. In Japan, jidori chickens trace back to breeds that existed in Japan before 1912. It’s nice to see a little bit of Japan here in the US.

Along with my American cut steak, I got soup and salad.


Both are light side dishes that complimented the main entrees very well.

For a taste of Japan and for some beef that is exceptionally good, Red Rock is a great place to visit! This is the first US location for the Japanese restaurant.

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