Hello SWE Conference 2014!

Last week I had the honor of attending the Society of Women Engineers Conference held in Los Angeles. It was one amazing event to be a part of and I was so honored to be surrounded by so many brilliant women. It was also quite a privilege to attend some of their conference dinners and events that was held at the JW Marriott in downtown LA.

One of the very first dinner events I went to was the SWE Awards banquet. It was a beautiful event honoring some the engineering industry’s most talented women in the field of engineering. While awards were being handed out, we were treated to one very classic and delicious three course meal.


The dinner started off with a beautiful looking salad of mixed greens and tomatoes topped with a house vinaigrette.


The main entree consisted of a marinated chicken breast accompanied with rosemary garlic roasted tomatoes.


To top off the delicious meal, we were presented with a beautiful key lime dessert topped with pretty red raspberries.


The following day, I had the privilege of attending another wonderful and tasty event via the “Women Defining the Future Luncheon.” At this lunch, we got to share our engineering experience with college students and future engineers.


The lunch had a beautiful spread of tasty treats!


We had various lunch wraps. There was chicken, tuna and vegetarian. Simple yet very fulfilling, it was a perfect lunch entree.


Not to be missing at this lunch were the sweet treats! We had two choices of very delicious desserts. My favorite was the petite carrot cakes.


We also had cute cupcakes! There were cupcakes of various flavors from red velvet to classic vanilla to rich chocolate.


All of the dinners and lunches at the SWE Conference were delicious but aside from experiencing the world class cuisine of the JW Marriott, I got the very rewarding experience of being surrounded by so many brilliant women engineers. These inspiring events are the best events of all for this blogger. πŸ™‚


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