Hello Toraya!

I have an all time favorite Ramen place in the South Bay! Toraya is located in the Torrance Crossroads shopping center. They have great service, offer yummy ramen and even give free food with a Yelp check-in.

The meal starts at Toraya with some complimentary chips for all customers. They’re crispy and taste homemade.

If you are on yelp and show your check-in, they give free gyoza or fried chicken! The gyoza was the first thing I tried here and it was wonderful! The shell is soft and not hard and it is filled with tender ground meat.


On another trip, I tried the fried chicken and like the gyoza it was a great freebie. The crispy batter was tasty. It was not salty at all!


Aside from the gyoza and the fried chicken, Toraya offers some special yummy appetizers. I have tried their crispy fried Kushi-age sticks. Kushi-age is basically deep fried skewers. I got the shiitake mushrooms and chicken Kushi-age here at Toraya and was really impressed. The Kushi-age is freshy made. The quality of the batter is superb!


The ramen that I’ve tried here is the Miso flavored ramen. It comes with pork, veggies and noodles. I love the tender pork and the variety of vegetables that are simply loaded in this hearty soup.

Aside from ramen, they also offer some rice dishes! If you come during lunch, you can get a great deal with a combo. For about $10, you get miso salad, a rice bowl, and ramen!

The miso salad is the starter dish for the lunch combo! It is an arugula type of salad mixed in with some seaweed and tomato. It is then topped with miso dressing.


For the rice bowls, I have tried both the chicken and the chashu bowls.

The chicken tereyaki is very flavorful. The chicken is lean and the teriyaki sauce is not too overwhelming.


The chashu has the same type of pork that can be found in the miso ramen bowl. The chashu is very tender.


During each trip here, I continue to find more and more delicious dishes!

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Toraya.


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