Hello tortang talong with ground chicken!

Ingriedients: eggplant, egg, ground chicken

You’ll notice in a lot of my recent posts that ground chicken has been a common ingredient in the latest homemade culinary creations. Ground chicken was used for my homemade dirty rice as well as for the homemade spicy spaghetti.

I am a fan of ground chicken because it’s healthier than using ground beef. Ground chicken tends to be more leaner. In buying ground chicken though, it is better to buy the ground chicken with breast meat otherwise you maybe getting in the fatty dark meat or skin. If you buy the right version, then you definitely will come out with a healthier dish.

Today’s culinary creation is a classic twist to my favorite Filipino dish, tortang talong . Normally, I have tortang talong sans the meat but since there was some ground chicken in the house, it was added to the tortang talong today. The ground chicken was cooked first.


After the ground chicken was cooked, the eggplant was prepared next. The eggplant for the tortang talong with ground chicken is prepared the same way as making the vegetarian version. The eggplant is grilled first, then the eggpant skin is removed. Afterwards, you fry it in with the ground chicken added in. It’s like making a giant omelette with eggplant and ground chicken mixed in. The end result is this:


It is my favorite Filipino dish with a twist :).


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