Hello homemade chicken picadillo!

Hello homemade chicken picadillo!


Today’s culinary creation is chicken picadillo!

Ingredients: ground chicken, potatoes, garlic, bell pepper, onion

Picadillo or the Filipino dish called “giniling” is one of my favorites! Gininiling is essentially ground meat. This dish is typically made with ground beef but ground chicken was used. Ground beef tends to be a bit oily.

I’m becoming quite a master chopper, hehe. Notice I said master chopper not master chef ;). All the knife skills I learned in cooking class came into major play for this dish! I had to chop the potatoes, garlic, bell pepper and onion. I shed a tear here and there during the time I was chopping too. Those onions get me every time! 😉

The chopping is the most time consuming part for this dish. Once that is done, the potatoes, garlic, bell pepper and onion get sautéed with the cooked ground chicken. This is best served over white rice.

My only missing ingredient for this dish was raisins! Filipino giniling dishes sometimes includes raisins for this! Nevertheless, I was happy that it had a fair share of potatoes and bell pepper that added plenty of flavor for this homemade picadillo.

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