Hello Japanese Tapas & Karaoke!

For this blog post, I share with you the recipe on how to have a fun Friday 😉 !

Step 1.) Start the evening off with dinner with friends at good restaurant!

Fun Friday started off for me with a delicious dinner with good friends at Azabu. Azabu is a cute and intimate Japanese/Asian Fusion wine bistro in the South Bay.


Step 2.) Eat, drink and be merry!

Azabu’s menu consists of various tapas, pastas, salads and curry entrees. They also have an extensive drink menu that includes Pellegrino, green tea, shochus and various California, Italian and French wines. Our host’s recommendation paring for this night was the Flor De Campo, a white chardonnay from Santa Barbara County. Flor De Campo has a very citrus and tropical fruit flavor base.



Step 3.) Try a variety of different plates!

To start the culinary adventures for the night, my friends and I got several different dishes from the tapas menu.

One of the first dishes served was the edamame. The crispy, small green soybeans sprinkled with a little bit of salt is always a nice little starter.


The next tapas treat was sautéed mushrooms in garlic butter. This dish was one of my favorites of the night. The mushrooms came out in a sizzling little skillet. The mushrooms were flavorful, juicy and perfectly soft and tender.


My friends really liked the sautéed octopus and potatoes. I’m not a fan of seafood so I skipped the octopus part (I only deal with octopus for hockey games, hehe 😉 ) but I did try the potatoes which were delightfully soft.


My tapas pick for the night was the cheese omelette with demi-glaze sauce. I loved this golden, fluffy omelette that was filled with cheese. The demi-glaze sauce was rich and gave an extra depth of flavor and complexity to the eggs.


Step 4.) Pick a fulfilling and exquisite entree!

For my main entree, I chose a carbonara pasta. This was a lovely dish filled with delicate pasta noodles that were topped with egg and creamy and cheesy white sauce.


One of my friends chose to get the pork cutlet curry with slaw and white rice. This was a very nice looking plate and the pork cutlet pieces came out fresh and crispy. If I were eating meat, I think this would have been my choice 😉


Someone also got tomato pizza topping with bacon and shrimp. I was impressed with the large chunks of bacon and shrimp topping on the crispy crust.


Step 5.) End a good meal with some good dessert!

There were two desserts on the menu: pudding and ice cream!

I chose to get the pudding. It was caramel pudding that was very similar to a flan. It was soft and sweet and the caramel sauce made for a nice, saucy base.


My friends got the chocolate ice cream. It was classic and simple treat!


Step 6.) Simply enjoy the evening with friends!

Aside from the great food, the dinner was filled with good laughter and good conversations. Plenty of smiles are always essential to a good evening 😉


Step 7.) End the evening with some singing!

What better way to end the night than with some karaoke! Azabu is adjacent to Astro Karaoke. It’s a fun little Japanese karaoke spot with private rooms.


They have a neat little electronic song selection device filled with numerous English, Japanese and Korean songs. While singing, happy singers can enjoy various food and drinks!


That my friends is the recipe to how to have a fun Friday! It’s a sure fire way to end the night with many happy smiles like we did! 🙂


For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp reviews on Azabu and Astro Karaoke 🙂


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