Hello Red Rock Feast Buffet!

Red Rock Resort and Casino is one of my favorite resorts in Vegas. It’s stylish, clean and classy. Another reason I like it so much is because of their fabulous buffet. Their buffet is one of the best off the Strip.


The Sunday brunch at Red Rock is awesome!

They have all kinds of egg dishes during their brunch!

I am fond of their huevos rancheros! The eggs are smothered in cheese and tasty salsa.


I also really like their frittata! The mini eggs are so soft.


At the brunch, there is also these yummy egg tostadas! On top of a crispy tortilla is beans, egg, cheese and salsa.


Aside from the fabulous egg dishes, there are other offerings such as soups, salads, casseroles and sweet treats.

The wonton soup is my favorite. It is filled with lots of veggies and meat filled dumplings.


Out of their salads, I am a fan of the soba salad! The Japanese noodles were made salad style with a sweet tasting dressing.


The jalapeño corn casserole is another dish I love! It is very similar to corn tamales. It is sweet and slightly spicy.


Lastly, I love the sweet treats from the brunch! The cheese blintz is awesome. These little sweet egg rolls are my favorite decadent brunch treat! I love the sweet ricotta cheese filing.


Brunch is awesome but so is their lunch and dinner! Just recently, I tried the Friday dinner buffet and found it to be very good as well.

Friday night is Seafood night and so it is filled with lots of seafood goodies like the crab legs! The crab legs are so huge!


If seafood is not your thing, there are plenty of other offerings to choose from. Like at the brunch, I was fond of their many salad offerings. The couscous salad was my favorite! Their Mediterranean version was savory and flavorful! I love flavorful healthy dishes!


I was also fond of their mixed veggie salad that had a vinegar based type dressing.


If you’re interested in having seafood with your salads, the buffet has these cute shrimp salad cups.


Aside from the seafood and salad offerings, The Feast offers plenty of other savory entrees. There are foods from all over the world. I found myself trying out several of their Asian offerings.
They had soft steamed buns filled with sweet BBQ pork. It was a nice dim sum treat.


They had several Thai offerings like spicy Tom yum soup. The soup was filled with mushrooms and shrimp.


They also had my favorite flat noodles. It was flat scrumptious vegetarian goodness.

They have a very unique curry dish. They have curry chickpeas! The curry flavor in this dish is very distinct!

If you are looking for more classic American homestyle food, have no fear because they have plenty of that at this buffet as well. They have crispy fried chicken.

The fried chicken can be paired with several sides such as BBQ beans. The BBQ beans here are different from the traditional BBQ beans typically offered. There are tiny pieces of ham added in.


You can also pair the fried chicken with some classic corn bread. Their golden brown corn bread remind me of the corn bread you would eat at home or at picnics with family.


My favorite American side however is the fried okra! It is crispy and tasty!


Last but definitely not the least is the desserts! They have awesome pastries like these sweet raspberry shortbreads.


They also offer cute mini cupcakes! I definitely had to try the red velvet one that was topped with cream cheese and sprinkles.


The Oreo, strawberry shortcake and tiramisu mini desserts were simply divine! I love how they were presented! The size is perfect! They’re small enough so that you could sample each one!


The mango mousse is so cute in presentation! It is equally good in taste! The smooth golden mango mousse is in a rich dark chocolate cup.


The cannoli is one of the desserts I always look forward to eating here! It’s yumminess in one small roll! It is filled with sweet cream and lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar on top.


Last but definitely not least is the gelato! I love the gelato here. It’s so creamy and smooth!
The Spumoni and coffee gelato is perfect for any time of the day!


I am also fond of the cookies and cream gelato. It was filled with little chunks of chocolate cookies! It’s the perfect treat for a warm day.


Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, The Feast buffet is always a feast!

For more smiles, please see my yelp review on Red Rock Feast Buffet.


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