Hello Birthday Bliss and Making a Wish! 😉

Hello Kitty always says “You can never have too many friends” and I am truly blessed to have the best of them! What a lucky girl I am to have such wonderful people in my life!   This year I am so thankful for all the birthday love I experienced! 😍

My birthday celebration started with a lovely meal at one of my favorite places, North Italia.  Hello Kitty Foodie readers may remember my blog post last month about this lovely restaurant at The Point. During that first trip, I fell in love with all of their entrees handmade with love and during my birthday meal here, I once again was impressed with the divine dishes. The birthday treat at the end was particularly heavenly. I had a their bombolini. It is a dessert consisting of four Italian donuts with Meyer lemon curd and vanilla mascarpone. They make it fresh from the kitchen and it comes out so soft and delicate. It is topped with powdered sugar and at the bottom is the Meyer lemon. Sweet dessert balls with a little bit of tart, I loved it! I made one special wish that night with this treat!


I got to once again enjoy a lovely birthday meal and this time with my family at Curry House. I had mentioned in my Yelp review how I have a curry crush! This place has several delicious Japanese curry and spaghetti dishes and was  a good place for a birthday meal with the family. At the end, I had a lovely sweet treat of Japanese ice cream and once again made my wish! Hello Kitty wishes for this Hello Kitty foodie!


My sweet birthday continued with more sweetness when I received this red velvet cupcake from one of my closest friends. Can someone guess what my wish was? 😉


Last but definitely not the least was making a wish at True Food Kitchen. Belated  birthday bliss consisted of spiced apple and goji berry crisp with vanilla ice cream! Yay to making another wish!

One of the best and sweetest things that one can experience on their birthday, is spending it with friends and family! It’s true birthday bliss and a wish come true to always be surrounded with my loved ones. Thanks every one for the birthday love! 😘


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