Hello Ladies Sunday Brunch!

Sunday started off lovely today as I attended a lovely ladies brunch hosted by my good friend Jamie. It was a great morning filled with good eats, drinks and conversations with some great girls.


What’s brunch without special refreshments? For today, we had peach bellinis. The Prosecco sparkling wine with peach made for a sweet and sparkling start for this brunch.


The sweet treats did not end with the peach bellinis. We had some macarons and berries for starters. The macarons were tasty coconut macarons from King’s Hawaiian. The berries were nice and fresh from the local market.


We also had various soft and sweet danishes. The danishes were topped with cream cheese, berry and lemon.


The brunch bliss continued with some baked french toast. The thick french toast drizzled with syrup and topped with berries was a wonderful brunch treat.


We not only had a lot of sweet treats, we also had a lot of savory treats as well such as a baked ham. Spiral slices of glazed ham went well with the cheese platter and Hawaiian rolls that were at the brunch.


Aside from the ham, Jamie made a really nice quiche. The delectable and delightful quiche had soft egg, cheese, mushrooms and brocolli on top of a crispy crust.


All of the eats and drinks were amazing and it was truly nice conversing and hanging out with these ladies today. Special thanks to Jamie for hosting and inviting us over. It was truly a blissful and beautiful Sunday.



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