Hello Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce at Surf City Blitz Festival!

It will be one hot weekend this Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28 in Huntington State Beach! Our favorite hot sauce Gringo Bandito will be spicing things up as they serve up free samples of their 3 amazing sauces at the Surf City Blitz Festival.


Surf City Blitz Festival will be a fun event where there will be performances by fabulous artists such as The Offspring, Pennywise, Fear, Social Distortion, TSOL, Bad Religion, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Voodoo Glow Skulls. Gringo Bandito was actually created by The Offspring frontman Dexter Holland!

Gringo Bandito will have a fully decorated booth that will be right beside  some of Southern California’s hottest food and beverage icons. Everyone will get to enjoy free samples of their 3 flavors of sauces which include red, green and super hot varieties.

I like Gringo Bandito because it is not only delicious but healthy too! It has 70% less salt than other major competitors, contains no preservatives, and is paleo friendly, gluten-free and all natural. Come on by to the Surf City Blitz Festival and make it one hot weekend with Gringo Bandito!


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