Hello Sanrio x 64 Colors!

This July 9, 2018 will be the launch of the brightest, cutest and newest Sanrio collection! Hello Kitty Foodies say hello to the Sanrio x 64 Colors collection!

This new collection features art work of some Sanrio’s beloved characters. We’ll find cute apparel and items with classical characters such as Hello Kitty, Pochacco, Deery Lou.

Artist Duo 64 Colors mixes the texture of screen-printing with the smoothness of flat blocks of color. The retro style design is too cute to miss!

To celebrate this wonderful retro-inspired collection, Sanrio and Box Lunch will be having a fun event on Saturday, July 7 from 12-3pm! It will be a first look at this unique offering . The first 100 guests will be gifted with limited edition mini posters with original designs. There will also be Hello Kitty Cafe treats and a very special appearance by Hello Kitty herself! I hope to see you there :).


Hello Dave and Buster’s at Del Amo Fashion Center! 

Torrance just said hello to the one place where one can “Eat, Drink, Play and Watch Sports.” Dave and Busters recently opened up at Del Amo Fashion Center!  This new hot spot is one gigantic place full of fun for every one. From classic games to hot new virtual reality games; they have it all! There’s also plenty of big screen tvs where one can watch the latest sports games. (Hmm World Cup, anyone?)

Aside from sports and games; there is also food! A wall at the new Dave and Busters sums it up perfectly! It says “We’re the fun place that’s serious about food.”  Just like like their game offerings, Dave and Busters does not mess around with their food offerings. One of their best deals is there  “BFFs Best Food Friends” offerings.  Through BFFs, Dave and Busters combines some of their popular items like Philly Cheesesteak Sliders and Goldfingers. Crispy hand breaded chicken tenders with house made buffalo ranch sauce plus four sliders with thin slices of grilled Philly ribeye steak and melted cheese along with seasoned French fries await diners at Dave and Busters!

Fun, food and more…. Dave and Busters at Del Amo will be sure to bring smiles to all!

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Hello Tocaya Organica at The Point!

Ever since The Point opened up in El Segundo, California; I have been a fan! It truly is a premier destination to shop and dine at.  From Italian pastas at North Italia to burgers at Hopdoddy;  this Hello Kitty Foodie has enjoyed it all.  Adding on to the diverse dining family at The Point is yet another wonderful restaurant; Tocaya Organica.

First founded in Venice in 2016, Tocaya Organica also has locations in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Playa Vista and Century City. This Tocaya Organica at The Point is the sixth Tocaya Organica location.

Tocaya Organica is a modern organic Mexican restaurant that is all about always sustainable, always fresh, always sustainable cuisine. They offer a variety of salads, tacos, bowls and burritos that are made out of the highest quality ingredients paired with bold flavors.

One of the things I enjoyed at Tocaya Organica is the ability to customize your taco, bowl or burrito with your choice of protein or queso. For meats, you have a variety of choices from carne asada to vegan picadillo. Cheese choices range from queso fresco to vegan chipotle jack.

For the bowls, one of their most popular items is the Fajita Del Rey bowl.


The Fajita Del Rey bowl comes with sautéed poblano peppers, onions, spanish rice, black beans, vegan chipotle cream, guacamole and pico de gallo. I chose to get it with Tocaya Organic’s very special vegan picadillo. This is their own picadillo recipe featuring their house made pea-based protein that has  carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes & tomatoes. The picadillo was made perfectly. It was soft and tasty and went well with the rice and guacamole. I combined this with the zesty flavors of tapioca, arrowroot & chipotle that came from the Vegan chipotle jack. This bowl full of vegan delights was simply amazing.

The bowls are awesome but so are their tacos too. I highly recommend getting their taco combo plate which gives you a little taste of everything because it comes with your choice of two sides and a drink.


For the tacos, similar to the bowls; you can choose your protein and queso. I got the Cali Green taco with marinated shredded beef and manchego cheese and the Barrio Style taco with achiote chicken and jalepeno jack. Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays friends! If you dine at Tocaya Organica; you’ll want them every day! The bold flavors of the tacos are sure to please your palate. Pair these up with some of their amazing sides and you’ll sure to be in heaven. I truly enjoyed by side of tortilla soup that had large chunks of avocado inside along with tomato, roasted bell pepper, vegan mozzarella and crispy tortilla strips. I also had a side of their soft and sweet corn tamale. Tacos plus sides equals happy foodie, happy tummy. Best of all this is all healthy! Healthy, happy eats!

As I mentioned, the taco combination comes with a drink as well. You do not want to miss their great iced teas, aguas frescas and limeades. My favorite is the watermelon but their cucumber mint and strawberry basil are also very refreshing!

Tocaya Organica at The Point is a great place to enjoy customized organic Mexican eats. It’s a wonderful addition to one of the best plazas in El Segundo!

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Hello Kitty x Pbteen! 

Home is where the heart is and Hello Kitty is in the heart!

Sanrio and Pbteen have come together to bring us a home decor collection that will truly touch our hearts! It’s a new collection with over 20 pieces inspired by Hello Kitty’s iconic style!

I am simply in love with the classic Hello Kitty design style in shades of blush, ivory, champagne gold and light gray. The supercute bedding  includes a percale Metallic Sheet Set and washed denim pearl embellished Beaded Pillow. To match the lovely bedroom set there is cute Hello Kitty Faux Fur Bean Bag, Hello Kitty Metallic Shower Curtain and plush ivory Curved Bath mat.

One of my favorite pieces is the Hello Kitty Table Lamp. Hello Kitty is sure to light up our days with this lamp that is in the shape of our favorite kitty!

The cuteness doesn’t end there though because there’s even a Hello Kitty pencil/brush holder and Hello Kitty “Hello” Tray to hold cute things!

Supercute style on the go can be found with Hello Kitty x Pbteen  backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases and nesting pouches.

The Hello Kitty x Pbteen collection is avialble for purchase today at Pbteen. There will also be a special in-store event at Sanrio Japanese Village Plaza on Saturday, June 23 from 12-4pm! See you there 😉

Hello Sanrio Makeup Drop!

Hello Kitty Foodies, I am so excited to share the latest collaboration of Sanrio. Sanrio has teamed up with Makeup Drop to bring us two supercute versions of their easy to clean silicon beauty applicators.

One features our favorite Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty, hello pretty! 

Th  other has our egg friend Gudetama. There is no being lazy applying makeup with this! 

Gone are the days of washing out beauty blenders in the microwave and in are these cute tools to evenly apply foundations, moisturizers, blush and more.  Not only are these cute, they’re Eco-friendly too! 

The  MakeupDrop x Hello Kitty and MakeupDrop x Gudetama are available now for $20 at Sanrio, Bloomingdale’s and Resolve!

Hello Manhattan Beach Food Tour!

I am so blessed to be able to call the South Bay home. Beautiful views, sunny weather and pure beach side bliss; what more can a girl ask for? I was thus so thrilled to learn about Manhattan Beach Food Tour, a new tour launching just in time for this summer. In this food tour, visitors go on a culinary journey all over Downtown Manhattan Beach.  Being a foodie and a beach cities girl, I was very happy to be part of the very first tour they had today.

Well known for their world class restaurants; Manhattan Beach is the perfect town to try out some of the best cuisines.

We started off our tour with a visit to Paradise Bowls and had the Gaucho Açaí Bowl.

The Manhattan Beach location is the very first location for Paradise Bowls. It first opened in 2013 in Manhattan Beach by UCSB alumni, Alex Graham and Justin Segal. The Gaucho Bowl is tribute to their UCSB days. Gaucho is the UCSB mascot and this bowl would do any UCSB alum proud. It’s a yummy treat with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, açaí and apple juice. This was the perfect start to a the tour.

Our second stop was Jimmy’s Kouzina. Here we had their delicious Cheese Boat.

This fresh baked cheese boat is a great representative of both the Italian cuisine and Greek cuisine that Jimmy’s is well known for. It is shaped just like a Greek sailboat and is topped with a Casera cheese and Parmesan cheese. Casera cheese is a creamy cheese from Northern Italy. I love how they make their own bread here at this restaurant known for both Greek and Italian delights.

The third stop of the tour Simmzy’s. Here we had one of their most popular dishes, The 15 Minute (but worth the wait) Wings!

This was definitely one of my favorite stops of the tour. The wings are not your ordinary wings and definitely worth the wait ;). They have both a little bit of spice and a little bit of sweet! They’re served with Simmzy’s homemade blue cheese dressing. The Simms restaurants are some of most delicious restaurants in Manhattan Beach and it was great to have Simmzy’s as part of the tour. It was even more special to have a chance to try their famous wings.

For our fourth stop, we went to Rock N’ Fish. Here we got to they their Coconut Crusted Mahi Sliders.

Rock N’ Fish is the first full service restaurant of Manhattan Beach restaurateur Michael Zislis. This restaurant is very popular for their seafood dishes and though it’s not often that I have seafood; I just had to try a dish here. I have to say these mahi sliders were a pleasant surprise and very enjoyable. The crispy mahi mahi was smothered with sweet chili aioli and topped mango slaw and avocado. I loved the mix of flavors.

Our fifth stop was our last savory stop of the day; El Sombrero. Who says tacos are only for Tuesday’s? We got to feast on some of Manhattan Beach’s best tacos today!

When entering El Sombrero; the owner’s first greeting is “Welcome home.” “El Som” as locals fondly call it has been a part of Manhattan Beach since 1975. The simple, hometown feel and traditional Mexican food is something that struck out from the moment I waked in. It really did feel like home and I loved their tacos! We got to try their crispy beef tacos and grilled shrimp tacos. Hearty, meaty beef inside with and crisp shell outside; these beef tacos are some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. The grilled shrimp tacos were also wonderful. These were served with soft, fresh tortillas. It is no wonder this place has been a favorite of locals for so long.

It truly was beautiful day and we had the sweetest ending. Manhattan Beach Food Tour’s last stop was Manhattan Beach Creamery. Here we got to enjoy their Cream’wich.

Manhattan Beach Creamery is the home of the original artisan ice cream sandwich. It’s so fitting we got to try their original Cream’wich. It was the perfect sweet ending for a sunny day and awesome tour. The Cream’wich we had was a delightful ice cream sandwich with two chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream in between. The cookies and ice cream are special to Manhattan Beach Creamery. The cookies are from their Karelia Bakery and the ice cream is freshly made in house.

Though Manhattan Beach Creamery was the official last stop of the day. We actually had a very pleasant surprise at the end when our awesome tour guides, Lauren and Amanda gave us a customized surfboard cookies from Becker’s Bakery.


The surfboard cookies are Becker’s Bakery’s signature cookies. I was so touched to receive these cookies! They were customized with my name as well as one for my mom; who was my guest for this tour. It was also special because it represented Manhattan Beach so beautifully.

It truly was a special day! I loved bonding with my mom in one of my favorite cities and it was lovely to be a part of the first ever Manhattan Beach Food Tour! The tour really showcased the beauty and diversity that Manhattan Beach has to offer.

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Hello Little Sister Redondo Beach!

There is a new sister in town and she is no other than Little Sister Redondo Beach.  With the success of restaurant endeavors such as Abigaile,  WildCraft ,  Dia De Campo, Steak and Whiskey, Little Sister Manhattan Beach and  Little Sister LA;  Chef Tin Vuong now brings us one more special “sister” restaurant in the opening of Little Sister Redondo Beach.

Similar to their sister restaurants; Little Sister Redondo Beach brings us some fantastic cuisine of Eastern and Western cultures combined.

The menu of this new restaurant has a mixture of old favorites as well as new dishes. Regardless of an old, classic dish or a new surprise; each dish is truly innovative with a special flair of Southeast Asian flavor courtesy of Chef Tin Vuong.

My meal at this new Redondo Beach hot spot started off with the the Pan Fried E-Fu Noodle. This dish is aa favorite found at the other Little Sister restaurants.


Symbolizing long life; E-Fu noodles are often served at celebrations such as birthdays and weddings. It seemed only appropriate to have long life noodles at the grand opening of a new restaurant 😉 and this dish is indeed a reason to celebrate because it is amazing. Topped with confit shredded pork, long beans and tea egg; it was definitely full of flavor. The tea egg is meant to be broken and mixed in with the rest of the noodle. The yellow yolk once drizzled into the dish adds to the depth of flavor.

Next up after the E-Fu noodles; I tried the Goi Cuon Fresh Spring Rolls.


Spring Rolls are a classic Asian dish and Chef Tin Vuong does a superb job of offering a traditional roll with a little bit of a twist. These fresh springs rolls has pork and shrimp along with a special crispy wafer. The crunch that the wafer brings to the rolls is a surprise and one that adds a uniqueness (and deliciousness for that matter) to this rice paper entree.

The third dish I had here was my personal favorite for this visit. This dish was the “Xoi” Sticky Rice.


Xoi is a savory Vietnamese dish made from glutinous rice. Here at Little Sister their version consists of sticky rice with lap cheung, pork floss, crispy shallots, slow egg and roasted chili vinegar. The sticky rice is slightly deep fried and topped with the egg and pork. Slightly spicy and definitely savory; I really enjoyed this dish.

Little Sister is definitely not so little in terms of taste and quality. Each dish is packed with savoriness; full of unique Asian flavors. Chef Tin Vuong once said that this is the type of food he likes to eat and he is not alone because this is the type of food we like to eat too.  The new sister in town plays big (sister) in terms of bringing a delicious blend of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Little Sister Redondo Beach officially opens today, May 28, 2018.

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