Hello Ladies Sunday Brunch 2015!

Every new year, one of the nicest things I look forward to are the many opportunities to hang out with good friends. Today I got to hang out with friends during a relaxing and fun Sunday brunch. This hopefully is the first of many happy get togethers with friends for 2015,

My good friend Jamie hosted and we were treated to a international spread consisting of delicious eats such as vegetarian breakfast enchiladas, hummus and Korean rice cakes.

One of my favorites from the spread were the moist blueberry muffins brought by our friend Catherine. The muffins had a fluffy cake base and were packed with sweet blueberries


Our other friend, Josephine, brought Gimbap. Gimbap is Korean version of sushi. Unlike Japanese sushi, this is cooked and not raw. Also one other difference with this Korean sushi is the use of sesame oil versus rice vinegar that is used for Japanese sushi. We had two types of gimbap this day. One was filled with fish cake and veggies while the other was filled with seasoned beef rib eye and veggies.


For dessert, we had plenty of sweets from cupcakes to brownies but a beautiful fruit platter set up by our friend Riddhi, was a crowd favorite. Among the fruits in the platter were apples, strawberries, persimmon and pomegrante. The fruits were fresh from the farmer market.


Aside from feasting on yummy food, we had fun playing the Anomia game. (Hmm, I need to practice for game night next time. I do well in food related categories 😉 but when it comes to naming sculptors or cartoon characters, well I could use some practice. Oh wait, maybe I can name Hello Kitty for cartoon character, next time. Hehe.)

Overall, today’s Sunday brunch was a lot of fun. It’s always nice to catch up with friends and enjoy a good meal with them. It was a great way to start off 2015 and I’m looking forward to more happy times and happy smiles in 2015.



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