Hello baby shower for Christina O!

Today I attended a lovely baby shower for my friend Christina. I’ve known Christina for almost nine years now and am so happy to see her be blessed with another cute baby. The baby shower was put on by our friends Stephanie and Ruth. The two girls treated all of us guests with various delightful treats. Our meals started with cracker appetizers that we could put various spreads on. They had artichoke spread, white bean and rosemary spread, red pepper spread and olive tapenade. After the crackers we had roasted red pepper soup shooters with parmesan frico and ginger beu braised pork with apple chutney. The deliciousness spread continued on with a butternut squash and mushroom casserole with fontina cheese.


Equally impressive to the appetizers and entrees was the dessert spread!

There was pumpkin bread pudding.


There were pecan brown butter cookies


There was hazelnut pumpkin seed and cranberry bark.


There were caramel apples.


There were maple walnut blondies.


There was King’s Hawaiian chocolate dobash cake



All the desserts were excellent! It was a a great spread of sweet treats. Each freshly baked good had its own distinct flavor. I simply loved the fall theme that came with each one as well!


I especially liked sipping a cup of warm pumpkin flavored tea as I was eating my desserts! It was so nice to be chatting with good friends while enjoying sweets and tea.


We also all enjoyed drawing and putting together an ABC book for Christina’s baby.


At the end of the baby shower, all the guests got to take home a homemade jar of apple cider butter made by Ruth and her husband Jason.


I really enjoyed this get together with friends as we all welcomed the newest addition to Christina’s family! Good food, happy times and great friends! Congratulations Christina!



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