Hello Kitty Japanese Strawberry Stick Snacks!


My coworkers know me well! I like pink and I like Hello Kitty. 🙂
My coworker came back from a trip to Japan and brought me these Hello Kitty strawberry stick snacks. Pink and hello kitty, this is my kinda snack. 😉


The back side of the box has a cute little comic strip. Hmm, it’s all in Japanese but if I were to guess. It’s looks like Hello Kitty and her twin, Mimmy are discussing what’s snack to eat. First they contemplate eating an apple, then some cookies but the strawberry stick snacks win in the end! 😉


If the outside packaging is cute, the inside was equal in cuteness as well! The strawberry stick snacks were wrapped on Hello Kitty plastic! I love Japan! (Hmm, where I can get these in the US? 😉


The strawberry sticks themselves were sweet and nice! Sweet and nice, just like Hello Kitty! 😉 They were also small and cute! Once again, like Hello Kitty! 😉

Thanks to my coworker for the Japanese goodies! They fit me perfectly! 🙂


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