Hello You Art What You Eat!

Tonight a very special event is taking place at the Greenbar Distillery in the Arts District!
Avital Tours in partnership with Grennbar Craft Distllery is bringing You Art What You Eat, a unique interactive food art experience on the cutting edge of culinary experience design.


Avital Tour is known for creating 4-course progressive dining experiences. They do food tours where you get to try different courses from breakfast to snacks  at  different restaurants.  From trying the foods to going to different kitchens to chatting with chefs, owners, and culinary experts, they create a social dining experience.

You Art What You Eat is Avital Tour’s first ever event! It is an interactive experience of food, art, and unique flavors!  There will be a variety of interactive food tastings. One can try pop chocolate balloons, contribute to an edible Jackson Pollock-esque community masterpiece via scooping up glazes with Blue Star Donuts, create your own cocktail stencils and pipe your own cheesy creations onto savory shortbread and more!

This event is from 7-9pm Thursday, April 20th and will be $25 per person.

The event will include an open bar so all food and drink is included.

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