Hello Beach Luau Birthday at Bluewater Grill Redondo Beach!

Just recently I shared in this blog how I had the privilege of attending the “Passport to Redondo Beach” Party at Bluewater Grill. I had a great time at that event and so when I heard I would be back at Bluewater Grill for a birthday party, I was excited.

This past weekend, I happily was back at Bluewater Grill for a birthday. The birthday  had a beach luau theme and took place at the Avalon room. This venue was perfect for the Hawaiian theme. With the view overlooking King Harbor, we got to see the palm trees sway along to the beat of the Hawaiian music. The dance floor gave a great spot for the hula dancers and drummers.


There were ten tables set around the Avalon room and each was decorated nicely with  sea shells and orchids.


In the beginning, all guests were treated to various appetizers. Served were beef meatballs, fried cripsy wontons, fried crispy prawns and ahi on wonton crisps. Right after this we were all served warm, fresh sourdough bread.

Soon after the appetizers and bread were served, the waiters brought out cups of Bluewater Grill’s famous New England clam chowder.


Their New England clam chowder had a nice, thick creamy soup based that was filled with crab meat and potatoes. It was very fulfilling and hearty.

After the soup, it was time for the main entrees. For the party, it was buffet style. The buffet consisted of Caesar salad, seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes, rice, chicken and/or salmon.


I loved the chicken main entree. It had a wonderful thick gravy sauce mixed with mushrooms. It was perfect with the rice.

From savory to sweet, Bluewater Grill had amazing offerings for us that night. We all were treated to a delicious Oreo cheesecake!


This cheesecake was such  decadent dessert. It was oreo-licious from top to bottom! At the top was a mini oreo.  There were plenty of oreos mixed in the creamy cheesecake. At the bottom was a crust that was oreo cookie based.

The dessert deliciousness did not stop there however because the party had a wonderful cupcake tower set up by one of the guest.


Cupcake flavors included chocolate, strawberry vanilla, strawberry chocolate and Reese’s peanut buttercup.

The strawberry vanilla was my personal favorite.


This cupcake had a strawberry on top and a strawberry filling inside.

The cutest cupcake was the chocolate cupcake.


The chocolate cupcake had a piano theme! The “piano” topping consisted of a white chocolate keyboard, chocolate keys and gold notes. It was such a creative and delicious cupcake!

It was truly a wonderful evening and a great birthday party! This Hello Kitty Foodie had a lot of fun and was happy to be back at Bluewater Grill again. Till the next party….;)


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