Hello Tasty Noodle House!

There’s a tasty new place that opened up late last year in Lomita, California and it’s no other than Tasty Noodle House. It’s a Shanghainese cuisine eatery that has several California branches. They have restaurants in Hacienda heights, Irvine, Cerritos, Chino Hills and San Diego.


Tasty Noodle House has quite an extensive menu and during my visit here, my initial thought was their menu was comparable to the size of Cheesecake Factory’s! (Insert Hello Kitty Foodie giggles here :D). Instead of pages and pages of entrees and cheesecake however, this place had pages and pages of delicious Shanhainese selections. 😉

One of the first noticeable items is their amazing line of up of various dumplings. Their dumpling menu ranges from different vegetarian, meat and seafood wontons to different wonton soups.

I first tried their Shangai Sticky Rice Shiu-Mai.


I’ve always been a fan of sticky rice at dim sum restaurants. I found this shiu-mai to be so interesting because it is a dumpling with sticky rice inside. It has a chewy dumpling skin on the outside and inside is the moist sticky rice. It’s a very unique take on sticky rice.

One of my favorite dumplings here is actually one of their soup offerings. I absolutely love their Shanghai Wonton Soup.


It’s a very heartwarming broth filled shitake mushrooms, veggies, wonton strips and ten soft luscious dumplings. The dumplings are generously filled with flavorful pork.

Speaking of pork, Tasty Noodle House has a very popular dish in their Shanghai Grilled Pork Bun.


The Shanghai Grilled Pork Buns is a absolutely wonderful! They’re huge in size and are filled with a nice amount of flavorful pork. I also like the touch of sesame seeds that they have on the buns.

Aside from different dumplings, they have various rice dishes. I tried their Yeung Chow Fried Rice.


This is a very fulfilling fried rice dish. It is packed with several ingredients such as shrimp, Chinese Sausage and veggies.

Last but definitely not least is their extensive noodle selection. After all this is Tasty Noodle House. 😉

One of the first noodles I tried was their Shanghai Style Chow Mein.


I liked how this dish had chicken and Chinese broccoli. It’s got your greens and protein. You can check off healthy eats with this one.

The other noodle dish I got to try was there Basil Beef Noodles.


The basil in this dish is very distinct and one will instantly taste the flavoring at first bite.

Tasty Noodle House definitely lives up to it’s name. It wasn’t just the noodles that was tasty but their dumplings, soup, fried rice and pork buns. Hmm perhaps their name of should’ve been Tasty Everything House. 😉 Overall a very tasty place. 🙂

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Hello Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe!

Bonjour Hello Kitty Foodies!

We now have a  little taste of France in Redondo Beach! Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe has recently opened up in Redondo Beach and this place is sure to make you say “Je T’aime Paris Baguette.”

It is truly not hard to fall in love with this cute little bakery cafe. Walking in you are greeted with a wonderful assortment of French bread and pastries. They have a wonderful array of both sweet and savory goodies for you to enjoy. Among the delicious sweet treats are raspberry cream cheese and blueberry cream cheese croissants, lemon pain aux raisin bread and chocolate croissants. (I love how the raspberry cream cheese croissant has lots of sweet raspberry jam in it! I also love that the lemon pain six raisin bread has swirls of cream cheese on top!) Savory delights can be found in their ham and cheese panini and their hash brown bread. (I am simply crushing how the ham and cheese panini has a hint of pesto! This Hello Kitty Foodie is also enamored with the hash brown bread that is packed with a whole hash brown, ham and cheese!)


To go along with their fresh baked offerings, Paris Baguette has a full coffee menu with iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, mocha and drip coffees!


It is no secret that I love cute coffee houses and Paris Baguette just made me oh so happy with their fragrant cup of hazelnut coffee. A croissant plus their coffee is truly a match made in heaven!

Last but definitely not least, is their beautiful desserts.


It is truly every sweet tooth’s dream come true here. They have various cream puffs, fruit tarts, cheesecake, cake rolls, cakes and macarons! They also have “Delightful Bites” of cookies in cranberry almond flavor and salted caramel chocolate in cute small mason bars. These sweet treats are perfect for a small afternoon snack or dessert!

From their freshly bakes French bread and pastries to their fresh brewed coffee and their beautiful cakes and dessert, it is hard not to fall in love with Paris Baguette! It makes my heart happy to see this new bakery open up in Redondo Beach!

Je T’aime Paris Baguette!

Hello Munch!

I’ve always been a fan of macarons! There is something just so special about the delicate French confectionery. The crisp cookies and jam in between simply spells happiness. It was thus a very happy discovery for me when I spotted Munch at the Torrance Farmers Market.

Trays of colorful, cute pastel colored macarons were on display and I could not help but stop. Lemon, vanilla, nutella, red velvet, salted caramel….ahhh! Wait what is that I spot? Buko panda, leche flan, ube? Oh my! Munch has Filipino flavored macarons! Spotting the various flavors simply had this Hello Kitty Foodie sold on trying these macarons out!

Two of my favorite Filipino desserts ever are leche flan and ube and thus it simply was meant to be that these would be the first two macaron flavors I would try from Munch.


I tried the Leche Flan macaron first.


With its soft base, creamy texture and sweet top, leche flan is one very popular egg based Filipino dessert and my personal favorite. I was quite intrigued to see how Munch create the Leche Flan macaron style. I’m happy to say that equal to the Leche Flan dessert, the Leche Flan macaron is sweet and soft.  The delicate macaron reminded me of Leche flan’s lightness and deliciousness.

The Ube macaron was the next macaron I tried.


I was simply amazed with this macaron. Munch knows ube. This macaron not only had the bright purple color of ube, it had the sweetness of the purple yam as well! It was truly purple yam love at first bite.

It didn’t take long for me to convinced that I was munch happy munching on these delightful macarons and I eagerly looked forward to my next visit to the Torrance Farmer’s market.

I definitely wanted to try more of Munch’s Filipino flavors and on my next visit I tried another one of Munch’s signature favorites, the Buko Pandan.


Buko Pandan is a Filipino dessert made from young coconut meat and Pandan leaves. I was quite curious to see how Munch would bring incorporate this delicious dessert into their macarons. Right at first bite, I knew right away this was a Buko Pandan macaron. The flavor of young coconut is instant. It is impressive.

Another Filipino flavored macaron that I tried was Munch’s calamansi.


Honestly before I tried this macaron, I was wondering if it would be too sour. It was thus such a pleasant surprise when I tried it. It had just the right citrus flavor. It was very refreshing and not too strong in sourness at all. It actually instantly became a new favorite of mine.

Sans Rival is another Filipino flavor I tried on my third visit.


Sans rival is a Filipino dessert cake that is made out of buttercream, meringue and chopped cashews. Here at Munch, I love how they have the roasted cashew flavor of the cake in this macaron! The buttercream is present as well. It is a cake turned macaron.

Now Munch has some amazing Filipino flavors and it’s definitely my go-to place if I want some Pinoy macarons but I knew I also had to try their other flavors as well. They’ve got quite a list of popular flavors that are non-Filipino based such as vanilla, nutella, salted caramel, white chocolate raspberry and black sesame.

This Hello Kitty Foodie absolutely fell in love with the white chocolate raspberry macaron at first sight.


It has a beautiful pastel pink shell and inside the cream filling is white chocolate with a dash of raspberry. This is really delightful and one of my personal favorites!

The black sesame is another crowd favorite that is also one very good macaron.


When I think of black sesame, I always think of black sesame ice cream. Thanks to Munch however now when I think of black sesame, I may think of macarons now. Their black sesame macaron has the same sweet, nutty type of flavoring of black sesame that I find in ice cream but even better.

Munchin’ on Munch’s macarons has made this Hello Kitty Foodie very happy! I’m looking forward to trying out many of their more amazing flavors on my next visit to the Torrance Farmers Market.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Munch Bakery.

Hello Silog!

Silog is a traditional Filipino breakfast. Silog means the meal has sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (eggs), hence sinangag + itlog = silog.

A silog meal has always been my favorite type of breakfast and thus I was thrilled to find a restaurant in Harbor City, California specializing in this Filipino breakfast delight. How appropriate that the restaurant’s name is Silog.


This Harbor City restaurant specializes in different types of silog. They have tapa (ribeye), longanisa (Filipino sausage), tocino (cured pork), sisig (braised pork belly), adobo chicken, adobo pork ribs, pares (beef brisket), spam and salmon.

The main entrees here come with a small side salad.


The salad actually is a wonderful starter. It’s very refreshing and light spinach salad that is topped off with tomatoes, mango and vinaigrette dressing. I love the addition of mango. It brings a nice, sweet kick to this salad.

In addition to the salad, each entree comes  with garlic rice and soft boiled egg.

The soft boiled egg here is perfection. Silog does soft boiled egg right! The white is firm and the inside has the runny yellow yolk that you will sure to love over the garlic rice.

Yes, garlic rice plus egg plus your choice of meat is sure to give make you smile here at Silog!

My favorite silog is their Tapa.


Here at Silog, their Tapa comes in the form of thin cut ribeye steak that is marinated in garlic and lime. It’s very flavorful.  This dish will tantalize your taste buds for sure.

Another excellent silog dish is their Adobo Ribs.


It’s pork ribs braised in garlic, soy, vinegar and spices. I like this silog dish because it’s something different. It’s not your traditional Silog meat and so I find a Filipino fusion dish. It’s unique and tasty.

Aside from silog dishes, they also some amazing appetizer dishes like lumpia, spicy garlic adobo chicken wings and sisig.

The sisig here is a little bit different from your typical sisig.


The sisig here is braised pork belly and shoulder shredded in fine pieces and topped with chicharon and garlic creme aioli drizzle. Once again not necessarily the traditional Filipino dish but yet very delicious.

Silog is a great Filipino restaurant to find not only silog dishes but other Filipino dishes with a twist. 😉

Hello Chubby Rice!

You had me at the name Chubby Rice.

How cute is this restaurant name? Chubby Rice is a small and cute 😉 restaurant located in Hawthorne, California. They specialize in Chinese food “made with integrity and passion.”


Not only is their restaurant name cute, their menu is cute as well. They have a “Bite Me” section for their appetizers, a “Superstars” section for their salads, sandwiches, chow mein and soup and a “Greatest Hits” for their entrees.

It is actually not surprising that Chubby Rice has quite a delicious variety on their menu. The chef behind Chubby Rice is no other than Chef Linda Lau. Prior to Chubby Rice she was the sous chef at Fishing with Dynamite. Great food minds run in the family because her parents, Jason and Helen Lau, once ran a large Chinese restaurant in Mountain Home, Idaho for three decades. Now the Lau family has come together to bring us some amazing Chinese food here in the South Bay.

The “Bite Me” section has some delicious treats like pan fried dumplings, crab rangoon, Chubby Egg Roll and Chubby Wings.


The “Chubby Egg” roll is a very popular item for many.


It is filled with ground pork, cabbage, bok choy and comes with a side of soy vinegar and chili oil. The crispy outer wrapping in this egg roll is delicious and I love how it is packed with lots of ingredients!

My favorite of all the items from the “Bite Me ” is their Chubby Wings.


I instantly had a chubby crush at first bite of these delightful wings. They’re perfectly crispy butterflied chicken drumettes. The batter that they use is simply amazing. It’s truly a deep fried delight. It even comes with sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Speaking of sauces, they make all of their sauces here in house. They actually have an amazing line up of sauces for your dipping pleasure.


Among the housemade sauces are cola, hot mustard, sriracha, chili oil, nam pla, bbq and ahi sauce. The ahi sauce was my favorite. It’s not typical that you find the Peruvian green sauce at a Chinese restaurant but wow I’m so glad they have it here. It was really good and perfect the Chubby Wings.

From the “Superstars,” I found their Noodle Soup with Pork and Shrimp Wontons to truly be a superstar.


This is the perfect soup for some chilly weather with it’s warm, delicious chicken bone north, long egg noodles and flavorful pork and shrimp wontons. I love their wontons! It is filled with so much flavorful pork and chicken.

For the main courses, err the “Greatest Hits” ;), I got to try their famous General Tso’s Chicken.


The General Tso’s chicken here is truly a greatest hit. It comes with crispy chicken thigh fried with mushrooms,and onions in sweet, chili pepper and garlic sauce. I love that it has that unique add of mushrooms and onions. It’s a different  kinda of touch to this traditional Chinese dish.

The other Greatest Hits dish that I got to try was their  Chop Suey and Chicken.


This one was a very flavorful dish with chicken breast stir fried with celery, cabbage, bean sprouts and onions.

One of their most popular “Greatest Hits” is their Salt & Pepper Pork Chop.


The salt and pork and pepper pork chop here is so tender and flavorful. It’s fried with spices, bell green peppers and onions and there is a bit of a spicy kick to it too!

All of the Greatest Hits comes with choice of 2 sides: sausage fried rice, white rice, brown rice, chow mean, salad, steamed veggies, egg roll or hot and sour soup. The sausage fried rice was my favorite. Once again, I liked the creativity they had. It’s neat to see sausage added into the fried rice. I also liked their hot and soup soup.


I like hohw it has pork, tofu, wood ear and button mushrooms and zucchini! This is available as a side or as a separate “Superstars” item.

Overall Chubby Rice is more than just a cute name with a cute menu. They are a delicious Chinese restaurant that has traditional Chinese cuisine with a special uniqueness. You had me at the name Chubby Rice but you truly won me over with your food 🙂

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Hello -8C Ice Cream!

How are you going to roll this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to get “Lost in Thailand” and have a little “Chocolate Love” with your “Minions Lover” or are you simply going to be “Peanut Butter Jealous.”

No matter how you roll, -8C Ice Cream in Gardena has got you covered. 😉 

Newly opened in Gardena is -8C Ice Cream! This  new ice cream shop specializes in rolled ice cream! It’s a cool new Asian dessert trend that Hello Kitty Foodies with a sweet tooth are sure to love. Popular in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines, rolled ice cream just recently made it to the US.

At -8C they have a very cute menu filled with names that are perfect for this love month. 😉  Flavors include Minions Lover (banana/nutella), Strawberry Shawty (strawberry/graham cracker), Oreo Land (oreo), Peanut Butter Jealous, Chocolate Love (chocolate syrup/graham cracker), Lost in Thailand (Thai Tea), Capn Crunch, Red Match (red bean/match), Rose (rose syrup) and Key Lime Pie and (lime/graham cracker). Hmm I think I have an ice cream crush on all of those haha!

One is sure to fall in love with how rolled ice cream works. It’s a quick and fun process. You choose your ice cream flavor and then the guys working at -8C will pour a cup of liquid  ice cream base in the flavor of your choice onto a giant chilled metal pan. Upon pouring the liquid ice cream it instantly starts to freeze.


As the liquid ice cream is freezing, the guys at -8C will then add the toppings to the top of your ice cream. The toppings and the liquid ice cream are mashed and mixed all together.


The entire mixture then is flattened out and spread thin. The final step is slowly scraping the yummy mixture from the chilled metal pan. They are scraped in strips and then the strips are rolled. The rolls then go into your cup and tada you have ice cream rolls! At -8C you also get unlimited toppings for free. Toppings include fresh fruit, cookies and graham crackers!

How did this Hello Kitty Foodie roll at -8C? I was “Peanut Butter Jealous” with toppings of mango (my forever fruit crush), graham crackers (my crunchy infatuation) and two oreos (one for Hello Kitty and one for Dear Daniel- where are you Dear Daniel? 😉 )


Don’t be “jealous” of my rolled ice cream! Roll on by and fall in love with this new ice cream shop in Gardena! -8C is located in Pacific Square at the same plaza as O Young’s Rock Pot and Sanrio Surprises.

Happy Valentine’s Day Hello Kitty Foodies!

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on -8C Ice Cream.

Hello Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern!

Just recently near Santa Monica Pier, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern opened up!  This is Jimmy’s fifth location. Their other locations are in San Diego, Dana Point, Brea and Woodland Hills. This new location is sure to be popular with the locals. When the location in Brea opened up last year, it didn’t take to long for it be a favorite in Orange County. It is for good reason too.  They have a wonderful menu consisting of various starters, soups, salads, burgers and flatbreads. It is a comfort food a twist, a good twist. 😉

One of the most popular dishes with the locals is their Cowboy Burger. The Cowboy Burger has a nice juicy burger that is topped with cheddar 18 and bacon and smothered with BBQ sauce. Best of all there are onion fritters on top. It is definitely drool worthy.


Not to be out done are their flatbreads here. They have an amazing sweet and savory flatbread in their Pear, Black Fig Jam, Blue Cheese & Fontina Flatbread. It is topped with with Prosciutto & Arugula 16. You’ve got your servings of fruit and veggies all in one meal with this dish!


It’s been raining a lot in So Cal lately. Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern has the perfect cure of the chilly weather with their Sirloin & Black Bean Chili. It even comes with cornbread that you can dip in the chili.



Last but not least they have a delightful dessert menu! Sweet Hello Kitty Foodies are sure to go bananas for the “Bananageddeon.” On top of butter pecan ice cream is fresh bananas, pastry cream, pecan blondie crumbles, salty caramel sauce, candied pecans, white chocolate, and whipped cream!


I like how at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern they bring their own creative take on classic American food. From the pears on the flatbread to the sirloin on the chili, it’s unique. The uniqueness however does not take away from old classic goodness! Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern is definitely a place worth visiting.