Hi, I’m Jenn! Welcome to my blog, “Hello Kitty Foodie.” I am a happy Los Angeles based food and lifestyle blogger who simply loves sharing smiles. In this blog I hope to share some of my happy adventures full of sugar, spice and hello kitty nice with you.

I chose the name of my blog as  “Hello Kitty Foodie” for a several reasons. Hello Kitty is a symbol of happiness and smiles and just like Hello Kitty, food is something that brings friends and family together and makes people happy. Through this blog I hope to bring a smile to your face, one small blog post at a time. It’s my little blog of simple happiness.

This blog features a combination of discovering new places through my hello kitty lens and trying out new homemade creations with my hello kitty cookware 😊. My blog posts are split into three catageories: sugar, spice and hello kitty nice. My sugar posts cover my sweetest discoveries around the town. My spice write ups are all about the savory eats in the city . Last but not least, along with the sugar and spice, I also add in some hello kitty nice in this blog via some posts about various  cool events happening around town. Aside from food posts, you will find various write ups here about fun things happening around Los Angeles (and sometimes even beyond Los Angeles  πŸ˜‰). If there’s something happy happening, I will share it.

I also named this blog “Hello Kitty Foodie” because one my biggest culinary influences is my dad. Growing up, my dad was the best cook! In between cooking sessions and lunch out with my dad, he would take me to the Hello Kitty store. I was a little “Hello Kitty Foodie” even back in the day. πŸ˜‰. I have many fond memories of trips to the Sanrio store with my family and bonding moments at various Hello Kitty themed events. Hello Kitty has made me very happy through the years. This site is just another way to share the happiness I feel for Hello Kitty with others in a way that everyone can relate..through food and happy events!

Thank you for visiting and partaking in my happy foodie moments!

Hearing from my readers makes me smile! Feel free to send an email for any collaborations, comments, questions or to simply send smiles my way 😊.

P.S. For even more smiles, you can follow more of my sugar, spice and hello kitty nice adventures through Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,  Snapchat  and Facebook.  You can also find me on South Bay Foodies, a Southern California travel and food website for which I am a writer for. I am simply an all around social media kitty…err butterfly πŸ˜‰.


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