Hello Christmas @ my Hello Kitty Home!

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas! Like many other families, my family and I celebrate Christmas via a celebration consisting of good food, exchange of gifts and fun and laughter all around. This year Christmas was set in my humble little hello kitty home and we had a pajama party theme! We were all dressed in our favorite onesies and pjs. (Does anyone want to guess what my pajama these was…hint..she is not a cat.) 😉


Our holiday spread this year stared off with some hummus and vegetable chips. This was a perfect little starter for the guests as we waited for the main courses.


Our main courses consisted of mostly traditional Filipino food. We had crispy sisig, a fried pork marinated in vinegar and seasoned with various spices. We also had kaldereta, a tomato based beef stew dish. There was also the Filipino vegetable dish, pinakbet and Filipino stew, dinuguan.


Aside from the Filipino dishes though, we did have other classic Christmas favorites like crispy shrimp tempura, spaghetti and sweet ham. It was a smorgasbord of international holiday delights.



After the savory dishes, came the sweet desserts. There were plenty of treats from sweet rice cake, cassava to purple yam, ube and crispy baklava.


One of my favorite dishes was my mom’s homemade leche flan. She even made it in a Christmas tree shape. 🎄


The food delights even continued with the gift exchanges. One of my cousins gave out these cute little lollipop giveaways. The lollipops have various flavors such as strawberry shortcake and wild cherry.


I even got a sweet treat via my Secret Santa! I was so excited with my Secret Santa gift this year. It’s the Hello Kitty Baking book! It’s the perfect baking book for a Hello Kitty Foodie like me!


I was truly one happy little Hello Kitty Foodie today in my pajamas in my little hello kitty home with my family and friends! I hope all of you had as much fun as we did. Merry Christmas to all you. 🙂




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